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  • Don't overlook the Pats !

    Now is not the time to relax. Ask Mike Martz who he thinks the toughest team was in the regular season that the Rams faced, he'll say the Patriots. He's been quoted several times saying that the Pats game was the toughest of the year.

    Ask Bill Cower what he thinks of the Patriots.

    The Rams are clear favorites in SBXXXVI as they should be but I think the Patriots pose some serious problems for the Rams that should be considered:

    Troy Brown, underrated, very confident, scares me on special teams.

    Antwoin Smith, underrated, runs north and south very well, can be punishing.

    Defensive Scheme, always a surprise with the Pats.

    The Rams will win this game, but I just hope they don't overlook the importance of this game in the history of the modern NFL.

    To do what they might do on Sunday will be nothing short of remarkable considering the modern NFL and salary cap/parity.

    I actually heard Tom Jackson say the word DYNASTY last night. That is what we are looking at if the Rams win on Sunday.

    One last comment, why in the world would you throw the ball in the direction of Aneas Williams? Oops !!!

    Great game all the way around. Turnover ratio in the playoffs, Rams have 10 takeaways and 1 interception. How's that for a turnaround?

    GO RAMS !!!!:ram: :ram: :ram:

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    Rams are 60 minutes from another world title.....I don't think anybody's relaxing. The Pats are well coached and have a lot of intangibles and confidence coming into this game, but I honestly can't see a scenario where they can beat the Rams without the Rams having multiple turnovers and/or a special teams melt down. Pats seem to do just enough on offense to be effective but they really don't have a special talent to create a huge matchup problem for the Rams. They kinda the same on defense...a lot of good players but no one that scares you, but I'm sure Belichek will come up with a scheme that will slow the Rams offense for a while but they just don't have enough talent to slow them for long.

    With all due respect to the Pats, I think the Raiders and Steelers have to be kicking themselves. The Raiders blew their opportunity by losing games down the stretch and ending up playing in NE in the snow. Yes they also got a tough break on the fumble call but if they had taken care of their business they never would have been in that situation. The Steelers made too mistakes and my thoughts on how they would play if they ever got behind were confirmed. They are better front runners.

    Rams will need to jump on the Pats from the beginning and if they do I think they will win cover the spread. If the Rams let the Pats hang around then the job gets a lot tougher.


    :evilram: :ram:


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      agreed !

      Good points, I agree !



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        I've been hearing all day long about how this will be a close game. I just don't see it. The Rams have the edge in everything except special teams and I feel that they have even come around as of late to the point that they are pretty good. The Steelers ST play was horrible all season long.

        Kurt lit them up for 400 yards in their own back yard and their offense scored 10 points (one TD off a pick). Our defense on the other hand is much better now than they were. There is no way they can keep up even if the Rams have just a half decent day.

        Call me what you'd like but I was much more worried about the Pack and Eagles than I am about the Pats. They just don't scare me at all. Am I missing something here, my friends???


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          I don't believe in them. Has anyone noticed our Special Teams play lately? No way do they take one back on our punt return team. Also, the Pats only ran the ball for 67 yards and scored one offensive touchdown this week. They will need a lot more than that playing at Edward Jones South

          :ram: :ram:


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            I've been reading the forums here for about a year and figured it was about time to register. I don't think that the Rams are going to be in a Superbowl situation and take it lightly. Some very good points, but if you look at this game on paper it's a joke....The Patriots should be very worried with there offensive play these last two games. If they only score one offensive TD on us they are in big trouble....I'm pretty confident that I'll be downtown for a superbowl champion party on Monday the 4th. :lid:


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              I agree with the fact that our Rams will be celebrating a great victory, but I definately don't want to sell any team short. In all sports theres always an adrenaline factor as well as heart. I think we have all those on top of talent and ability. Look at that awesome touchdown by Faulk and the rest of the Rams. Even with his helmet pulled off he pushed and guys were still landing on him...plays like that are why we will win. We want it!!! Williams will continue, he has drive, he can taste victory. And as for being a finesse team, we are a classy team... we don't have to trash talk other teams ...we play them...


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              • theodus69
                Hold the BUS !!!!!!!
                by theodus69
                Well let's see here. the Dumb Rskins overlooked us. The Cboys are on the downslide and the upcoming game with the Pats are missing Greg Brady. A win would be good.
                But just cause we are taking advantage of the weak doesn't make this a's a frickn miracle.
                I'll take these wins anyway they come. I will never stop lovn the Rams ,but I was a little pissed @ this group.
                They just man handled the Boys like they were the league laughed at Rams
                They can snuff out the Pats and this season will be one of the biggest turnarounds this franchise has ever seen. Let's hope and pray for the streak to continue.
                Ram on. hope that doesn't offend our girls on this site! The Ram on part.
                -10-20-2008, 07:54 PM
              • moklerman
                Musings on the Patriots...
                by moklerman
                With the constant barrage of Patriots news on ESPN and NFL Network, I think I've identified why I don't have the same respect for them that so many others consider to be unquestionable.

                Rams fans have all had to witness first-hand the "greatness", but even with cameragate, I never really bought into the Patriots' success being predominantly due to cheating.

                This leads me to the importance of character. For me, character is one of the more important aspects of a team's overall make-up. The 1999 Rams exemplified that in almost every facet of the organization. Their onfield dominance was coupled with class, humility and an overall sense of reward for perseverance.

                As important as character is, it has to be tempered with results. This is a big boy's game and it's naive to think that a team can have success, especially at the highest level, while being completely altruistic. Someone, somewhere, is doing the dirty work. But, does that justify winning at any cost? The Raiders and Forty-Niners were always examples of what I considered winning without honor. The Raiders were just dirty(IMO) but the 'Niners introduced someting new to the equation--exploitation.

                I suppose it could be considered just another form of cheating but they essentially stacked the deck. They manipulated the system and went beyond the spirit and letter of the rules to load their rosters with the best talent. Some would site the addage of "if you're not cheating, you're not trying" but there is a very distinct fork in the road here for me. I equate it to playing Madden football. Some guys like to load their roster with all the best players or just enter a cheat code and increase the skill levels of all their players to 99 so they can "win".

                This is where Bill Bellichick comes in. I think I've finally identified the crux of how they win and why I don't like it. I really couldn't care less about the Patriots in particular. I have no personal, long standing angst against them but I've never bought into their success. Something about it has always poked at the back of my brain, questioning how they do things. What dawned on me was exploitation. It's one of the reasons I could never fully get into the NBA. The hack-a-Shaq being a perfect example. Is it legal? Yes, completely. Is it what was intended when the rules were written? No. It's just exploiting the rulebook.

                This is what, and who, the Patriots are to me. In 2001, they exploited the defensive aspects of the rulebook. So much so that the rules had to be re-written because they were exploiting what was written. Now, they've just done the same thing on the offensive side of the ball. I'm sure BB is pissed at the league for restricting or eliminating his ability to exploit the rulebook so he just finds new ways to do it. He designs a team that can take full advantage of the check rule(touching...
                -11-21-2007, 07:45 AM
              • Aussie Dave
                SB 36 ten years on, a tale of two teams
                by Aussie Dave
                i was just thinking about superbowl 36 being 10 years ago and how differently things have gone for the Rams and Patriots since.. :|

                i thought i'd look up some stats but they were so depressing i just had to share.
                note: this is not intended to annoy anyone, i despise the pats and im just stunned at the differences.

                since superbowl 36:

                rams have 56 regular season wins, avg of 5.6:o
                pats have 123, avg of 12.3!

                Pats have 4 superbowl appearances to the Rams 0

                Rams won 1 division title, Pats have won 8

                talk about stability.. Pats have had Belicheat and Brady the whole time while we've had 5 head coaches (incl. interim and not counting fisher) and a few qb's.

                when you look at the stats in black and white, i think it shows how much love and dedication we have to our Rams considering what we've been through.
                also the fans going to games in STL, 5.6 wins a year avg for the last decade? i think they deserve to keep the team there!
                i've always said if you stay true through the hard times, it will be all the more rewarding when the good times come... and they will :ram:
                -01-23-2012, 01:43 AM
              • Undertaker #59
                Being a Show-stopper is one tough task for Pats
                by Undertaker #59
                The St. Louis Rams, though downgraded to a "Really Good Show on Turf," still are expected to be a tall order for the battered and bruised Patriots on Sunday.

                01:00 AM EST on Thursday, November 4, 2004

                BY TOM E. CURRAN
                Journal Sports Writer

                FOXBORO -- It's said that the Rams' offensive plays are like snowflakes -- no two are ever the same. And when they string enough of those adorable little snowflakes together, a defense can find itself first snowblind and then buried.

                Is it still "The Greatest Show on Turf" (one of the all-time great team nicknames, by the way)? St. Louis quarterback Marc Bulger said the 2004 offensive edition of the Rams probably isn't. But he does believe they're at least "A Really Good Show on Turf."

                The Patriots, battered, bruised and bandaged (but also 6-1), have the chore of trying to stop "The Show" on Sunday. Stop it after St. Louis has had a week off to rest its bones and regroup after a stunning 31-14 loss to hopeless Miami. Stop it without the best cornerback in football the last seven seasons -- Ty Law -- and his secondary colleague Tyrone Poole. Stop it as the Rams look to rev it up and close the first half of their season on an uptick.

                Even with the Patriots' injuries (in addition to being without Law and Poole, Corey Dillon and David Givens are 50-50 to play), this is a Class A matchup. It's the first meeting between the teams since Super Bowl 36, which was a pretty exciting game. And Bill Belichick and Mike Martz are simply the best in the business on their respective sides of the ball.

                "Mike has as sophisticated and tough an offensive system to defend as anybody we ever played," Belichick said yesterday. "When I go into the (team) meeting today, (I) can't stand there and say, 'Here's two things we got to take care of.' There's going to be 82. And they mightdo 10 things that you didn't even talk about that you have to deal with."

                So good are the Rams, Belichick divulged that he lets Martz's system take him to school in the offseason.

                "Every year in the offseason, I watch them, study them, try to learn more about the passing game from them so I can implement certain aspects of it into our team. Our assistant coaches -- Josh (McDaniels, quarterbacks coach), Brian (Daboll, receivers coach) and Charlie (Weis, offensive coordinator) -- we spend time in the offseason watching them throw because, in all honesty, nobody throws it better."

                Some of the usual culprits are still with the Rams -- wide receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce, running back Marshall Faulk and tackle Orlando Pace. But Bulger is new to the Patriots, and St. Louis also has added burly and versatile running back Stephen Jackson.

                The Patriots played the Rams twice in 2001. The first...
                -11-04-2004, 05:46 AM
              • BM_Face
                Team continues to improve in key areas
                by BM_Face
                Pre-season or not, the Ramís played hard against the first-string units of an elite NFL program. Bradford showed what OU fans have been talking about, and SJax always plays on another level. Losing Avery sucks, but it is obvious that we are capable of running a balanced offence without huge WR concentration. I missed most of the game, but some stats just jump out.

                Run D allowed only 28 yards on 11 carries.

                30! First downs, 18 of those through passing. Huge stat here, hard to understate the impact of a real threat at QB.

                11/17 on 3rd down. That is 64%, who are these guys?

                Josh Brown went 3/3. He is feeling better. If he can maintain this, he will win us games this year.

                11 players caught passes, that is really spreading it around nicely, and tests our young talent.

                Balanced play calling on offense-- 41/41. Unlike the Pats, we were successful while still getting looks on the ground and through the air, and we forced them to play a one-dimensional game.

                3/5 in the Red Zone. One of our biggest weaknesses for the past several years.

                Time of possession indicates just what it is like playing from a lead. The Pats had to go long just to get back in the game, and neglected the run. There were acting like a team that really wanted the win.

                Pundits agree that the third pre-season game is often the most telling; most teams back off in the fourth game and go very vanilla in prepping for the start of the regular season. It might be easy to put too much stock on what the Ramís brought to the field against the Pats, but you would have to be blind to miss the improvement in key areas. There are still positions where we need added talent, but this team is learning that it can compete. I am getting up on this team!

                Any given Sunday. GoRams!
                -08-27-2010, 08:38 AM