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  • This is it

    This is it ladies and gentlemen, the superbowl is almost upon us.

    Get your beer and chips ready for the big game.

    Any UK fans that are in the area of bormingham on sunday, come watch the superbowl @ the sports cafe on broad street, the party is free and I am the one in the blue and black varsity jacket and warner away jersey. Gingeram will be there too.
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    For all the Rams' fans not going to New Orleans, party your heart out! This is the last game of the Rams' outstanding season, so cherish it while it lasts. This will be a game to remember. As for me, I'm watching it with one of those despised Patriots fan, a.k.a. my best friend.

    Keep the Spirit of St. Louis alive!



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      We are fixin hot wing at our house. Actually we are going to take the hot wing to a will be a blast! I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight...and its good to know i'm not alone!! I feel like I'm in a support group or something..See ya!


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      • Guest's Avatar
        Horns and Pinstripes, what about you?
        by Guest
        First off, Let me say that i'm happy to be here. It's great to know most of us like the Rams enough to join this forum. Secondly, I especially wish those Rams fans who came from the L.A. years, ALL THE BEST. I was with ya'll as a little boy in the Coliseum for a couple year, and then for about 10 in the Mighty Big A, and those were some of my best times cheering for the Horned Blue and Yellow.
        Now i'm gonna lay you out. THE NY YANKEES are my second ?favorite team :cool: I was about 6 years old and Bucky Dent hit the homer vs the BoSux and my dad bought me a Yankee cap and i never took it off, it was one of the only things he ever bought me, besides my construction boots (actually i stole those from him):evil: Anyways to make a long story short, the Rams and Yanks are my favorite pastimes, and I'm wondering what all ya'lls favorite other teams are. Feel free to crucify me about the Yankees, cause i've heard em' all before. RAMS AND YANKEES, HORNS AND PINSTRIPES, TILL I'M DEAD BABY
        -02-13-2002, 05:00 PM
      • rams8821
        Pre Game Rituals
        by rams8821
        As we are all huge Rams fans what are some of yalls pre game ritauls. Me, I like to USUALLY put on my Rams jersey, past two years have been #39. However on Sunday I wore my SB championship sweatshirt (I will be wearing that again on Sunday)

        I turn on Rams radio on the web and drink a CBC beer (Carolina Brewing Company) and listen to Jack and Jim and Steve. And just get ready for some Rams football. Just curious if anyone has any pre-game ritual as die hard Rams fans...

        Lets go Rams...every game is a playoff game.
        -11-29-2005, 05:54 PM
      • tiger1971
        by tiger1971
        Well this was my opportunity to see The Rams at close quarters after many years of following the scores to greater and lesser degrees.

        I have been much more interested this year after buying tickets as soon as they were available - 80.00 a piece to sit in the third tier at around the 15 yard line - than at any other point over the last 20 + years. I have followed my Association Football Club (Hull City AFC) for 20 years but my fondness for the Rams pre dates this.

        Well the NFL certainly know how to throw a party! I assume the NFL put together the London game rather than the "home" team anayway.

        My Steelers friend and I set off from Brough in East Yorkshire on the 0935 train ready for a day of NFL talk and the match, during the previous week my Steelers friend dropped the bombshell that despite being a Steelers fan for many many years and originally hailing from Memphis, she had never actually attended a Steelers game in the flesh. It also looks like we will be attending next year as I return the favour of lending my support to her team.

        The journey down was fine and we high fived a few Rams fans along the way and hissed a couple of groups of Pats fans too.

        Quick trip to our hotel to drop off the bags and we were at Wembley just before 2 pm, I had a couple of photos taken next to the massive posters of the Rams players and admired the way that Wembley had been be-decked with Rams colours, logos and images.

        On the tube we met a family of Pats fans from Boston who we chatted to for a while - at one point four other Rams fans joined our carriage and we actually out-numbered the Pats fans 5 to 4 !!!!!!!

        We headed pretty much straight away to the Official Tailgate party and the Rams logo'd bar area where my friend was very excited to find Bud Light on offer!!!! No sooner had we started to drink our first beer of the day we heard a massive boo from the 500+ fans in the Bar area - the NFL Network was on the big screens and Tom Brady had made his first appearance of the day and the majority of people were happy to show their feelings!!!!

        We sank a couple more beers and grabbed some food and avoided the massive queues for mechandise (lets be honest we can grab this stuff online a lot more easily).

        We then headed over to the Green Man to see if the unofficial tailgate was still in operation and wanted to curtail our drinking for a while. We arrived at the Green Man at about 1530, after side stepping a collapsed Chargers fan in the street, and grabbed another beer there. Decent location selling beer by the tray full and you can tell they are set up for this type of event on a regular basis!

        It was really good to see so many NFL fans in all the different jerseys with so many different accents - french, scandinavian, german, japan etc etc Evena few american fans who were based in London but had never attended an...
        -10-30-2012, 06:07 AM
      • laram0
        The highs and lows
        by laram0
        The HIGH:

        Sunday morning I went to the gym like I always do. Arrived there around 10am and at approx. 10:20am A Patriot fan came over and asked me if I knew that the RAMS game was going to be televised in our area opposite the Patriots game? I figured he was just bustin' my you know whats. So that info was on my mind until I arrived home. You all know what I did as soon as I walked through the door. Checked the guide on the t.v.. YES!!!! the RAMS game is going to be on the tube!

        BIG TIME HIGH!!!!

        The LOW:

        Watching our RAMS lose 38-3 was gut wrenching to say the least. We were embarrassed in every aspect of the game...Oh except for our kicking game.

        I've seen our team lose plenty of times, who hasn't?! But this was the worst ever for me. I've been a RAMS fan for like 43 years and I can't ever remember our team looking this ineffective. The players just weren't into this game. The attitude and approach towards this game was inexcusable. I don't want to hear that they don't respect Linehan, Saunders or Haslett!!! To put forth that type of effort or should I say lack of effort they don't respect us...THE FANS!!!

        I'm not happy!!!!
        -09-08-2008, 07:42 AM
      • RamFan_Til_I_Die
        Glad to be Aboard
        by RamFan_Til_I_Die
        Don't know how I've been a Rams fan and internet junkie for so long and never came across this site, but I'm glad I found it. It's great to see so many Rams fans in one spot and such an active forum.

        Some history...I live in Bakersfield, which is sort of in between San Francisco and L.A. My brother and Dad were ***** fans, so of course being the obnoxious brat I was, decided to become a Rams fan just to piss them off (I guess I could really claim to be a real fan sometime around 3rd-4th grade). Well as you know we were the niners', heck the whole league's during the 90's, red headed step children for a long time and my family and friends (I knew no other Rams fans; everyone mostly liked the Raiders, *****, or Cowboys) loved to give me hell about it.

        Through the playoff let downs in the late 80's (who could forget Jim Everett's "phantom sack") and the royal spankings we received in the 90's I remained true. When the team moved to St Louis in '95 they broke my heart. I had yet been able to go to L.A. to see them play and I knew my chance was over. I, like many fans, felt betrayed by their leaving, and many Rams fans I knew took this as an excuse to jump ship from the fast sinking Rams team. I too considered this and even at one point tried to find another team to cheer for, but no other team felt right to me; in fact it just felt plain wrong. The first few years in St Louis were rough, and like always I would tell myself, "There's always next year", and sit there hopelessly as Georgia Frontiere made bad trade after bad trade and would continually get rid of all our promising stars.

        As we all know things changed dramatically in '99 with the arrival of Faulk and the blessing sent from above named Kurt Warner. That season was the season of my life. I felt pride in my team that I had never known before. When we won the Superbowl, it was an amazing thing...our years of being a second rate team were over. Even when we got robbed by the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI I was still proud...crushed by the loss, but proud.

        The last few years have been a little rough since I got so used to the winning we were doing. Losing to the ***** twice last year killed me.

        Let's skip to now and let me say I am glad Martz is gone. He was a great Offensive Coordinator, but made way too many bad decisions to deserve a head coaching job. We have a long season ahead of us, and Scott Linehan has a lot to prove, but I am confident in their game plan, the defense of Jim Haslett, and the running game of Stephen Jackson to go along with our always amazing passing game. It may not gel perfectly this year, but we are definitely headed in the right direction, and I can say without a doubt I will be a Rams fan until the day I die.

        I finally got a chance to go see the rams play in St Louis last year against the Titans. Got 2nd row seats in the middle of...
        -08-24-2006, 08:37 PM