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  • Brady or Bledsoe?

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the fact that Tom Brady has been named the starter for the Patriots this Sunday. This surprised me in a way, as a high ankle sprain is difficult to heal, and usually takes more time. Mike Martz even commented a couple days ago that he assumed Bledsoe would be named the starter. Do you think the Patriots are making a mistake by benching a healthy Bledsoe, or do you think they're better off with Brady leading the bunch? They also have the option of using both.


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    Actually, this turned out pretty good for the Rams. Bledsoe poses a bigger risk to the Rams D than does Brady. Mobility is not that important against the Rams, accuracy is. Brady is out there not to lose a game for the Pats, he dosen't have the ability to win a game by himself like Bledsoe does.

    High risk means high reward, and playing it close like this smells like trouble for the Pats.


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      A Nebraska DE vs. a Michigan QB? Dem are good odds, boys :o


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        I also think this will go in the Rams favor. A weak ankle does provide limited mobility - not good when you have a swarming D like ours.

        Also don't forget about the "Turf" factor with a weak ankle! I smell trouble brewing.

        By the way for some comical reading you may want to look at the Paties website. One writer is giving it to the Pates with through the special teams....please tell me they've got more than that up their sleeves....

        To quote the writer..."The Rams should be worried. Oh yeah. They should be worried all right."

        Check it out at

        The article is good for a giggle or two!!


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          Good point, Blankman71



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            does it matter?

            I really don't think that Brady starting matters. I truly believe that it will be like 24-6 at halftime and we will see Bledsoe to start the 2nd half. I think the idea will be that the old grizzled vet will attempt to lead the Pats back in the 2nd half. Good story line, but it won't work.


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              Tom Brady: I Don't Think I've Ever Been So Pissed Off After A Loss
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              Tom Brady: I don't think I've ever been so pissed off after a loss

              FOX Sports
              James Parziale 8 hrs ago

              Tom Brady and the Patriots' quest for an undefeated season came crashing down on Sunday after a loss to the Broncos, and New England's quarterback is not pleased.

              Despite the injury to all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski, Brady was more annoyed about the officiating.

              "I don't think I've ever been so pissed off after a loss," Brady told WEEI in Boston. "And I think everyone else felt the same way."

              Why did Brady have such harsh words? Before his injury, Gronkowski had two offensive pass interference calls go against him.

              "... there were two of them like that, there was not just the one," Brady said. "There was another one where there were offsetting penalties. I don't know either. I know coach Belichick has spoken to the league about it and they're making a concerted effort to officiate the game."

              Brady was asked what the refs told him about the calls against Gronkowski.

              "They just feel like there's a push off. It's obviously different than what I saw, because I'm looking at it too, but they're the ones with the flags and they throw it. You hate to see it come down to stuff like that, but there were a lot of plays last night that just didn't necessarily end up the way we would have hoped and there were a lot of things that we could have done better.

              "We're certainly not going to sit here and blame the officiating."
              -11-30-2015, 06:24 PM
            • Nick
              For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is this the beginning of the end?
              by Nick
              For Kraft, Brady and Belichick, is this the beginning of the end?
              1:00 AM ET
              Seth Wickersham
              ESPN Senior Writer

              THE PROBLEM WITH living your life under the spotlight is that the camera captures only the public eruption, not the months of silent anger. On Dec. 3, when the New England Patriots played the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady walked to the sideline after throwing late and behind receiver Brandin Cooks on third down, ending a first-quarter drive. Brady was angrier and more irritable than usual, as has often been the case this season in the eyes of some Patriots players and staff. As he unsnapped his chinstrap, Brady passed offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sideline.

              "He was wide open," McDaniels said to Brady, referring to Cooks.

              Brady kept walking, and glaring at McDaniels, so the coach repeated: "We had him open."

              Brady snapped, pivoting to McDaniels and yelling at him, "I got it!" Everyone within earshot, including head coach Bill Belichick, turned to watch as Brady screamed. He removed his helmet, and as a Patriots staffer held him back -- and with McDaniels' father and legendary high school coach in Ohio, Thom, in the stands behind the bench -- capped off the exchange by yelling, "F--- you!"

              Video of the scene went viral, with many rationalizing it as a symptom of Brady's legendary competitiveness. Brady would later apologize to McDaniels, who dismissed the incident to reporters as "part of what makes him great." After all, many in the Patriots' building knew that Brady's explosion wasn't really about McDaniels. It wasn't about Cooks. And it wasn't about the Bills game. It was about the culmination of months of significant behind-the-scenes frustrations. For almost two decades, Belichick has managed to subvert the egos of his best player, his boss and himself for the good of the team, yielding historic results. This year, though, the dynamics have been different.

              THE PATRIOTS ARE in uncharted territory. They haven't just won games and titles. They've won at an unprecedented rate and over an unprecedented span, which makes the feelings of entitlement creeping inside Gillette Stadium unprecedented as well. The Patriots, in the only statement anyone associated with the team would make on the record for this story, responded to specific questions by saying that there are "several inaccuracies and multiple examples given that absolutely did not occur," though they declined to go into detail. But according to interviews with more than a dozen New England staffers, executives, players and league sources with knowledge of the team's inner workings, the three most powerful people in the franchise -- Belichick, Brady and owner Robert Kraft -- have had serious disagreements. They differ on Brady's trainer, body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero; over the team's long-term plans at quarterback;...
              -01-05-2018, 09:24 AM
            • RamWraith
              Brady reportedly in walking cast
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              Patriots | Brady reportedly in walking cast
              Mon, 21 Jan 2008 20:16:08 -0800

     reports New England Patriots QB Tom Brady (leg) was reportedly seen in a walking cast Monday, Jan. 21, according to multiple media reports in Boston. During his weekly radio show on WEEI, Brady did not deny suffering an injury during the AFC Championship Game Sunday, Jan. 20. According to the Boston Herald, Brady said, "Ah, you know, there's always bumps and bruises. I'll be ready for the Super Bowl. I'm not worried about that. I'm not missing this one. I'd have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will be treatment this week. In games like this, you get a little nicked up. It's nothing serious."
              -01-22-2008, 07:00 AM
            • Undertaker #59
              Patriots Troll Alert!
              by Undertaker #59
              Hey guys...not really a troll. I am looking forward to the game next week. The Pats just got their ass kicked by the Steelers and they should be pretty mean, but things look real bad on the injury front. Dillon did not play. BOTH starting tackles got injured. Law went out in the 1st quarter. The UDFA that took his place got injured and they had the FS playing corner. Doesn't bode well for all of the excellent receivers that the Rams have.

              Anyway, I'll be lurking here for the next week, and you guys are all free to come on by PatriotsPlanet to talk about the upcoming game as well.
              -10-31-2004, 07:49 PM
            • rammiser
              Patriots lineman dirty hit on Losman!
              by rammiser
              This is the dirtiest hit aside from Mcmahon getting slammed in the 80's Ive seen in a while. Karma comes back to bite you so Brady better watch out.


              Watch this and respond accordingly.
              -11-26-2007, 09:01 PM