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One-mistake after the other - Defense must step up again!

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  • One-mistake after the other - Defense must step up again!

    No one can ignore the fact that all the extra "treatment" for Kurt's ribs has taken away form the RAM's offensive preparations for the Eagles.

    This continuing attention to Warner's injuries is a "left-handed" wakeup call to the RAM's defense.

    If Warner is out-of-sync Sunday, it could be the defense that must step up and win the game.

    I just hope Mr. Martz is patient enough to give Marshall Faulk and defensive company a chance to show their true colors without risking turnovers from an injured quarterback.

    This will be very interesting..


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    :mad: Your right Bud I'm sure it has cut short there preparation for this game , Faulk and the whole D will know this, and they will step up, theres too much at stake!!!!

    I'm getting a feeling that the D is going to have to win this for us, any thoughts!!!!

    :lid: They will win this!!
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      Every single spoke of the wheel...

      Interesting indeed. :cool:

      Yes, I believe EVERYBODY, every single Ram in --and out-- of uniform will be pumped up and will step up big time on Sunday against the Eagles. We are, afteral, shooting for the BIG ONE.

      Kurt's concern, i.e., his physicall condition, has only multiplied the entire team's eagerness and readiness for this showdown.

      :evil: Marshall Faulk will probably be more agressive than usual. Same will go for the receiver's squadron, including TE's. In fact, the entire offense!

      :evil: The D is still on a natural high and will defend its own class and pride during this game. They can feel it! Aeneas Williams is hungry, Fletcher, Wistrom, Herring, Arch, Polley... every single spoke of the wheel is primed for this roll.

      I just can't help thinking the Rams are really going to be secure, strong and successful for this one! The crowd will be excited and ROARING. This is the season's last game at home -- the fans will be wild!

      :angryram: G-O R-A-M-S!!!


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        I say the RAMS give the Eagles a taste of their own medicine. Put the heat on McNabb, and turn the tables against them. They can dish it out, but probably can't take the heat themselves. Our defense is very capable of disrupting their offensive flow. :rolleyes:

        GO RAMS :ram:


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          The defense will step up. All your hearing about again is the offense and the Eagle defense. I like the fact that no one notices the defense because the offense is so good. It fires those guys up because they want to be as good, if not better, than the offense.

          This defense has won many games for us this year because they haven't forced the offense to play in shootouts like last year. Sunday will be no exception. The press has made it seem like McNabb will run all over them. RIGHT! Let them keep talking. It only fires the D up more.:mad:


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            I can't believe Martz didn't have enough trust in our defense to take out Warner in the 4th. Sometimes I don't think even HE believes in them yet. Maybe I am wrong, but this D has carried the Rams this year. Think back on the season. When we started slow, the D stepped up and really won the first two games and kept us in the turnover ballgames to the point we should have won the game.

            I for one don't question the defense stepping up. The only game I don't think they played well in was the game at Carolina. Other than that, I'll take this D everyday. They'll step up, lets see if the offense does. I'm sure they will.