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  • What colors?

    Does anyone know if we will be in blue or white on Sunday?

    Just wondering so I will know which autographed Wistrom Jersey to wear.


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    We will be in White....NFC is home in odd numbered Super Bowls, AFC is home in even numbered Super Bowls.

    We wore the Whites in XXXIV, the Jints wore their home blue, it's our turn again for the white.


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      Thanks, I will also have the Hooters girls wear their whites.

      GO RAMS


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        Hang on Bulldog ............. the AFC team (pats) have the home field advantage for the Superbowl this year which gives them the right to choose what to wear ........... I dont know if they picked their home or away tops yet ;)

        PS, get pictures

        PPS Are you going to new orleans ?

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Dez, i figured that was the case, but i don't see any reason why they wouldn't go for the home blue, but i could be wrong....They're not one of those screwed up teams that wear their whites for all games (I'm looking at you Miami and Dallas).

          Bulldog, yes, get pictures :o


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            Rams wore their white jerseys to media day today. I've never seen any team wear a different jersey than what they wore on media day at the SB.


            :cool: :ram:


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              White jerseys it is...

              Yeah, I think GDive22 is right.

              From what was seen today in the media party at the Dome (all Rams wearing white jerseys and Pats with their dark, 'at-home' version on), that will probably be the battle gear for Sunday.

              White jerseys it is then for Rams in the XXXVI extravaganza.
              Maybe it's a good omen.

              GO RAMS!!! :ram:


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                Don't know if this should be a new thread or not...

                While recently shopping for a Faulk jersey, I found three color schemes. The home blue scheme, the white away scheme and then a third scheme that was oposite of the home blue (mostly gold with blue.

                Anyone know what the difference is? It was a licensed NFL / Reebok jersey...

                Not like the colors are really going to matter. Hell, the RAMS could wear pink and green and still blow away any team.
                This space for rent...


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                  Sorry to push this back to the top....

                  Still curious about the colors. But, as an aside to this. This Marshall Marshall Marshall jersey was supposed to be a B-Day present from my best friend. He ordered it from QVC (it was one of the "mostly gold" one's) and they sent it out. It was too small. He returned and reordered it. Right size this time, but it had a light oil stain on it. Returned it for a new one around X-Mas. Waited until this past Monday and finally called and they were out of stock, so they cancelled the order. Didn't even call to let us know... Pissed me off...

                  I was freaking, trying to find a jersey to wear for the SB party. Searched the web and all the replica's were sold out. Finally decided, to hell with it, and paid the BIG bucks for an authentic jersey. That night, my buddy calls and says he found a replacement. Called the next morning to try and cancel and they had already sent it out, but they told me that if I denied deleivery of it, they would get it back and credit my account. Got home yesterday and it was just sitting on my front porch.

                  Well, I made the mistake. I opened the package. What a difference between authentic and replica... Home field blue, heavy, made to last forever. Now I want to keep it and return the other one.

                  Any one need a gold replica Faulk jersey???

                  This space for rent...