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    As the biggest game of the season is only a day away, I thought I'd take the time to make all of you aware of the possible departures the Rams organization will face following the game. This might be the last time you see the following in a Rams uniform or on the Rams' sideline:

    Az-Zahir Hakim
    Leonard Little
    London Fletcher
    Lovie Smith

    Please add any that I've overlooked. I put Lovie up there because he said he would accept an interview for the Buc's head coaching job. Cherish these possible last moments of these Rams, as you never know what will happen in the offseason.


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    I hope Lovie's with us for a long, long time


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      Looks like Lovie may be staying..

      Bucs expected to name Ravens' Lewis new head coach


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        We've GOT to sign Leonard Little. This guy has had problems and he's shown over and over that HE IS FOR REAL. Little has to be a priority. :upset:


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          :confused: I can half understand Hakim(even though hes doing better) but whats the deal with Little and Fletcher? And please tell me you joking about Lovie. I hadn't heard any of this .. where did you hear or read all this?I knew the Bucs were looking for a coach because the one they thought was coming didn't take the job. I tend to over react..but does this Lovie news bother anyone else??? I hated playing Tampa..we did not fare well against them..Ok break someone talk to me!!!


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            I absolutely agree 28 rulz, I don't think there is need to worry however, looks like Lovie is here at least another year. ;)


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              :nerd: I hope so. I was beginning to feel a little betrayed by Lovie. I know it is the goal of most coaches to have their own team and be the BOSS. But someone has to be lower and why not a great D coach like Lovie to stay and bask in the glory for awhile.Its not like he's going unnoticed!!


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                That reminds me, I gotta send him a thank you note :o


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                  Midseason we all knew Lovie would not be with us for long. I didn't think he would leave after this season because it's only his first as Def Coord. However, look for him to leave us after next season.

                  Earlier in the season Az was believed to be the #1 priority, but that was before he was benched from Sp. Teams. I'm looking at the Rams keeping Fletcher and Az (my picks would be Fletcher and Little).

                  We also are forgetting the Expansion Draft. Those three guys can't be on the list since they are unrestricted FA's. A lot of what we do in the offseason will depend on that draft and then Free Agency.

                  :nerd: DJ da offseason guru


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                    :ram: I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens...I just heard on ESPN earlier that Lovie is interviewing as well as Raves coach and a couple others. I guess I figured since he came from Tampa he wouldn't go back least not this fast. I don't know if he left on g/b terms..not familar with much of his history except that he worked with Martz awhile ago.


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                      I just hope that we keep Lovie and I think we will for the next season, espcially if the reports are right about the RAVENS going for Lewis as their next head coach. As we already know this guy has done wonders with our D, can you imagine guys how good our D will be with 2 years in the system!!!!!

                      I think we must make Little our no1 priority, good passrushers are so rare and Boy hell do we have a good one, lets keep hold of him.... I also think Fletch must be resigned, the heart and soul of our D and he deserves to get rewarded. I just don't know about AZ, I think he will test the open market maybe going to KC, any thoughts Guys!!!

                      :rolleyes: I just hope we can keep our D players intact and it doesn't get ugly like the CARTER and LYGHT affair!!!

                      Does anybody know how much money we have to spend under the CAP!!!!


                      :lidAMS FOREVER
                      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                        can't tell U numbers off the top of my head but we are VERY tight on cap at the moment, I don't think we are carrying a full 5 on the practice squad because their pittance counts against cap. Given the cap numbers it's reckoned almost impossible to sign all 3 FA this year so at least one of Hakim , Little and Fletcher will be allowed to test the FA market. Given their profiles they are likely to attract attention from other teams.

                        My personal priorities would be
                        1 Little
                        2. Fletcher

                        99. Hakim

                        I'd be sorry to see Lovie leave given the great job he has done but realistically he is going to get a head coach job whether it's now or next year:lid:
                        GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                          :wiseman: I agree Dodram, we should keep Fletcher and Little and let Hakim look around. As fo D it would help to keep Lovie 1 more year so we can get tight and be ok w/out him. I just don't want someone to come in here and screw up our D.


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                            Maybe I can dig a little on the Lovie/Tampa Bay deal. I work for the Lightning and we have some of the same people on our games as the Bucs do. They are pretty well in tune with what is really goin on at One Buc Place. We have a game tomorrow. If there hasn't been any breaking news by then, then I will try to get the skinny. Although I don't see the Glasers being too friendly on people who depart. I think everything is pointing to Lewis.

                            M:ram: C


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                              all info gratefully received.
                              GO CLAYMORES : DEAD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN


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                                It is a few hours to the kick-off for week 3. It has been a tough road the last couple of years, but for me things do not change. Each week will be a new adventure. I will wear my blue and gold with pride and I will hang my Rams flag with honor. Because each week brings new hope.

                                I know where I stand....and it is 110% behind this or lose. I don't hope for a victory, I expect one. This week is no different. Nor will the next, or the one after that. I just know that come each Sunday I am able to put the past behind me and stand tall in the midst of a victory. Our Rams will finish the day with their first win of the '08 season and we fans can feel much better come Monday morning.

                                In the words of a great man in a great flick

                                "We will not go quietly into the night!
                                We will not vanish without a fight!
                                We're going to live on!
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