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  • Proud of Our Boys!

    The Rams demonstrated that they are truly a team of character. They did not quit, they never surrendered. I am truly proud of all they accomplished and I'm looking forward to another season full of spectacular Ram football. Hey, it ain't called "The Greatest Show on Turf" for nothing!

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    I agree, but I am a little confused at waht happened! I am more proud of the way they handled the loss. It takes class to accept defeat the way our Rams have.


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      Stinky Game

      I guess it's great that they fought back and all. But they played so bad the rest of the game! I really felt that the Pats deserved the game. They played great D, and hammered our "WATCH OUT" WRs. You know, Here comes a DB..."WATCH OUT!!!" Duck and dive.

      I hope they keep this sour taste in their mouths for months and months. This team did not show up until the 4th quarter of the biggest game of the year. If it weren't for the defense, we would have been in bigger doo-doo.

      Next year, the schedule get's tougher even. So we'll have to be ready...this'll be a huge offseason. Congrats to the Patriots...seemed it was a good day to be wearing Red, White and Blue.


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        I'd be the first to say that it sure felt like those other Rams showed up for the big game. I can't understand why they chose to stick with the passing game so heavily, when it wasn't as if they had Marshall contained when he took the few handoffs that he got, especially in the first half, when they had time to play with. They had that opportunity to take pressure off of Warner and take some of the heat off of the Pats pass coverage. And the Defense on that last drive felt far from urgent. OT could have been a whole new ball game.

        Okay, now that I got my frustrations out, nothin but love for my team. I am still proud of them and I will always be proud of them. They made some mistakes and they paid for them. No team is invincible. Sometimes its all just a matter of timing. That is why I still believe the Rams are the best team in football, and it is a shame that they can't attach the tag "World Champions" on to prove it. So guys I'm still proud of everything you have accomplished in the last few years (Oh yeah, I had to sit through the Tony Banks years), and I will be waiting patiently for you in the next season.

        Onward to SBXXXVII:mask:
        M:ram: C


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        • jdpbmo
          Lets save all the
          by jdpbmo
          proud of our boys, what a great year, we had some terrific accomplishments, and all that other crap for another day. What kind of defense did they play on that drive? How can you go into a "back up and let them get chunks of yards at a time" defense? What exactly was Lovie calling? I am filled with a tremendous amount of negativity right now just because of the embarrasement we showed for 3 quarters in the biggest game of the year. That forth quarter we showed how good we could be, but then in an instance we let a snot-nose drive right up the field with practically no time on the clock and no timeouts to use. How can anyone justify or rationalize what happened out there? Certainly not by the "thanks for the terrific year boys" or "now we've got something to build on for next year"? Congrats to the Pats for doing what they had to. Their defense was super for 3 quarters and their game plan worked to a tee. Not one player on their team was outstanding until the last drive of the game when Brady was unstoppable and Vinetari was gold. When the Rams scored to tie it up I told my wife that the two problems the Rams had were first, Troy Brown was an outstanding return man and we needed to prevent him from getting a big return. Second, I told her that they had the best field goal kicker in the game and there was still about a minute and 22 seconds left. Now if I am a big football fan, yet far from coach material, wouldn't you think the Rams players and the coaches would be aware of these two very crucial things. I hope to god they weren't in some sort of prevent in the end.
          -02-03-2002, 09:14 PM
        • RamsFanSam
          The no good, the very bad, and the just plain FUGLY...
          by RamsFanSam
          So, I got up yesterday morning at 5:30 AM, excited for opening day of our Rams season. I drive to OTC, driving around for a half hour, searching for a decent parking place. I found one close to my classroom - right next to a dark blue Ram pickup with a Rams logo sticker in the window. Yes, it was an omen of good things for the rest of the day...

          First, Mechanical Power Transmission class and an unannounced quiz - I scored 100%. Yes, it was another omen of first game success.

          Then, Fluid Mechanics - another pop quiz, another 100%.

          I come home, call my health insurance company, and end up spending almost 3 hours trying to explain to them that when my bank transfers money from my account to theirs, that means the bill IS paid. Then, I had to help Brenda take care of a couple of sick foster kittens, which meant running to the store to pick up things, return them, and pick up different things, feeding them with a syringe, and wiping poop off their rear ends. By the time all this was done, it was 30 minutes from kickoff. I should have burned some sage, called a priest, built a shrine to Jobu and sacrificed a chicken, or SOMETHING...

          Then the game started. I think it was about 90 seconds into the first quarter when it hit me.

          This team, the same team that Kroenke, Fisher, and everyone else promised us was going to be a juggernaut - it wasn't just the same old Rams we had in St. Louis. No, this was a different Rams team. Playing the very first game of a new season, with players that we were told were at the top of the heap, every Rams fan was sure that we were going to see a much improved product on the field, and the whiners would cower in fear.

          No, these aren't the same Rams we had in 2015. These Rams - they are special. They take us back to a time in our past that some of us remember well. They give us the same feeling of the Rams of days gone by. These 2016 Rams are out to set or at least tie the records set by the Rams of lore.

          In other was like watching the 2009 Rams. On Xanax.

          I am praying for a miracle before this Sunday. Seeing the Rams on the field for the first time this season was something I have been waiting for. After seeing every weakness exposed last night, I hope we don't have to wait much longer for a win.
          -09-13-2016, 05:57 PM
        • celtic_ram
          Still Love My Rams
          by celtic_ram
          :lid: Well it's been some time now and I guess I can talk about my Rams without using swear words.I don't know what team the NEP played but it was not the Rams, not at least the ones I've been watching all season.I say this without taking anything away from the Pats defense, but we have got some of fastest recievers in the NFL and our O line been right there all season(s)...."The better team did not win"!!! just maybe the better coached team did.Can't wait for the season opener, true blue & gold celtic_ram:lid:
          -02-11-2002, 10:56 PM
        • BM_Face
          Team continues to improve in key areas
          by BM_Face
          Pre-season or not, the Ramís played hard against the first-string units of an elite NFL program. Bradford showed what OU fans have been talking about, and SJax always plays on another level. Losing Avery sucks, but it is obvious that we are capable of running a balanced offence without huge WR concentration. I missed most of the game, but some stats just jump out.

          Run D allowed only 28 yards on 11 carries.

          30! First downs, 18 of those through passing. Huge stat here, hard to understate the impact of a real threat at QB.

          11/17 on 3rd down. That is 64%, who are these guys?

          Josh Brown went 3/3. He is feeling better. If he can maintain this, he will win us games this year.

          11 players caught passes, that is really spreading it around nicely, and tests our young talent.

          Balanced play calling on offense-- 41/41. Unlike the Pats, we were successful while still getting looks on the ground and through the air, and we forced them to play a one-dimensional game.

          3/5 in the Red Zone. One of our biggest weaknesses for the past several years.

          Time of possession indicates just what it is like playing from a lead. The Pats had to go long just to get back in the game, and neglected the run. There were acting like a team that really wanted the win.

          Pundits agree that the third pre-season game is often the most telling; most teams back off in the fourth game and go very vanilla in prepping for the start of the regular season. It might be easy to put too much stock on what the Ramís brought to the field against the Pats, but you would have to be blind to miss the improvement in key areas. There are still positions where we need added talent, but this team is learning that it can compete. I am getting up on this team!

          Any given Sunday. GoRams!
          -08-27-2010, 09:38 AM
        • majorram
          In Shock!!!
          by majorram
          Guys I'm still in shock from yesterday HOW, WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

          I don't know if anybody noticed when KURT was introduced to the crowd at the begining he look nervous and to me he didn't have that fire in his eyes that he normally has for huge games also he looked dam uncomforable in the pocket!!! and I'm not taking anything away from the PATS, they had great coverage!!!! and play excellent D

          I just think they wanted the game more than us and perhaps we did read into all the hupe that all we needn't to do us turn up!!!
          Any thoughts I need some cheering up!!!

          I'm still so proud of our boys win or lose ( god it's better getting to the SB than those day's with the 4-12 Tony Banks days) but I believe this was OUR GAME!!!!!!

          :lid: steve
          -02-04-2002, 08:19 AM