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  • What The Hell!!!!

    Why so quite in is fricking Super Bowl weeknd...WAKE UP ALL YOU BUMS....Our team is in the DANCE and I come here this morning and ZERO posts...LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

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    It's the quiet before the storm, J-man! I don't know about others, but part of me is afraid of saying the wrong thing and jinxing it. Trust me, there will be plenty to say after Sunday.


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      I'm worthless at work today

      The Super Bowl Fever has finally sat in. I can't get a dad gum thing done today. Wearing my Rams Jersey, Hat, and my Ferragamo autograph gets a high five every time I leave my office.


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        Know the feeling...

        been at work for almost three hours. Worked about ten minutes. Been here, ESPN, Sporting News, etc. Got my jersey on, had someone ask if I was rooting for the Patsies. Luckily, I saw the sarcastic smile on his face, and decided to let him breathe....

        This space for rent...


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          I'm ready for action... I can't wait til Sunday. By the way, just want to give props to the webmasters on this site. Great website, been looking for a quality Rams hangout for a while. great job guys.


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            OH, I got the bug too...

            I can't seem to get anything done either...damn Super Bowl Fridays!

            I have been talking it up all week, just not here. I play this online game (Dark Age of Camelot) and I have been placing bets all week....the loser has to pay the winner game money *and* dye their clothing to match the winners colors.

            I mocked up what my opponent will look like come monday:

            I know, I know...I am a geek!


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              The week

              Agree completely with you week has been not at work I think eat dream and work Rams. I cant get it out of miy mind...I have read heard and seen just about every possible media exploit I coule heart is racing...and only 52 more hours to go *LOL*


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                It's especially exciting for me because when they were here in L.A./ Anaheim, I thought I would never see the day when The Rams would be World Champions let alone playing for their 2nd Lomardi trohpy in 2 years. I've been a Rams fan since my first game (in the Coliseum) in 1975. I used to take quite a bit of abuse from all these idiot Raider fans, so it's great to finally be able to tell them "When was the last time the Raiders won a super bowl?".... it's great to be a Rams fan! :angryram:


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                  Dont ever hear anything about the Superbowl here in the UK, it`s all soccer, soccer,soccer the internet is my only gateway. never thought that I was part of an almighty good thing. Will be put on my #83 Flipper Anderson top for the SB. The guy had his best game here, right?


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                    :ram: I was thinking the same thing this morning, I got on here and it was dead...I was wondering where everyone was too. I guess we are all going through the same thing! I have been out of focus on everything but the Sb. I was almost asleep lastnight and I began thinking about the game and that was it....I was up for another hour. All day all I could think about was the game. I am wearin nothing but Rams shirts till it time..hoping for good luck. Hang in there guys ...not much time to go!!!

                    GO RAMS :ram: STAY FOCUSED:wiseman: WIN:shield:


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                      I am ready to take the chat room tomorrow and shout slogans at you tomorrow :o

                      "Push to the extreme, max the envelope and so on"


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                        :nerd: You guys have fun in the chat room, I'd join you if I could type fast enough! Sounds like I'm missing alot of fun!! I may enter just to listen..Have fun tommorow.

                        I think my family wants to put me in a closet so they don't have to hear anymore loud outbursts of excitement. However i'm beginning to realize this means no more football till next season..except for the Probowl.


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                          I'm baaaaaack...

                          I wanted to wait until later in the week to post anything, so I've kept quiet until today. I wanted to soak it all in and get all my facts straight before I said anything stupid. I also noticed that it's been a little *calm* recently, so I tried to make my presence felt. Guess everyone's preparing mentally for the big game. :evil:



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                            Go on and sign up now for the big game tomorrow!



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                              24 hours from now we will be watching our RAMS playing in the SUPERBOWL!Ive been quietly anticipating this game.Had some good omens yesterday.Went to the flea market and my youngest son,who cant read,bought me an ashtray that just happened to have NEW ORLEANS printed on it.I also found Tommy Polley's and Adam Archuleta's rookie cards and I bought them real cheap.I cant wait for tommorrow.Take care all!

                              :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:
                              ST.LOUIS RAMS:THE MOST FRUSTRATING TEAM IN THE NFL!!!