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Groins, tackles, games, ankles and sprains

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  • Groins, tackles, games, ankles and sprains

    I posted warnings to Steeler's fans that Bettis would not be a factor in post-season play, because of his injured groin. At this time, I am compelled to sound a warning regarding Mr. Jones.

    Jones should be considered out of the game. Anyone who has ever actually had a groin injury would know this. Often players donít own up to the fact that their performance is suffering.

    I don't have enough info about Pace's condition but it can't be good if they are holding him from practice.

    We all know about Mr. Tucker's fine efforts, and his continuing ankle and shoulder problems.

    Hope this isn't a case of fixing things in the third quarter, like the New York Giants game....

    Could the RAMS coaching staff be overlooking this?

    A breakdown in the O-line could spell disaster Sunday.

    What do you think?


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    agree...a little

    Although you are making good statements...

    Couple things to remember that are very important, Pace and Tucker both played on Sunday. Pace had one of his best preformances he has had this season. Jones is a HUGE concern but I think Tucker and Pace will be ready to go.

    My question is. IF one of the two goes down...Jones is hurt who plays tackle?? Do they move McCullom, and play Garcia at center? Or bring Spikes in to play outside (that scares me). If we loose another tackel we ARE IN TROUBLE!


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      I am a little worried about the O because even though I don't know all the tech. terms and positions, the O has looked better. D has been a huge factor in getting points lately..and thats not always going to be the case. NE is going to attack our weaknesses and injury recovering players are a target. But we are strong and versitle so we should be fine.


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        Is the O-line really Okay?

        Just thought I'd "kick-it-around" one more time.

        This game is about bringing the best to the field. I just can't believe you can be hurt so bad to leave the game a week before and comeback and play your best the next week. (Pace & Jones)

        Tucker has been reserved for half the games this season. Yet, no official mention of backups rotating in and out for rest.

        It only takes a couple of sacks, (with fumbles) to turn this thing into a real upset.

        I just hope Hanifan and Martz have paid proper attention to the possibilities of additional injuries.

        BY the way I two of the DEs on the Pats are 6'5".

        Please tell me I have nothing to worry about.



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          It's not that you have nothing to worry about, but Pace walked off the field last week and probably wasn't as injured as he feared. Jones or Tucker are good tackles. we are very lucky to have a back up as good as Jones in these days of the salary cap


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            Told you so.

            I'm suprised.:helmet: :helmet:


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              :upset: I usually like it when i am on the right track....however this time I am totally in i'm sure the Rams are. We'll get it next year!:ram: