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    There are a few reasons why the 1979
    Ram-Cowboy playoff game is my number one Ram memory. One reason is those players who played together for years and from 1973 came so close to making the Super Bowl,but, a freak play or blown ref call kept them out. And they weren't getting younger a deserved their day in the sun.
    Another reason is I was with 7 family members that included my late Father and Brother. When Vinnie hit Waddy for the game winning TD, the 8 of us became one hugging and jumping up and down as one. We lose our balance and go crashing into the coffee table splitting it in two with stuff flying everywhere BUT we never let go and what is etched in my mind forever is seeing my Dad's face and brother's face yelling with joy. That's tough to beat. There are two audio links that should take you back too. take care