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How many touches does Marshall have against the Eagles?

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  • How many touches does Marshall have against the Eagles?

    How will the Rams use Marshall this week?
    Less than 10? Must be a nasty blitz
    10 - 15? Rams come out throwing, tight game
    16 - 25? Rams win by 10
    26 or more? Rams win going away

    The poll is expired.

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    I love to see Marshall sprinting right by some blitzing LB's and DB's into the vacated secondary on few quick hitting running plays early in the game to chase those buzzards out their blitzing ways.

    In a perfect world Faulk should get 20-25 touches, but the beauty of the Rams offense is that you never know which one of their weapons will be the fatal one.




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      I think the Rams will spread the field with 4WR and 3WR sets and then send Faulk in motion and see who he lines up against, see if there is a mismatch!!

      Also used as a blocker against the Blitz, he exceles at doing that and I think it gets overlooked

      He must touch the ball 20-25 times, we need this guy to have one of those 'take over the game' days espcially since Warner won't by 100%. AND HE WILL!!!!!!!!! If he gains more than 150 yards recieving and running (24-1)when he does, WE ARE GOING TO THE BIG DANCE...........

      I love this guy and he is dew a HUGE GAME

      :angryram: RAMS FOREVER!
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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        If Faulk carries the football 25 times, Rams win. Fortunately for the guys who aren't on God's side (according to Mr. Warner), Martz refuses to let Faulk, the league's best player, carry the football and instead chooses to show the world how much of an offensive genius he is, and gives a TE the ball on 3rd and 1 from the 4. That type of arrogance could cost you big time tomorrow.


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          I love marshall but he`s never had a big game in the playoffs, his time has come. Its time to put up and shut up. Go Superman.

          PS. Ernie Conwell is the the most underrated TE in the NFL.:ram:


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            Hey you all, those were good predictions! Good football analyzing. Marshall Faulk did in fact run 30 times for over 150 yds. and two TDs in the 29-24 win over Eagles.

            Wowsers. Everyone knows Coach Martz simply enjoys one of the best offenses in NFL history. He has the luxurious advantage of:

            Attacking in automatic :cool: that is, 90% air game (star receivers galore),
            Standard transmission 75% run on a Marshall plan or,

            Four-wheel drive in a run / pass mode @ 60/40% as was more or less the case in yesterday's victory for the NFC Championship.

            NFL Rams 2001-02. Ahhh!, those St. Louis Rams :angryram:
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