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Rams Vs AFC in 2001

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  • Rams Vs AFC in 2001

    Do I really need to say it?

    Rams vs AFC this year...

    Rams 42 Dolphins 10
    Rams 34 Jets 14
    Rams 24 Patriots 17 (Rams kneeled on the ball on 12 with 2)
    Rams 42 Colts 17

    Anybody see a trend here?

    On turf, in domes, Rams average is 42.

    Outside, on grass, Rams average is 29.

    Rams record 4-0.

    Good luck Patriots, you'll need multiple turnovers and at least one special teams touchdown to win.

    GO RAMS !!!

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  • Ramblin` Ram
    who do you think will be the four championship teams?
    by Ramblin` Ram
    i know its early but im going for....


    Chargers v Browns


    Packers v Cowboys

    i did think about Jets & Vikes but think their QB-WR`s will let them down...I didnt think about the Pats,because i dont like thinkin` bout the Pats!
    -08-20-2008, 05:42 AM
  • blood85
    Superbowl 36 Rams vs Patriots
    by blood85
    It's that time of year where I get to watch the Rams Lose SB 36 on NFL network. Still can't understand how the #1 Rated offense lost to the number #24 defense..???? I know it's old news, but still hard to think of what could have been. Blasted cheaters. :helmet:
    -01-27-2009, 06:42 PM
  • rammiser
    1999 Rams VS. 2007 Patriots
    by rammiser
    I found this cool sim site and I'm bored so I matched up the 99 Rams vs the 07 Patriots and I simmed 12 games between the two team. I had them play the game in the Superdome in New Orleans. I'll show you all the scores of each game and I am dropping the games with the biggest deficit for each team.

    Game 1


    Game 3

    Game 4

    Game 5

    Game 6

    Game 7

    Game 8

    Game 9

    Game 10

    The two biggest defeats were

    So the Rams got 60% of the wins out of the first 10 games, not too bad.

    I cant say I disagree with it either I think the 99 Rams were better and yes I'm biased. The cool thing about this site is it gives you player game stats too. Give it a shot if youre as bored as me.

    SimMatchup Football - Free NFL Matchup and Football Sim Games
    -01-14-2008, 08:38 PM
  • tomahawk247
    Rams vs Pats Superbowl 2001
    by tomahawk247
    anyone got a link to the website that discusses the key calls in that game?
    id like to watch over it again. i remember there being videos about ty laws interception return among others

    sorry if this is in the wrong forum but i didnt know where else to post it.
    -01-20-2008, 05:41 PM
  • laram0
    Mid Season Standings and remaining schedules
    by laram0
    Cardinals ( 6-2) (1-1 in Div)
    RAMS......(4-4) (3-0 in Div)
    Seabags.. (4-4) (1-1 in Div)

    Even though the Whiners are (3-6) I left them out of this on purpose...NO SHOT!

    Remaining Schedules:

    @ Sea
    vs Cincy
    @ SF
    @ Rams
    vs Minn
    @ Philly
    vs GB
    vs Sea

    vs Chi
    @ Balt
    @ Cincy
    vs AZ
    vs Det
    Vs TB
    @ Sea
    @ SF

    vs AZ
    vs SF
    vs Pitts
    @ Minn
    @ Balt
    vs Cleve
    vs Rams
    @ AZ

    The NFC West is still up for grabs and having our RAMS in the hunt is very exciting!!!!
    -11-09-2015, 08:52 AM