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    proud of our boys, what a great year, we had some terrific accomplishments, and all that other crap for another day. What kind of defense did they play on that drive? How can you go into a "back up and let them get chunks of yards at a time" defense? What exactly was Lovie calling? I am filled with a tremendous amount of negativity right now just because of the embarrasement we showed for 3 quarters in the biggest game of the year. That forth quarter we showed how good we could be, but then in an instance we let a snot-nose drive right up the field with practically no time on the clock and no timeouts to use. How can anyone justify or rationalize what happened out there? Certainly not by the "thanks for the terrific year boys" or "now we've got something to build on for next year"? Congrats to the Pats for doing what they had to. Their defense was super for 3 quarters and their game plan worked to a tee. Not one player on their team was outstanding until the last drive of the game when Brady was unstoppable and Vinetari was gold. When the Rams scored to tie it up I told my wife that the two problems the Rams had were first, Troy Brown was an outstanding return man and we needed to prevent him from getting a big return. Second, I told her that they had the best field goal kicker in the game and there was still about a minute and 22 seconds left. Now if I am a big football fan, yet far from coach material, wouldn't you think the Rams players and the coaches would be aware of these two very crucial things. I hope to god they weren't in some sort of prevent in the end.

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    You are right..but so are the congrats and all the other stuff.We are all disappointed but what good will it do to replay all our wrongs ...we can only move forward and our part as fans is to be there,loyal and faithful..even when we screw up. Imagine how the team feels!:upset:


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      I agreee with you, jd. The Rams showed great heart by overcoming their mistakes and had all the momentum in the fourth quarter only to let the pats cash in on a last second field goal to win the game. When they needed a stop they couldn't get it. Congrats to the pats, but the feeling here is that they dodged bullets all throughout the playoffs. With a tougher schedule next year, they should wind up back on the scrap heap where they belong, while the Rams will be the favorites to win it all!


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        let me make something clear b/4

        everyone starts hitting me with incorrect slams. I say again incorrect slams. The Pats did a magnificant job of doing what they had to do to win. Their game plan was better. Their coaching staff was better. I could go on, but I won't....suffice to say their entire team was better for at least 3 quarters of play. My congrats to the victors, but spoils go to the losing team. I say losing team and not losers. I felt the way they played for 3 quarters was embarrassing and that's what I'm pissed about. I know I probably shouldn't have even posted a message because emotions aren't exactly positive right now. I know the team feels bad and most likely worse than the fans. It being such a huge game I just can't understand why they wouldn't come out to play their best game. That may not exactly sound politically correct or anything, but when you hear players say they are either going to win or leave it on the field, well for 3 quarters I don't think all of our players left it on the field. I will say I am proud of the fact they fought through the adversity of the turnovers and being behind the entire game to come back and tie it up with less than 2 minutes left was thrilling. Why quit playing aggressively the last 1:22 of the game. They weren't playing to win then, they were playing not to lose...and that's normally just what happens, you lose. Sorry for the negativity, but that's what these boards are for...expression of ideas, thoughts...even if they aren't what everyone wants to hear.


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          JD, I'm pissed too. To see such horrible play and such poor decisions by my team is sickening. For three quarters I watched the Ram offense play uninspired football and the Ram defense, while doing admirably, not hitting anywhere near as hard as their New England counterparts.

          Warner's decisions before the 4th quarter were horrible. How many times did he throw into double coverage?

          Congrats to the Patriots, their defense played gonzo on every play and their offense put the kicker in position to win at the end.


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            Warners throws are a credit to the D and their coaches, he was getting very little open to throw to


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              thanks Harkin

              you may be the first person to post something I totally agree with


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                Me, not the Rams. I'm lost. I'm still shocked.

                Great game, solid effort by the Patriots.


                Kordell Stewart made an interesting comment after they lost to the Patriots. "Sometimes the better team doesn't win"

                I thought that was a stupid comment at the time, but now I'm thinking it was genious.

                Clearly the Rams are the better team, but that is why the game must be played. The better team lost.

                Congrats to the Pats. Thank God we won in 99/00 or I'd be a lot more depressed than I am today.



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                  Re: Lost

                  Originally posted by mxbrian

                  Clearly the Rams are the better team, but that is why the game must be played. The better team lost.
                  To be honest, I hate it when teams lose and try and suggest it wasn't the right result or the fair outcome.
                  The better team did win. They played harder than us and smarter than us.
                  There just seemed to be that little extra desire and belief about the Pats, and they deserved everything they got.
                  As did we.
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                    The Patriots looked the better team even at the introductions. Played the game they had to play, seemed to get alot of confidence from our inability to really do anything in the first quarter. Never let our playmakers on defence get anywhere near the ball. Still cant believe our defense on the last drive howerver?....

                    Went to work this morning, not really wanting to be there, but hey tell me one person whom hasn`t been embarrassed or humiliated by a sports team that they support, its not the be all and end all, there`s always the next game, season or championship to regain that pride.

                    :ram: :shield:

                    Thought the halftime show was great though, pity I paused the video recorder, and Mariah looked stunning.
                    Last edited by PerthshireRam; -02-04-2002, 10:38 AM.


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                      Gotta disagree with you here...

                      Originally posted by dogg
                      With a tougher schedule next year, they should wind up back on the scrap heap where they belong, while the Rams will be the favorites to win it all!
                      NO team "gets lucky," gets to the Big Show, and wins it all. The fact is almost no one (including me) thought the Patriots would win it all (although I did think they'd cover the spread). Belichick is the mastermind that clamped down the "K-Gun" offense of the Bills in 1990. He's a master defensive coach - probably the best in the league. If any coach could derail the Rams O, it was Belichick.

                      As for schedule, that's overrated. This isn't college, where strength of schedule determines whether or not you go to a bowl game. Because of parity, the difference between the strongest and weakest schedules is about a 10 point winning percentage. Not a lot of difference in my opinion.


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                        the Rams play the pats next week and they will still be the favorites to win. the Rams are THAT good. this was the pats year, that's why they won. and schedule does play a big part. how did last year's SB dog, the giants, do with a tougher sked!


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                          The Rams Beat The Patriots

                          Yeah, you heard me........The Rams Beat The Patriots! If you don't believe me, check the stats. The Rams whupped those guys from one end of the field to the other. The offense was almost unstoppable, piling up over 400 yards! The defense was stifling, holding Brady to less than 150 yards.

                          The only place the Rams didn't beat the Patriots? The score, the only measure that counts in a game.


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                          • ILRamfan
                            Proud of Our Boys!
                            by ILRamfan
                            The Rams demonstrated that they are truly a team of character. They did not quit, they never surrendered. I am truly proud of all they accomplished and I'm looking forward to another season full of spectacular Ram football. Hey, it ain't called "The Greatest Show on Turf" for nothing!

                            -02-03-2002, 08:54 PM
                          • letsgoramz
                            Texans talk about how they feel
                            by letsgoramz
                            Texans post-game quotes

                            Texans Head Coach Dom Capers

                            (Opening statement) “Obviously we are very disappointed today in the way that the game turned out. I’ve been in the league for twenty years. I don’t know if I’ve had a game like this. We started out playing well in the first half. When you are playing a team like the Rams there are certain things that you must do. They are one of the highest scoring teams in the league. It really came down to we kept giving them opportunities in the second half and we had a hard time executing. They made the plays at critical times. We had them in situations, we had them in a fourth and six and they scored a touchdown. They get the onside kick which put us in overtime. I’m very disappointed and our guys fought hard. We just did not execute during crunch time with the kind of efficiency you have to in order to beat a team like the Rams. We cannot continue to give them the opportunities that we gave them today.”

                            (On type of defense played at the end) “We were playing a four deep defense in the fourth and six situation. They got a receiver up the middle on a one-on-one and hit him, which gave them the opportunity to kick the onside kick.”

                            (On feeling like everything was going wrong) “That’s kind of the way it happened in the second half. We come up with an interception, they knock the ball out and get the ball back and get the field position. You can’t keep putting the Rams offense back on the field because they have too many weapons in terms of scoring points.”

                            (On the key to proper game execution) “I think we did some things as well as we have done. Our offense moved the ball the best they have moved it this year. Our defense sacked the quarterback more than they have sacked him this year. There were some areas where we did better. When we got down the stretch during crunch time to make the play, they made the plays. You’ve got to give them credit. It’s extremely disappointing. I know they are disappointed down there in the locker room. We’ve gone out and put ourselves in a position to win the game and we didn’t finish it off.”

                            (On Texans pressuring QB at end) “We ran a combination of things and we came after him a number of times and got some plays out of it. When you are in that situation (4 th and six) what you don’t what to happen is exactly what did happen on the play.”

                            (On staying focused for remainder of season) “Well it’s a challenge. This season has been a good test for all of us. I think our team has responded the right way up to this point and time. I think they have competed extremely hard, they care. Anytime you care and fight hard and you lose a game like today, it hurts. The challenge will be how we come...
                            -11-27-2005, 09:24 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            SOme Bronco qoutes post game
                            by RamWraith
                            CB Champ Bailey

                            (On the game)
                            “We didn’t win. It’s like if you have a great season and you go to the Pro Bowl, but your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter. You have to win. It is all about winning.”

                            (On if this game reminds him of the opening game last season)
                            “The only similarity is that it is opening day. We have time to bounce back. We have another game next week. We just have to go back and correct our mistakes and look forward to the best.”

                            (On the defense keeping the team in the game)
                            “Yeah, keep us in the game but it is a team thing. It is not a win. I don’t care how good we played. We still lost the game. We had plays in there that we need to get better at. We could have made some turnovers and kept it a little closer.”

                            (On the offense)
                            “We have a lot of talent on offense, and they will bounce back. I am not worried about that. We just have to keep playing good resistance

                            RB Tatum Bell

                            (On the game)
                            “It felt good to get my second career start. It was a loss, and we have to bounce back next week. We ran the ball well. When it came down to the end, we lost. Turnovers were a factor and I had one myself. I am going to learn from it and work on it.“

                            (On the turnovers)
                            “It seemed like every time the defense stopped them, we had a turnover or went three and out. We have to eliminate that. We know that this offense is capable. We just have to go out and do it. It was no like us. We don’t turn the ball over. It was shocking to have five, and when you lose the turnover battle it is hard to win games.”

                            (On being in the game on the final drive)
                            “We weren’t surprised at all. I felt like we were in position to win. I thought we were going to get a touchdown on the last drive. We just have to keep on pushing.”

                            QB Jake Plummer

                            (On the frustration of losing the first game)
                            “Yeah, it is frustrating. It is reminiscent of how we started last year. The difference now is to see how we respond. We have a lot of guys that will respond the right way, but that is not the way you want to start a season.”

                            (On the offensive line performance)
                            “A couple of times I was hurried. The guys gave some good protection and did a good job of giving me some time. As it went, we had some opportunities to win the ball game. When you don’t capitalize, that is when it hurts.”

                            (On the Rams defense)
                            “They played really fast. The first interception was a bad read. The other one was a jump ball and we didn’t come down with it. The last one, I think may be a little of interference, but we can‘t rely on those calls. We have to tip our hats to them, they play fast.”

                            (On the Rams early pressure)
                            “It affected us a little bit. We had some things designed to combat that, but playing in a loud stadium they will...
                            -09-10-2006, 06:11 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Post Game Quotes
                            by RamWraith
                            Head Coach Jim Haslett

                            (On injury to Derek Stanley)
                            “Just to give you an injury update on Derek Stanley, he has a knee injury and he will have a MRI tomorrow. I think it is a significant injury, but we hope it is not, but he will have a MRI tomorrow.”

                            (On the game)
                            “If nothing else this team is going to learn quickly in the future that when you have a chance to put a team away early in the game, that these turnovers are going to come back and get you sooner or later. Derek’s (Stanley) turnover led to seven points, then (TE) Joe Klopfenstein took seven off the board when it should have been 24-0 at halftime. When you let a team like that hang around and they come out and get the ball in the second half and they get a couple of field goals, then they are back into the game. You have a chance to really take care of it in the first half and you don’t do it, if nothing else hopefully this team will learn that that is the most important thing in the game.”

                            (On the Klopfenstein fumble and defenders being near him)
                            “To me putting the ball to the ground doesn’t make a difference, you are responsible for that ball. He was wide open, he caught it, and he had enough time to cover it up and get to the ground.”

                            (On G Richie Incognito’s penalties)
                            “I saw the pre-snap penalty but I didn’t see the holding penalty.”

                            (On WR Torry Holt’s offensive pass interference call by the referee)
                            “I am not going to touch that. That is a young guy over there, a rookie referee. I am not sure what he saw, but obviously he thought it was pass interference and we have to live with it. If that is what he called it then that is what he called it.”

                            (On RB Kenneth Darby being in for the last possessions and Steven Jackson)
                            “Because RB Steven Jackson was light headed and the doctor said he was down and he (the doctor) didn’t want him to go in, then he came in on the third down. That is why he was in there.

                            I am not really sure what happened with Steven, but when the trainer comes up and says that he is out until he is ready then he is out.”

                            (On passing the ball three times during the final possessions)
                            “We had no timeouts, and we were trying to get a first down. We were trying to get a field goal and try to win the game.”

                            (On WR Derek Stanley attempting something different and risky)
                            “I don’t know if it is risky, we ran about six or seven reverses today. I don’t think that was risky. He is a punt returner/kickoff returner, to me that is risky. Running a reverse is just carrying a football.”

                            (On the play of RB Steven Jackson)
                            “I thought that Steven had a great first half, he didn’t get much going in the second half as far as the running game. He had 81-yards rushing in the first half and ended the game with 91 yards. It was a good first half. Obviously we didn’t get enough going...
                            -12-15-2008, 05:57 AM
                          • jdpbmo
                            don't blame Martz
                            by jdpbmo
                            Well, where to begin. First, Martz didn't commit the 8 turnovers. Second, he didn't jump offsides with 2 minutes to play to seal the doom. How can a team be so utterly, utterly amazing in one half and look like the bad news bears in football gear the next? And we were stupid enough to have the false illusions of going undefeated, 19-0. I don't mean to speak for others, but it popped into my head a time or two. What was Warner doing today? Did he forget who he was supposed to throw to? And then when he was on target the receivers dropped the ball. And when he was on target and the receivers caught it, they soon fumbled it. I would much rather lose a game like we played against NYG than lose like we did today. As bad as they played, they would have won the game. There is no doubt in my mind that we were going to drive the field and either score a game-winning touchdown or at least a field goal to tie it up and send it to overtime where we would win.....if they just don't jump offsides. I would fine McCleon $1 million dollars...not for the mistake, but for being stupid. If he stays on side, NO kicks the field goal and we get the ball back for the game winning doubt about it. It's a shame we have a game like this. NO deserves the credit for their comback and the Rams deserve exactly what they got-a loss. Martz can only call the plays, he can't throw it, catch it, hold onto it, or tackle. over and out jd
                            -10-28-2001, 06:14 PM