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Give it up for the Patriots.

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  • Give it up for the Patriots.

    Alright, I know I'll get beat up for this post, but go ahead. I'm a sick Rams fan, the type that would rather watch a game alone than with friends and the type that won't eat before or during the game because my stomach gets upset.

    The Rams played a bad game with the exception of the fourth quarter and with the exception of their defense (for the most part).

    The Patriots simply wanted it more and it showed. They played harder, worked harder, and flat out wanted it more.

    Yes, we turned the ball over 3 times for 17 points. Yes, that did cost us the game. However, we all stood on our defense when we did the same to Green Bay in the div. playoff game.

    Let's not be like all the other fans, let's give it up for the Patriots. They did it, we didn't. They deserved to win and I'm glad it was such an exciting game.

    Much of how a person's character is measured is in their reaction to diversity. How will we, as die hard fans of this team be measured? I for one, still love the fact that I get to watch the likes of Faulk, Warner, and Bruce play together for a couple more years. I for one, am glad that Aneas Williams got to play in a superbowl. I for one, am glad that the Rams have class and respect from the rest of the world as a GREAT team.

    Having suffered through the last decade of bad football, I for one appreciate what we, as fans, have.

    2002 will be another good year as reallignment comes upon us and Terrel Owens looks to another team. We'll be in the hunt again in 2002.

    Great job Patriots, congatulations.

    GO RAMS !!!:helmet:

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    I feel the same MX, I'm in shock at the moment, disappointed as everyone, but I know that will be back next year and we are just lucky we have the team we have.

    My god in the 90's it was "well theirs always next year" and this was in OCTOBER!!!!

    We still have a great team!!!

    Congrat PATS they deserve it,

    :ram: RAMS FOREVER
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      I agree whole heartly. Give the respect back to the winning team. It was a great season and I will never forget what this team has brought me over the last 3 years...

      Good Job PATS!!!


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        I Agree as well, the Pats did a good job and I was so sick of hearing that the Rams were going to have a shut out. They acted like the Patriots didn't deserve to be there and I didn't like that. They were at the superbowl. They played harder and they won. Rams are a better team but it wasn't in the cards. I heard the media say. "In light of the 9/11 attacks that it was the destiny of the Patriots to win the Superbowl" Maybe they were right. There is always next year, when I will cheer on the rams and I will enjoy the games. They are a good team and they had a GREAT season. Even thoug they all said that the season is for naught without the ring. I dissagree. I still say. WAy to go Rams,
        you ARE the best!

        :king: :lid:


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        • laram0
          I have to say this even though we all know it already
          by laram0
          RAMS 36 Patriots 35 !!!!!

          I know it was "just" a preseason game. At least that's what the Patriots fans are saying now. They weren't saying that during the game though. The Patriots fans around here wanted to see our RAMS get blasted. My wife went to the game with 3 of her friends that are Pats die-hard fans. They were crushed by the outcome. HA HA!!!! How do you like us now?!

          I was away in western massachusetts but watched the game on t.v. surrounded by Pats fans. I just can't get this smile off of my face!!!!!!

          WAY TO GO RAMS!!!!!

          THANK YOU!
          -08-29-2010, 07:28 PM
        • MauiRam
          Rams fans are owed an explanation from NFL
          by MauiRam
          Rams fans are owed an explanation from NFL
          By Jeff Gordon

          At the Red-Eye Grill in New Orleans a few nights before Super Bowl XXXVI, an animated football fan cornered your cyber-correspondent with a startling claim.

          The fix was in. The Patriots, massive underdogs to the Rams, were going to win the big game. His presentation went on for a LONG time; he believed, passionately, that a high percentage of American sporting events are scripted.

          And he was sure this game was on the list.

          After the Patriots won that game, the fan was back at the Red-Eye for late-night cocktails. He shrugged off praise for his bold prediction.

          To Conspiracy Guy, it was cut and dried: The NFL decided the Patriots should win the game, so they did.

          So now we fast-forward to 2008 and new questions about the integrity of league competition. A former Patriots video assistant, Matt Walsh, has told folks he has information that could damage the Patriots. Allegedly, he taped the Rams’ “walk-through” practice before the game.

          Hmmmmm . . .

          I still maintain the Rams can only blame themselves for losing to the Patriots. Coach Mike Martz should have adjusted his game plan sooner than he did, since New England dropped six and seven defensive backs into coverage. Why not let Marshall Faulk run the ball again and again and again?

          Dropped passes hurt the Rams, as did Kurt Warner’s disastrous interception for a TD and Ricky Proehl’s untimely fumble. At some point, the Rams could have stopped New England’s final drive with the game tied 17-17.

          And if this game was fixed, as Conspiracy Guy claimed, then I’d point to the game officials. They allowed the Patriots to manhandle Rams receivers while they attempted to run routes. These muggings prompted changes in how officials implement the rules.

          “Again, they had a great game plan,” Warner told “Coach (Bill) Belichick has been known for that. They executed it very well. And I think you look back from our side and say, 'Well, we had played them once [that] year. They had a good feel for what we were doing and how to stop us. I go back and look at that game and say, 'The approach they took with us is that we're going to beat them up and beat them up and beat them up until the officials make a call.' And I think they went in with a premise that in a Super Bowl, the officials don't want to dictate the course of action. So they're going to be slow to throw flags, especially a bunch of flags.”

          Fair enough, I suppose. But did the Patriots cheat? Were they sitting on Rams plays because they knew what was coming?

          I doubt it, but this isn’t an outrageous concept. Another Patriots staffer got caught videotaping the New York Jets defensive signals from the sideline during New England's...
          -02-19-2008, 10:49 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          A Letter From Tags Dated Feb of 2002
          by Guest
          From the office of the National Football League
          Dear participants;

          *We realize that we have been enforcing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties all season long for the purpose of protecting players from unnecessary injuries due to cheap and dirty tactics however the talent swing in the upcoming Superbowl has forced our hand. We in accordance with our authority (and a few bucks) have instructed the officials not to call cheap tactics against the Patriots defense. These tactics include but are not limited to:

          Grabbing and holding on to the face mask.
          Tackling out of bounds.
          Slamming players down out of bounds.
          Going to the head of the quarterback.
          Leading with the crown of the helmet.
          Chopping the back of a players knees.

          Were also not going to be calling defensive pass interference or defensive holding against the Patriots. Be warned though as we may call defensive holding if you actually tackle the receiver. This of course will depend upon the score of the game.

          * To the Rams

          Bill Belichick called my office and said it wasn't fair because only 3 of his players were good enough to be starters for the Rams. We agree and we feel it is unfair to the Patriots that you have Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Orlando Pace, Ricky Proehl, Az-Hakim along with a laundry list of the leagues most talented players. Though we realize our efforts may be in vein we must be able to level the playing field therefore we will be calling the penalties that ultimately decide a game (and can help us in delivering a close exciting game to the fickle fans). Offensive penalties will be called only on the Rams. Sure we may throw in a penalty against the Patriots to help sell it however they must have at least a one touchdown lead and good field position. Other then that these penalties will be called against the Rams some time during the game.

          Delay of game.
          Offensive holding.
          Offensive pass interference.
          Picking your nose on the sidelines.

          Officials will be in direct communication and working closely with the Patriot coaching staff during the game to see what further assistance they may need or to see if we missed calling a penalty against the Rams.

          Also, if in the final 90 seconds of regulation the Patriots have the ball with a chance to win the game, officials will stop the clock at the end of each Patriot offensive play even if the ball carrier is tackled in bounds. (Don't worry we will spin it.) Also if in the last 90 seconds of regulation the Patriots are leading the game, officials will allow all remaining time to be run off the game clock while not allowing any offensive plays, kickoffs or any other football like activity that could jeopardize the Patriots victory. At that point, the game will expire and the trophy will be presented to...
          -05-31-2005, 10:44 AM
        • laram0
          I know it's only the preseason...BUT...
          by laram0
          The Patriots went (0-4)!!!!

          Yeah, they'll probably come out in the regular season and lay a beating on most...I realize that.

          It's still alot of fun watching the New England fans squirm for a change.
          -08-29-2008, 08:57 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          Patriots Go Undefeated (Yawn)
          by AvengerRam_old
          As much as the media wants this to be a great event for all fans to celebrate, my impression is that the average non-Patriot fan is treating this with a general "yeah, whatever" kind of reaction. Much like the Barry Bonds' breaking of the HR record, fans are not willing to overlook cheaters, whether or not their cheating directly resulted in the record they obtained.


          Hip Hip, Hoo-yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........
          -12-30-2007, 12:22 AM