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  • Lets Go Rams!!!

    The Rams have a very solid chance of placing themselves in the history books today. The matchups against the Patriots are really in our favor. I love the thought of Milloy against Hakim. If Hakim holds onto the ball, oh my. Otis Smith dosen't have the same speed as Holt, so look for #88 to be open. Also, the LB's don't really scare anyone. The Patriots were ranked 24th in pass defense this year. Very stubborn in the red zone, but I have a feeling it was more reflective of the competition rather than the defense. Miami, Jets and Bills weren't know for their scoring prowess this year.

    They got here somehow, but this is the right team for the Rams to handle and win their 2nd Championship in 3 years.

    LETS GO RAMS :lid: :lid:

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    I think you're seeing the same the things the rest of us are. I'm sure Belichek will empty the trick and scheme bag today but the bottom line is they don't have enough good players to match up with the Rams offense.

    Looking at the other side of the ball its the same thing. How are the Pats going to score?

    No disrespect to the Pats, but the Rams would have to screw things up pretty badly not to win.


    :evilram: :ram:


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      Your right TX, I keep going through the matchups between the two teams and we come out on top, only SP is where we are behind and my god have the pundits kept on about it, I'm just so tired hearing about how Troy Brown is going to ripe us apart on SP I think we will close him down...... The pundits are definitely
      reaching for the PATS to win!!!

      This is a great opportunity to bring home our 2nd championship in 3 years LETS TAKE IT!!!!!

      :angryram: GO RAMS AND FINISH THE JOB
      "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      • mxbrian
        Don't overlook the Pats !
        by mxbrian
        Now is not the time to relax. Ask Mike Martz who he thinks the toughest team was in the regular season that the Rams faced, he'll say the Patriots. He's been quoted several times saying that the Pats game was the toughest of the year.

        Ask Bill Cower what he thinks of the Patriots.

        The Rams are clear favorites in SBXXXVI as they should be but I think the Patriots pose some serious problems for the Rams that should be considered:

        Troy Brown, underrated, very confident, scares me on special teams.

        Antwoin Smith, underrated, runs north and south very well, can be punishing.

        Defensive Scheme, always a surprise with the Pats.

        The Rams will win this game, but I just hope they don't overlook the importance of this game in the history of the modern NFL.

        To do what they might do on Sunday will be nothing short of remarkable considering the modern NFL and salary cap/parity.

        I actually heard Tom Jackson say the word DYNASTY last night. That is what we are looking at if the Rams win on Sunday.

        One last comment, why in the world would you throw the ball in the direction of Aneas Williams? Oops !!!

        Great game all the way around. Turnover ratio in the playoffs, Rams have 10 takeaways and 1 interception. How's that for a turnaround?

        GO RAMS !!!!:ram: :ram: :ram:
        -01-28-2002, 10:57 AM
      • laram0
        by laram0
        I hate the Patriots with a passion and when I saw this game on the schedule I almost threw up. Thinking that the outcome of this game was going to be real ugly for us. Then having to deal with all the Patriots fans around here. UGH!!!!

        Well the Patriots aren't as good as expected. At least not yet. Their offense is better than average but their defense is worse than average. I really feel like we have a shot to win this game. The key is our front 4 on defense. The Giants have shown the entire NFL the key to beating the Patriots and slowing down their offense is pressure on Tom Brady. Brady is like a surgeon in the pocket but as soon as he has to move his feet his surgical skills drop tremendously. Their secondary is probably the worst in the NFL. This past Sunday they managed to make Mark Sanchez look like an ALL-PRO.

        With that said and our RAMS looking better than I expected. (Kudo's to Jeff Fisher)
        I really feel like we can win this game.

        GO RAMS!!!
        -10-22-2012, 12:32 PM
      • theodus69
        Hold the BUS !!!!!!!
        by theodus69
        Well let's see here. the Dumb Rskins overlooked us. The Cboys are on the downslide and the upcoming game with the Pats are missing Greg Brady. A win would be good.
        But just cause we are taking advantage of the weak doesn't make this a's a frickn miracle.
        I'll take these wins anyway they come. I will never stop lovn the Rams ,but I was a little pissed @ this group.
        They just man handled the Boys like they were the league laughed at Rams
        They can snuff out the Pats and this season will be one of the biggest turnarounds this franchise has ever seen. Let's hope and pray for the streak to continue.
        Ram on. hope that doesn't offend our girls on this site! The Ram on part.
        -10-20-2008, 07:54 PM
      • celtic_ram
        Still Love My Rams
        by celtic_ram
        :lid: Well it's been some time now and I guess I can talk about my Rams without using swear words.I don't know what team the NEP played but it was not the Rams, not at least the ones I've been watching all season.I say this without taking anything away from the Pats defense, but we have got some of fastest recievers in the NFL and our O line been right there all season(s)...."The better team did not win"!!! just maybe the better coached team did.Can't wait for the season opener, true blue & gold celtic_ram:lid:
        -02-11-2002, 09:56 PM
      • BM_Face
        Team continues to improve in key areas
        by BM_Face
        Pre-season or not, the Ramís played hard against the first-string units of an elite NFL program. Bradford showed what OU fans have been talking about, and SJax always plays on another level. Losing Avery sucks, but it is obvious that we are capable of running a balanced offence without huge WR concentration. I missed most of the game, but some stats just jump out.

        Run D allowed only 28 yards on 11 carries.

        30! First downs, 18 of those through passing. Huge stat here, hard to understate the impact of a real threat at QB.

        11/17 on 3rd down. That is 64%, who are these guys?

        Josh Brown went 3/3. He is feeling better. If he can maintain this, he will win us games this year.

        11 players caught passes, that is really spreading it around nicely, and tests our young talent.

        Balanced play calling on offense-- 41/41. Unlike the Pats, we were successful while still getting looks on the ground and through the air, and we forced them to play a one-dimensional game.

        3/5 in the Red Zone. One of our biggest weaknesses for the past several years.

        Time of possession indicates just what it is like playing from a lead. The Pats had to go long just to get back in the game, and neglected the run. There were acting like a team that really wanted the win.

        Pundits agree that the third pre-season game is often the most telling; most teams back off in the fourth game and go very vanilla in prepping for the start of the regular season. It might be easy to put too much stock on what the Ramís brought to the field against the Pats, but you would have to be blind to miss the improvement in key areas. There are still positions where we need added talent, but this team is learning that it can compete. I am getting up on this team!

        Any given Sunday. GoRams!
        -08-27-2010, 08:38 AM