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Super Bowl Poll #6 Special Teams - Hype or Hope?

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  • Super Bowl Poll #6 Special Teams - Hype or Hope?

    Since I missed yesterday, 2 new polls are starting up this Super Bowl Eve.

    We have heard all week how the Patriots are going to win due to special teams play. I don't buy into it. I think we have shored up the special teams, and Bobby April gets some kudos from me for doing so at the right time. :lid:

    I think Yo breaks one this week, and the special teams battle goes to the Rams.
    Bunch of Hype = Pats average starting position is their 30
    Hope Helps Pats = Average starting position is their own 45

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    Special Teams Not Enough Anyway

    Eh, who cares if Troy Brown returns one? So what if it get them a measly touchdown? The Rams get the ball back that much quicker, and the defense gets to rest! Speical team prowess might help the Pats if Vinateri can kick feild goals from the 50 yard line!



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      Don't worry about it...

      It seems to me that the only reason there has been so much hype over special teams is because that is the Patriots' only hope. Special teams cannot be depended on to win a game, as they are about as unpredictable as John Madden's comments. I've noticed that the Rams' special teams has improved greatly over the last few games, especially on kickoff coverage. Don't expect much from the special teams of the Patriots, as it is all a bunch of hype intended to make it seem like this game will be close. The Patriots can rely on their special teams; we'll rely on our NFL-best offense and NFC-best defense.



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        Rams Special Teams are looking to knock TB on his butt all day long ;)


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          :angryram: Looks like we all agree...Hype is the culprit for any hope NE has. It takes a whole team to be winners..not just ST.


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            I have been watching and reading alot of speculation this week on the Super Bowl and I hear a whole lot of reaching when it comes to the Pats advantages. Don't get me wrong. I respect the Pats for what they have accomplished this year, but cmon. Special Teams will not win a game against a team like the Rams. Shut down TB, stifle the run, and Brad has no one left and they won't be able to hog possession time like they're hoping for. The Rams are the best team in the NFL right now, and tomorrow, that's gonna be known once and for all.

            M:ram: C


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              I agree with Blankman71, the RAMS ST play will win this match-up!