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  • In Shock!!!

    :eek: Guys I'm still in shock from yesterday HOW, WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know if anybody noticed when KURT was introduced to the crowd at the begining he look nervous and to me he didn't have that fire in his eyes that he normally has for huge games also he looked dam uncomforable in the pocket!!! and I'm not taking anything away from the PATS, they had great coverage!!!! and play excellent D

    I just think they wanted the game more than us and perhaps we did read into all the hupe that all we needn't to do us turn up!!!
    Any thoughts I need some cheering up!!!

    I'm still so proud of our boys win or lose ( god it's better getting to the SB than those day's with the 4-12 Tony Banks days) but I believe this was OUR GAME!!!!!!

    :lid: steve
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:

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  • rNemesis
    When can we be "relevant " again?
    by rNemesis
    First off let me say "THANK YOU SAM' for playing very well against the Patriots in his first career NFL start and third preseason game. It was an excellent display of poise, arm strength, confidence in the pocket and durability of his shoulder and ability to take sacks and hits and stay cool under pressure. However, while I am very proud of it and it was nice for him to get this off his chest, he still needs a lot more work and reps and this will only come with time of course and its to be expected from a rookie QB. But he did what he HAD to do, and it was a good thing AJ Feeley got injured, because it seemed to have come at the right time. This was exactly what he needed to feel even more confident and comfortable in the NFL. I watched the game myself, and let me tell you I was very impressed with the way he looked and the way the team looked in general. Accurate zip on passes no matter where it really was, he made those passes. He got good protection from the O-line and help from Jackson and little bit of Darby.

    Was anyone looking for an identity for this team? Well I think its this. If you notice, either good teams, especially with great defense, play to their level of their opponent or they dont. I feel like the Rams have just recently been a team that plays to the level of their opponent. When we play sub.500 teams, we play a good close game. When we play a good team, we fight hard to stay in the game, but our OFFENSE just lets us down; had they scored some points, they would have been much more manageable games for us. We will DEFINITELY establish SJAX and whoever else for the running game to set up PA to whoever is open downfield. If we have to run the ball all day, we can do that. If we have to air it out, I feel like we are capable enough of a good passing game too.

    SO MY QUESTION IS THIS: When can we be back in the the playoffs and start being an elite team ? It is possible, although rather very difficult, to turn a 1-15 team into a 9-7 or better team. ( aka 08 dolphins to 09 dolphins, I'm sure there are other examples but that one always come to mind) . But this is exactly what I could'nt understand for years. The fact that other teams had seem to be winning year in year out and if not winning, at the very least having respectable records. But no, not us , because why? We're the "same old sorry ass rams" to a lot of critics. WHY? where did that name even come from anyway ? A bad 90's decade ? SO what who cares? I just dont see why everyone is/was making a big deal about our losing seasons, albeit it was very dismal. But it would have had to been the horrible draft picks during that previous regime. Thank God we have sensible people in place running this team that know how to build and run one, no matter its history.

    What all do we need? A playmaking WR ? A legit backup to steven Jax? A premier pass rusher? Someone mentioned somewhere a couple of days ago on this forum that...
    -08-27-2010, 03:16 PM
  • ILRamfan
    Proud of Our Boys!
    by ILRamfan
    The Rams demonstrated that they are truly a team of character. They did not quit, they never surrendered. I am truly proud of all they accomplished and I'm looking forward to another season full of spectacular Ram football. Hey, it ain't called "The Greatest Show on Turf" for nothing!

    -02-03-2002, 07:54 PM
  • rNemesis
    My personal thoughts after the Rams-Cards game
    by rNemesis
    First off let me just say that after watching the game yesterday this is indeed not the SOSAR that we have been use to seeing the last three years but a team that can now compete. My initial thoughts ( not hopes) were that we would get blown out like last year I think it was, with no hope or real fire to score and make plays to win. But we didn't. Not this time. And hopefully not from here on. We showed that we are more competitive by getting adequate pressure on the QB, create a couple of turnovers, contain the run, but the pass D wasnt that great IMO. Nice job by Bartell on Fitz and I heard someone else say on this forum that the only TD he scored was on our zone D when we went away from man coverage. We just had our moments like the 2nd quarter drive by the Cards RB's Hightower andStephens- Howling. That was a killer drive. But the real momentum swinger for the Cards was that hustle play by Breaston to strip the ball away from a careless, 1-yd-away-from-the-end-zone Clifton Ryan. CMON RYAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    All in all, too many missed opportunities like that are why we lost this game. We are not a great team lets face it. So what do not-great-teams do to win? They play smart, mistake free football because they know its their only chance to win because they cant really make plays otherwise. I was impressed with Bradford at the helm, I think we are set at that position for a long time. I was also impressed with Robbins again, as well as CJ Ah You.

    Let me tell you MY opinion. Spags is doing a great job with the little talent he has upfront bringing pressure. But he is not THAT great in playcalling or close game decisions, if any at all. He needs to step it up in that dept. Offensive playcalling is also horrendous at times. Robinson made me so sick with all those drops, Clayton too although he had an otherwise good game. He would have had a GREAT game if it werent for those ugly drops. We need to win next week against the Raiders, so we can have a huge confidence buildup to face other teams because we will not beat them if we cant beat Oakland. If we can just FIND A WAY, FIND A WAY to win that game I will be more than happy of our progress as an organization moving forward.

    This is definitely a team, as most mention, can win 5-6 games at the most. No more than that because there is just too many issues to overcome in one season but if we can get 5 wins I will know that we are headed in the right direction.

    I have some burning questions though. If we only win one-three games this year, will it be because -

    a) of a rookie QB, young overall team and inexperience, etc. You need a season for everyone to gel and learn the system? or

    b) no excuses Spags, Shurmur and co., you've had your time to turn things around but the results (Wins) are just not coming and its time for a change ?

    Do you think Stan kroenke is feeling all of this...
    -09-13-2010, 06:05 AM
  • jdpbmo
    Lets save all the
    by jdpbmo
    proud of our boys, what a great year, we had some terrific accomplishments, and all that other crap for another day. What kind of defense did they play on that drive? How can you go into a "back up and let them get chunks of yards at a time" defense? What exactly was Lovie calling? I am filled with a tremendous amount of negativity right now just because of the embarrasement we showed for 3 quarters in the biggest game of the year. That forth quarter we showed how good we could be, but then in an instance we let a snot-nose drive right up the field with practically no time on the clock and no timeouts to use. How can anyone justify or rationalize what happened out there? Certainly not by the "thanks for the terrific year boys" or "now we've got something to build on for next year"? Congrats to the Pats for doing what they had to. Their defense was super for 3 quarters and their game plan worked to a tee. Not one player on their team was outstanding until the last drive of the game when Brady was unstoppable and Vinetari was gold. When the Rams scored to tie it up I told my wife that the two problems the Rams had were first, Troy Brown was an outstanding return man and we needed to prevent him from getting a big return. Second, I told her that they had the best field goal kicker in the game and there was still about a minute and 22 seconds left. Now if I am a big football fan, yet far from coach material, wouldn't you think the Rams players and the coaches would be aware of these two very crucial things. I hope to god they weren't in some sort of prevent in the end.
    -02-03-2002, 08:14 PM
  • evil disco man
    Steven Jackson Blog: A Week To Remember
    by evil disco man
    Steven Jackson | A Week to Remember | Official Website of Steven Jackson

    10/07/2010 - 02:02
    A Week to Remember
    by Steven Jackson

    Welcome back to my blog, everybody. It's been a great week for the Rams, and a great week to be a Rams fan.

    I have to start this out with a shoutout to all of my fans. The encouragement I've been receiving from you all has been very humbling. You have been there since day one, supporting me through the thick and thin, and acknowledging my efforts and my competitive spirit. It's something that I will always have and the support is something I'll never overlook. I'm greatly thankful for my fans and their kind words.

    The Rams fan base as a whole has been amazing. To give them something to cheer about has been special. The Dome is starting to get loud again. With the noise they're creating, offenses are picking up penalties, which are helping us. To be able to have them behind us, to support us and give us energy, it's been a blessing.

    It really does help a lot. It allows for the us to feed off the energy that the crowd is creating for us to give our team that extra boost and pull out whatever we have left in us. The win over Seattle was great for all of us and I just knew going in that I had to be in there with this team.

    I knew that this win could potentially propel us to turn this organization and this team around because Seattle has had our number for so long. Our last win against them was in a 2005 playoff game my rookie year. It's been quite some time since we had a chance to beat that organization and since then, the division has been going through either Seattle or Arizona for the title.

    Every year we set a goal to win our division and then hopefully to go on and win a Super Bowl, but in order to even get to the playoffs, you have to win your divisional games. It was a huge game that we all knew was going to be a tough task. They've had our number. They know our personnel really well. They're a team that matches up with us really well.

    So last week when I injured my groin and I had my MRI and everything came out to be a minor deal, I wanted to take every chance to leave the window of opportunity open to play in the game. I knew then that I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I could get out there and play.

    I worked like crazy to get myself back and be able to take part in that game. I felt like, even if I didn't have a lot of yards, or statistically my numbers weren't that impressive, my presence would draw enough attention that it would allow our other playmakers on the field to get open. I knew I could play that chess match with the other players and Seattle's defensive coordinator.

    I didn't go into the game thinking I was going to break an NFL record or anything but I knew that me at 80 percent or 90 percent was still going...
    -10-07-2010, 08:16 PM