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What I don't want to see against the Eagles

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  • What I don't want to see against the Eagles

    1. A Warner pick in the first drive. How many times have we seen in big games #13 throw a pick in an early drive? I hope we lose that 5 yard out pattern until the second half.

    2. Breakdowns in the O line. These guys have been playing great all year. I hope we can match speed for speed to their rush.

    3. Leaving the running game early. Feed Faulk this week. The Eagles have stuffed the run the last two games, but those 2 teams did not have the passing threat the Rams have. Martz passes to setup the run, maybe if we run the ball early and often it might let Kurt break a sweat first in the game instead of getting clobbered in a 5 step drop early.

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    Dude, you sound like a guy that would complain that Ivory soap is only 99 and 99/100ths percent pure! Warner ain't gonna throw no picks. If he does throw a pick he will throw TWO t.d.'s compensation per pick.

    You guys don't know how good you've got it in Ramsland! I'm a Bengals fan! Put yourself in my place for a minute. Our QB choices are John Kitna, Akili Smith and Scott Mitchell!


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      Hey Razzip, Welcome to the Clan.

      Oh, we know what we have after going through the Tony Banks era.


      However, this season has come down to one game. Knowing some of our tendencies, these were just some things I hope we don't do early. If we happen to jump on the Eagles on either side of the ball and run up a score, no worries. If we get behind and start turning the ball over, could be trouble.



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        My favourite team in the AFC are them bengals (used to be the Seahawks) taken them to Superbowl last 4years in JM 2001. Had Tim Couch as my QB though. (4-0)

        Everybody worries too much, we have the best offense, and a better defence than Ive seen since 1985, am I right. lets go RAMS



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          I know what txramsfan is saying.Two years ago against the Bucs in the NFC Championship game Warner threw an Int in the opening series and that set the tempo for the whole game.Thankfully we won,but first drives are important for Warner.My hope is that we lose the coin toss.For some reason I feel better when we have the ball first in the second half.

          :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:


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            NO guts NO GLORY


            Woah there pardner, this post has put a burr in my saddle.:upset:

            Martz reacted to this kind of thing by going TOO conservative against Tampa in 1999. Luckily, we squeaked out a win.

            While I agree with all the comments in the previous posts, and I even posted about the defense not getting it's due: This isn't the way the Mike Martz "no fear" offense works.

            Get nervous, get ready to scream, get ready to yell, because the one thing you can expect from the RAMs and Mike Martz is the unexpected. GO RAMS 31 Eagles 23.....



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              As long as the passes from Warner are over the middle to start the game, I love it. However, I cringe everytime we throw that friggin sideline pass early and someone takes it back.

              That's Martz though, guns blazin. :p