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Why I like our chances!

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  • Why I like our chances!

    Here are the reasons why I love our chances in the Bowl.

    I've been telling people since the first N.O. game, that every week the Rams played someone's Super Bowl - they got everyone's best, week in and week out, and only failed twice - but they failed only because they beat themselves with mistakes. Nobody just lined up and beat our Rams. I like the chances of a team playing its 19th SB of the year over a team playing its first.

    In week 10, the Rams played IN New England, at night, cool weather, grass, playoff atmosphere, got the Pats' best effort of the year (see above) and still prevailed. Furthermore, if you'll recall, that was that 4-5 game stretch where the Rams were not playing up to their normal standards...they were out of sync for some reason, and just not playing the Ram ball we've grown accustomed to.

    The Pats look like they're still hung over from their shocking the Steelers. They did a tremendous job to go into Pittsburgh and beat an excellent team. After a huge performance, they're bound for a let down, aren't they? Meanwhile, the Rams were happy with the NFC championship, but you could see in the post game that they are not satisfied. I believe that THEY believe only ONE game will give them a successful season - THIS game. They looked focused even during their celebration.

    Aeneas and Marshall Marshall Marshall are going HOME to play in the big one. I can't help but think Aeneas is the NFL's version of Ray Bourque - I think he's the sentimental favorite. Such a genuine and deeply religious gentleman - can he be denied? This will be the team's opportunity to show him how much they appreciate what he has brought to the team. Everyone seems to be on the same page.

    On the flip side, the Rams still need to make sure they keep ALL kickoff returns inside the Pats' 30 (we all saw what ONE special teams play can do to a team's resolve - it put us in jeopardy Sunday while it opened the door of opportunity for NE). The Rams also need to make sure they don't let Antowan Smith get rolling like he did in week 10.

    I'm not saying NE has no chance, but I have to love our chances of hoisting the Lombardi again!

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    It's simple, DJC. As go the Omaha Flames (my championship fantasy team) so go the Rams. Both teams have Torry Holt, Issac Bruce, Ernie Conwell and the D. Both teams have 2 loses. One team hoisted a do the math :o