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  • Upon Further Review...

    OK, I thought you guys would appreciate this. I just finished watching the Rams N.E. game from earlier this season and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

    First, on the radio and on TV I keep hearing about how the first game between these two teams was SO close and how a fumble on the one yard line in the second quarter could have been the game maker for the Rams and a lucky break which allowed them to escape the terrible tundra of New England.

    I have to say that I jumped on the wagon and tried to believe that this superbowl could be a great game. After watching the tape, no way.

    Here is the REAL story of their first meeting.

    First, let's talk defensive injuries to the Rams: Adam Archuleta, Mark Fields, Leonard Little, Damione Lewis all go out in this game with injury. Az Hakim is also injured on the offense and has VERY limited time.

    Second, Kurt Warner has two picks and a fumbled snap which results in a turnover. Pick #1 is the result of a poorly run route by Proehl which never happens. Pick #2 is a hot read and the linebacker steps up. The fumble was also one of those very irregular things.

    Third, Jeff Wilkins misses a 42 yard field goal in the first half.

    Fourth, one of the only touchdowns the Pats get is on the pick which was a result of a bad route by Proehl.

    Fifth, Warner throws for 401 yards and absolutely picks the secondary apart on almost every drive. (only Warner's 2nd career 400 plus yard passing game)

    Sixth, the second touchdown of the Patriots comes late, when the game is in control by two TD's and the defense is playing soft, tired, and without 4 starters, three of which are critical to the pass defense.

    Seventh, the Rams kneel on the ball with 2:00 left in the game standing inside the N.E. 15 yard line after running nearly six minutes off the clock with nearly perfect offensive execution. They could have easily kicked a field goal or scored again making the score "not close".

    Finally, just watching the game you can see that the Patriots do not have a great defense, in fact, they don't have a very good defense and Warner & Company, without Az Hakim, ate them apart with no problem.

    Oh yeah, did I mention it was in Foxboro, in the cold weather, on grass? Guess I forgot that.

    Here's my prediction: The Rams air it out and go deep plenty with much success. Watch the deep crossing routes and the hot reads to Proehl and Faulk. TD's a plenty. The Pats defense doesn't even rank in the top 20 overall and it will show up this Sunday.

    As this week started, I thought it would be a close game, as I finish watching the tape, I realize the Rams are just plain great.

    Rams win HUGE !!!

    :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram:

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    Brady bunch and THEIR blues...

    Totally agree MX. That game was not nearly as close --performance wise-- as the 24-17 score would suggest (by comparison, the win over the Giants was a much tighter, tougher game). Againts the Pats on Nov. 18 @ their place, Rams were simply the SUPERIOR force.

    No question the Patriots are prepping a special plan for SB XXXVI as opposed to a regular season matchup. Their biggest problem? So are the Rams.

    By the way, since Brady was chosen to start this Sunday, from my distant view I believe they will be aiming at shooting themselves on the foot -- he doesn't seem to be ready for a Championship game! Of course, Bledsoe is there but it just disrupts their horsepower potential, I think.

    Thanks for that game analysis MX. Good job. :cool:

    :ram: Three more days.


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      ;) Thanks for that info, it helps me rest a little easier hearing that recap. I have been trying hard to remember what went on in that game and I pd. more attentin to the Tampa and Saints games than this one. I couldn't recall being shaken by the Pats at all , now I know why...


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        AMEN!! I've went over just about everything I can get my hands on about the first matchup and I see the same things. I have probed the farthest reach's of my imagination, and I can't see the Pats wining. The outcome should be very clear from the beginning of the game. The Rams should be able to work this one for everything it's got....GO RAMS :lid:


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          I totally agree - I did not have access to the tape, but having recently moved into an area where in just the last couple of weeks co-workers are starting to jump on the Ram Fan Wagon....I have been getting a lot of questions about that game.

          My recollection of the game was just as you were accurately able to describe - the score did not accurately reflect the game!!

          Another quick point to the Paties... I come from a family deep in the AFC tradition... "this crossover when the Rams came to St. Louie to the NFC has come as a shock for them"... and what I remember most about the Paties and rooting for them in earlier super bowls, simply to root for the AFC, was they were a sorry excuse of a team under pressure...:confused:

          My prediction is the RED HOT RAMS will put this one away early, Leaving the Paties in the "durf"!!:evilram:


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            The storm clouds gather, the winds whipping leaves about and a cool air dances over the dome. The Greatest Show on Turf is about to be unleashed. Woe to the opposition. :wiseman:


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              I know this is the wrong thread to post this, but I don't care. I went to the game last Sunday and I just had to write and say how friggin exciting it was. I did not get my voice back until today. There was Rams stuff everywhere. I do believe that over 90% in attendance had some kind of Rams stuff on. It was amazing. Thanks for letting me vent!


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              • C-Mob 71
                My 10 thoughts on the game
                by C-Mob 71
                So I actually got to go see this game live, the first and only one I got to see this year. Sorry if these points have been covered and 'cussed about already, but I just got home and wanted to share with everyone what I thought.

                1) I went into the game not expecting the Rams to win, however I wanted a competitive game, albeit a Rams loss.

                2) Through 3 quarters it was very competitive, and if you like defensive games, this was a fun one to watch.

                3) Unfortunately it wasn't a defensive game because the defenses were so dominant, it was because both offenses were so inept.

                4) I appreciated the Niners dressing and starting Bruce, and making him a captain.

                5) While he only played one play, this will go down as one of my favorite Isaac Bruce memories. With only a few minutes left and most of the fans gone, a picture of the Reverend was placed on the big screen and the customary "BRUUUUUUCE" cheer was started. With hardly anyone there, this was the biggest and most meaningful standing ovation I have been a part of. The big screen showed Ike on the ***** sideline, who had returned to street clothes, and he had tears in his eyes. This man was one of the greatest Rams of all time, and I am happy to have seen his "final" game, even if he was in those nasty niner uniforms.

                6) Not sure what the Clan thought about Spags descision to kick a field goal on 4th and 2, but I'm guessing you agreed with most of the fans at the dome, and thought it was the wrong decision. However, after I got over my knee jerk reaction, I decided it was the right call. The field goal brought us within one, and the way our D played, I thought we could stop them and get the ball back. The way our O was playing, I didn't have any hope for them being able to score from the ten, or score a TD from anywhere else. The O had their chance on third down to convert, Jackson got stuffed. Spags trusted his defense and trusted that JB could get in range to win it, and with how the game was going, I absolutely agree.

                7) From where I was sitting, Josh Brown made that end of the half field goal, I want to see a replay.

                8) Hopefully our starting QB next year is not currently on our roster.

                9) Our offense is bad, almost bad enough for me to want to spend our number one pick on that side of the ball.

                10) But boy is Suh gonna look good in navy and gold.

                11) Didn't see Chris Long's head butt, but I cheered for him as he left the game, gotta have somebody that gives a darnn out there. After all, I was a Incognito supporter...

                12) Overall I thought it was a good day to go to the game. Fan appreciation day is awesome by the way, half priced concessions FTW. Unfortunately I was sitting in Section 109, row GG, seat 8 instead of Section 109, row G, seat 8. Could have won a game worn jersey if it wasn't for ONE letter

                -01-03-2010, 07:12 PM
              • jdpbmo
                Lets save all the
                by jdpbmo
                proud of our boys, what a great year, we had some terrific accomplishments, and all that other crap for another day. What kind of defense did they play on that drive? How can you go into a "back up and let them get chunks of yards at a time" defense? What exactly was Lovie calling? I am filled with a tremendous amount of negativity right now just because of the embarrasement we showed for 3 quarters in the biggest game of the year. That forth quarter we showed how good we could be, but then in an instance we let a snot-nose drive right up the field with practically no time on the clock and no timeouts to use. How can anyone justify or rationalize what happened out there? Certainly not by the "thanks for the terrific year boys" or "now we've got something to build on for next year"? Congrats to the Pats for doing what they had to. Their defense was super for 3 quarters and their game plan worked to a tee. Not one player on their team was outstanding until the last drive of the game when Brady was unstoppable and Vinetari was gold. When the Rams scored to tie it up I told my wife that the two problems the Rams had were first, Troy Brown was an outstanding return man and we needed to prevent him from getting a big return. Second, I told her that they had the best field goal kicker in the game and there was still about a minute and 22 seconds left. Now if I am a big football fan, yet far from coach material, wouldn't you think the Rams players and the coaches would be aware of these two very crucial things. I hope to god they weren't in some sort of prevent in the end.
                -02-03-2002, 08:14 PM
              • Guest's Avatar
                Views from the Game
                by Guest
                I went to the game today and I am sure it was just as obvious on TV. Hargrove played better today then past weeks. The secondary was horrible the second touch down of the game by the Seachickens WR caught the ball on the left side of the field and we had no DBs on the entire left side he jogged it in 29 yards but he could have just walked it if he preferred. We had no one on that side of the field. I am thinking about working out and trying out for the Rams secondary however if I workout I am afraid I might be over qualified. Well maybe I wont work out maybe I will just try out for the Rams punting position because he sucked just as much. Horrible day punting his kicks had no hang time and no distance what a bad combo. Holt man he looked great as he always does he had an excellent one-handed catch. Tyoka had a good game with 2 sacks. Our offense had 0 points in the first quarter another bad start that helped put us in a hole. Their offense scored 14 points in the first quarter. Bulger had an okay game I still expect a little more. Jackson good game when he got square and ran still does not look like he has cutting ability. I also held my breath on the throws to him because he doesn’t make it look easy when he catches the ball. However he did good catching the ball though.

                All blame for this game falls on the D especially the secondary. The secondary could not stop their 3rd and 4th receivers who were starting in place of their number 1 and 2. That is pathetic when a team still throws for 316 yards with their number one and two WRs out. McDoanlds dropped punt did not help but our D gave up way to many points.

                Everyone at the game thought we were going to come back and beat them before the dropped punt.
                -10-09-2005, 03:03 PM
              • Nick
                Initial Post-MNF Thoughts
                by Nick
                Initial thoughts post-game...

                -Austin Davis, QB rating of 65.2 and the pick-six to seal it. Easily his worst performance of the year, and he faces Seattle next week. May the football gods have mercy on you.

                -Tre Mason leads the team in rushing, but I think we saw a couple of reasons in terms of poor protection as to why he hasn't seen the field prior to this. I'm kind of surprised that Cunningham wasn't featured more. Maybe I missed an injury at some point.

                -Jared Cook has his typical couple of drops, but still leads the team in receptions and yards. Brian Quick's emergence as a potential #1 receiver was derailed tonight, with one catch for 10 yards.

                -The offensive line... jeez. Not as bad as I think some fans are saying, but not really a positive. There's talent on that line, and Boudreau has a good reputation, so what's the deal? Are the Rams having buyer's remorse on Saffold like the Raiders were, since he continues to have trouble staying on the field?

                -Defensive line is accepting donations of paper or plastic bags, as they continue to experience a drastic shortage of sacks. Robert Quinn may have been right to cash in when he did. Chris Long and his non-stop effort are missed on this unit.

                -The defensive backs... am I wrong for thinking the only long-term keeper here might be McDonald? Jenkins just takes too many risks and gets burned too often IMO. Gaines is still young and has shown some promise, but was taken to school by Crabtree on that TD.

                -With all that being said, credit where credit is due. The last four ***** offensive drives were two three and outs and two fourth down stops. At least one unit showed up when the game was on the line.

                -Once again, the Rams conjure up a way to lose a game in which they started completely in control. You can blame a young team if you'd like, but Fisher and company chose to go with these young players. This is the first game where, after the conclusion, I've honestly felt like there's a chance Jeff Fisher isn't back next season.
                -10-13-2014, 09:07 PM
              • MsWistRAM
                Let's get back into it
                by MsWistRAM
                First of all, :p to Dez and Dod for getting to go. Just kidding guys! I envy all who do. Even if given the opportunity, don't know if my social anxieties would let me enjoy it.

                Second, thanks to the few who attended the chatroom during the game. It really enhances the experience when I have to catch the game on radio. The input and feedback is great. It's like having buddies over to watch the game. (I need to find me some football buddies.) Can't remember all the name, should get in the habit of writing them down, but thank you Blankman71, Shale, Daddo?, etc. etc. etc. (you know who you are).:confused:

                I am so glad we have Archuleta. He was making alot of stops out there yesterday. Seems, though, that we are relying on him a little too much. I'd like to see the defense stop the ball at or behind the line of scrimmage more instead of waiting till it gets out into our safeties' territory.

                I'm glad to see Wilken's is as solid as he was last year. Again, though, would rather see more touchdowns made and have him contribute more on the extra point (ok, I'm totally blocking out that mishandled snap, that wasn't his fault).

                Knowing how Faulk's knees are makes mine hurt. And yet, he plays as solid as he ever did. The whiners stopping him at the goal line though, did indicate that he can't be our go to guy all the time. That was smart going to Robinson for the touchdown. Throws them off the trail.

                Hakim can be a solid receiver when he doesn't try to over compensate. It's nice that he wants to redeem himself when he makes a mistake, but then he tries too hard and that makes me wonder where the confidence is. Saw highlights of his touchdown, he was glowing. Now that's the Hakim I like to see!

                That thumb was obviously still bothering Warner. Couldn't see them, but sounded like he had some wobbly passes and he wasn't going deep as much. Still shows patience and cool under pressure though.

                We so need to clean up some of those penalties. That one on the punt that gave the whiners another 4th down and the opportunity to convert and then take it in for a touchdown rather than turning it over can show how costly those mistakes can be. Of course there's no accounting for the bad calls by the biased officials. That just being pissy!

                Overall, could have been a better game, no doubt. But they did pull that rabbit out of the hat for the win. Here's hoping the next one gives our fingernails a chance to grow!
                -09-24-2001, 06:59 AM