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  • logging in from New Orleans

    Hey all, logging in from a New Orleans Internet Cafe,

    First, just let me say what a GREAT place to have a SUPER BOWL.



    Nuff said about that. All credit to the Pats for taking away our game. :rolleyes:


    It was a set up ............. All I could see was red white and blue ;)

    Fourth, all those asking for programmes, sorry but $15 a pop :rolleyes:

    See you guys on Friday, we are off up the bayou to kill a crock :evil:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Strange, I was thinking the same thing. But was afraid to or didn't want to say anything. True everything was RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Message thru the whole pre-game and half-time was to be Patriotic. Hmmm, Patriots in the Super Bowl.
    How? Bad call in New England. Beat Steelers, who didn't play the way they should of.
    The Rams beat teams with better defences and offences, but lost to the Pats.
    Maybe they meant to win to bring up the spirits of America.
    I don't get it. Maybe I watch way too much X-Files.
    Oh well, I'm glad someone else brought the subject up.
    We will be back next year.
    GO RAMS.


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      Conspiracy or not? :v)

      The red, white and blue was everywhere, but conspicuously missing was the beloved blue and gold(yellow).

      And what's up with the Rams helmet facing to the left and N.E. facing to the right on all the signs and shirts and hats?
      (no disrespect intended to any left handers out there)
      It just made our helmet look "backward"

      We all know the NFL doesn't like our boys, or our owner. I think it's time to get Fox and Scully involved. This could go all the way to the top :v)


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      • AvengerRam
        White horn on helmet for 2017 (reaction)
        by AvengerRam
        Would love it if whole uniform was blue and white. Hate it with gold on jersey.
        We should have just stayed with the blue and gold.
        -03-02-2017, 09:18 AM
      • JFMose
        Uni Watch interviews Rams longtime equipment manager Todd Hewitt
        by JFMose

        Uni Watch » Uni Watch Profiles: Todd Hewitt

        As many of you know, the Rams fired longtime equipment manager Todd Hewitt back in January. Today we have an extensive interview with him, but it wasn’t conducted by me. It was done by football historian Robert Harvell, whose photo archives have been featured here on the site many times.
        Robert interviewed Todd last month, and the resulting transcript was recently posted over on Helmet Hut. But Robert and Helmet Hut honcho Curtis Worrell both felt that the interview deserved to be published here at Uni Watch as well. After reading it, I wholeheartedly agreed.
        As you’ll see, the interview has nothing to do with Todd’s firing. That’s another topic for another day. This is all about the work he did with the Rams, the team’s uniform history, and so on. It’s really good stuff — enjoy.
        Robert Harvell: Todd, when did you start working for the Rams?
        Todd Hewitt: Well, my dad was hired by the Rams in 1967. I was 11 years old at the time and helped out in the locker room and was a ball boy. In 1978, I was officially hired by the Rams as Assistant Equipment Manager and continued to work with my dad until his retirement in 1984. In 1985, I took over as Rams Equipment Manager, although my dad remained with the team as Equipment Manager Emeritus through 1994, the Rams’ final year in Los Angeles. In 1995, the Rams relocated to St. Louis. My dad joined us there for one final year. So all told, I was with the Rams for 44 years and have worked under 14 different Rams head coaches! Funny, I still remember when the Packers came to town in 1967, my first year with the team. I walked down the Coliseum tunnel flanked by Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr!
        RH: How many hours per week would you put in once camp began?
        TH: Let’s put it this way: Once camp started I definitely spent more time at work than at home. In at 5am, leave at 7pm, seven days a week. The only day I’d take off during the season is the Sunday of the bye week. The players’ day off was a treat, because I’d “only” work from 5am to 4:30pm. But I made up for that on game day, especially when we returned from road games, often working very late. It wasn’t unusual for me to spend the night at work after road games. During the off-season I typically worked five days a week, from 6am to 4:30pm.
        RH: Like most teams, the Rams have changed their uniform color schemes over the years. Do you have a favorite?
        TH: Honestly, I like them all. For sentimental reasons, I really like the blue and white. But I would have to say that my favorite color scheme was what we wore from 1973-1999, the blue and yellow, what we wore when we won the Super Bowl. In fact, when we wore those colors again for a throwback game, I realized just how much I missed them, they were just so vibrant. I really like the current uniforms as well, but they are so much darker than what we wore before....
        -05-18-2011, 04:08 PM
      • chucknbob
        The Rams Looked GREAT
        by chucknbob
        .... until they took the field.

        I like the throwbacks. Granted, I don't think this team deserves to wear the same uniforms as the GSOT, but I am glad we jumped onto the throwback bandwagon.
        Rams should keep going back to the throwbacks
        Stay with the gold. Down with yellow.
        -10-12-2009, 03:27 PM
      • AvengerRam
        Rams want old school uniforms now - NFL says "no"
        by AvengerRam
        Rams want to wear blue and yellow uniforms more often, but NFL says no

        Posted by Michael David Smith on May 11, 2018, 9:51 AM EDT
        Getty Images

        Since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles, questions have raged about which uniforms they should wear: The blue and white of Merlin Olsen in the 1960s? The blue and yellow of Eric Dickerson in the 1980s? The blue and gold of the St. Louis years? Some combination?

        The Rams are working on a permanent answer, but in the meantime they’d like to wear the Dickerson-style throwbacks more. The NFL, however, has other ideas.

        Rams COO Kevin Demoff says the team has asked the NFL for permission to wear the blue and yellow throwbacks more often, but the NFL limited the Rams to wearing them twice last season. Demoff said he’s working on explaining to the league office that the fans would prefer those uniforms.

        “We have spent the year educating them on our fan base,” Demoff told the Los Angeles Times. “We forwarded them all of the fan complaints, the emails we get, so I think they’re well aware of our fans’ preferences.”

        Demoff said the Navy blue jerseys the Rams have worn aren’t anyone’s favorite.

        “It was always with the idea that we’d be able to revisit it during the offseason when there’s more time to plan,” he said. “Hopefully, they recognize the challenge we have and appreciate the connection the fan base has to the blue and yellow. If we can avoid wearing our Navy jerseys next year, we will.”

        It’s a bit odd that the NFL won’t let teams wear whatever uniforms they want, but it appears that the Rams still have some work to do to convince the league to let them wear those Dickerson-style uniforms on a full-time basis....
        -05-11-2018, 09:54 AM
      • AvengerRam
        Looking at the crowd, one thing seems clear...
        by AvengerRam
        From what I saw, there is an overwhelming preference among the fans for the old royal blue/yellow color scheme over the current dark blue/gold. I'm guessing it won't be until the 2019 season when the new stadium opens, but I think the change is inevitable....
        -08-15-2016, 10:53 AM