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  • Marshall Faulk Nike Commercial

    Does anyone recall the Nike commercial that Marshall Faulk did in his Indy days? At the time I remember thinking that this is the coolest commercial I've ever seen a football player do. Faulk runs with the ball while helicopters and jet fighters firing missles try to catch him. The only bad part about it, is he's wearing a Colts uniform.


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    "The only bad part about it, is he's wearing a Colts uniform."

    Yeah, that was too bad for Marshall. But it was a cool commercial. Wonder what kind of commercials we'll be seeing after they win tomorrow.


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      :cool: I didn't see it but If it was Faulk I know it was good. Its interesting to see all he has done in his span of play. He was even great in college. I'd love to get a hold of tapes of a few college games. His website has lots of info on his accomplishments through the years. Have a great SB sunday!


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        Nike Commerical Footage

        Heres's a longshot.........Does anyone have a file of Marshall's 1995 Nike Commercial?

        :ram: :shield:


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          Haven't seen that commercial but...

          I'd love to see it if anyone happens to find a site (for some odd reason) that has it. It'd be fun watching it, knowing he plays for the Rams now (as I'm sure many Rams' fans at the game in my avatar wish he would've been).



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            Ooooo....that sounds like a challenge to me


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              Hey Blankman, if your going searching..see if you can come across come college footage..I know we can't relive history,but I'd love to see what I missed!!:upset:


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                I'll see what I can do, 28


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                  :cool: I'll keep my eyes open. Next season i'm taping every game so I don't have to wait for a recap from someone else. I think i'll pay more attention to college games too.


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                  • Atlas
                    Marshall Faulk
                    by Atlas
                    He sure as hell played like it....
                    -12-23-2001, 01:25 PM
                  • general counsel
                    marshall faulk is the best.....
                    by general counsel
                    Marshall faulk is the best player in the nfl sitting on the bench. Did you see how productive he was today. One touch a week. What a game planning joke. Not what he was, not as durable. All fine. Not playing him at all, what a moronic turn of events.

                    ramming speed to all

                    general counsel
                    -12-11-2005, 03:03 PM
                  • letsgoramz
                    How about Marshall faulk ?
                    by letsgoramz
                    i heard on some sports show here in NY that faulk is on his way out the door and is on the brink of retirement . i think he should retire and become HC anyone agree ?
                    -01-04-2006, 08:20 PM
                  • CanadianRam!
                    Is Marshall Faulk
                    by CanadianRam!
                    a top 5 RB of all time?

                    and will he get to the HOF on the first ballot??

                    Finally, when will he retire???

                    :helmet: RAMS!!
                    -12-12-2005, 01:32 PM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    I want Marshall Faulk to retire
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    Will Marshall Faulk retire?

                    I don't know. Nobody here does. Marshall's not saying, and everything else is mere inference and speculation.

                    Do I want Marshall Faulk to retire?

                    Without question... yes. Yes I do.

                    I am a big Marshall Faulk fan. I think his performance from 1999-2001 was the greatest three year run by any RB in NFL history, bar none. We can all talk about Martz, Warner, Bruce and Holt, but make no mistake... the element that made the GSOT one of the greatest offenses ever was Marshall Faulk's ability to be a threat on every single play.

                    I know many are holding out hope that Faulk can play another year or two at a high level, even if that means being more of a role player in Steven Jackson's shadow.

                    I have my questions as to whether Faulk, or, more specifically, Faulk's knees, can still do that.

                    But the main reason I want Faulk to retire is my impression of where Faulk's head is right now. From all I've heard, read and seen, Faulk's words and actions this offseason are those of a guy who just doesn't have that drive anymore.

                    Who can blame him? I'm sure its hard for him to accept that he's no longer the feature back. I'm sure he's feeling unsure of what his role will be under a new coaching staff. I'm sure he's concerned about returning at this stage of his career to a team that went 6-10 last season.

                    If he does return, what would be his reason? Money? Records? Glory? Faulk has all of these things.

                    Some players reach this stage of a career and are still the kind of players you want around because of their "locker room demeanor." Faulk's not that kind of guy. He's not a vocal leader of the team, and he has had the reputation of being a difficult personality when he's not happy.

                    Add all of this up, and I can only conclude that the best thing for the Rams this year would be to have Faulk ride off into the sunset. Frankly, I think that may be what is best for Faulk as well.

                    All good things must end.
                    -06-23-2006, 07:11 AM