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  • Outcoached

    Mike Martz was clearly outcoached in the Superbowl. How can you have the best RB in the league and not involve him in the most important game of the season. You would think that he may have learned that by now.

    Every time the RAMS get behind all he wants to do is throw the ball in the air.

    I do admire Mike for being a coach that "Thinks Outside The Box", but sometimes you need to do things the traditional way.

    Also, Dexter needs to go!!!!! Hes our weakest link. He gets burned every play it seems like. The touchdown the Pats got was the same play PHILLY did on us.

    Lastly, I admire LOVIE for what hes done. But ive just never been a big fan of the "PREVENT" type defense. We scored and then let them drive down the field on us. Knowing that they have the best kicker in the league....

    But im not as hurt as I thought i would be. You cant even put the blame on any of the players. Mike Martz just should have took what he learned from the Philly game and applied it to this game. I mean we have all the talent in the world and the best RB to ever play the game and he didnt use it wisely....

    Im hurt but not that hurt

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  • Fargo Ram Fan
    Mike Martz...great O C....bad HEAD COACH
    by Fargo Ram Fan
    Ok ...we are all in mourning today. What a shamefull experience. I have nothing but LOVE for this team...and have for nearly 30 yrs...but Mike Martz is NOT a good HEAD COACH! Who among us COULD NOT SEE that the pass protection(Jones out,Tucker and Pace banged up) was NOT WORKING yesterday
    Gimme a BREAK MIKE!!! We have the acknowledged BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME and he gets 17 carries in THE SUPER BOWL...with the passing game having a TOUGH DAY???? The man was averaging nearly 4.5 yds per carry!!! He was DUE to break off a BIG ONE at ANY MOMENT!!! 17 CARRIES?? I dont get it...Im sorry...YOU NEED TO ADJUST!!! When the tackles are banged up and they are getting pressure from the corners ITS TIME TO GASH THE MIDDLE. The couple times they ran right at them we saw good things happen. Then it was PASS PASS PASS. No disprespect to New England but 8 games out of 10 they ARE NOT the better team,didnt we beat them in THEIR HOUSE? If Faulk sees 31 carries(or anything close to it) as in the EAGLE game...I see them HOISTING THE GOLDEN FOOTBALL...AGAIN! Sure there are other things that went wrong but STEVIE WONDER could have seen the OBVIOUS and made the adjustment in the GAME PLAN. Dont get me wrong...I dont want to see Mike go...hes an offensive genius and has revolutionized the game to a degree...but he has shown REPEATEDLY that he is NOT a good GAME DAY head coach. Poor clock/timeout use...bizarre use of the replay challenges...leaving STARTERS in BLOWOUTS...and a real UNWILLINGNESS to adjust the game plan. Damn shame that it came down to this. Had they fed MARSHALL the damn ball I dont think we are enduring this today. As a side note...who isnt sick of seeing DEXTER(TOAST)McCLEON getting BURNT in EVERY GAME??
    What a WEAK LINK. If he doesnt get BURNT he gets FLAGGED. Smear penut butter on him and send him packin. Sorry...just have to vent.:angryram: Theres still a bright future!!:shield:
    -02-04-2002, 07:16 AM
  • Fortuninerhater
    unrealistic expectations
    by Fortuninerhater
    It has recently come to my attention that I as a Ram fan had "unrealistic expectations" because I believe the Rams should've won at least one Superbowl during Mike Martz's tenure. Keep in mind that this poll is not calling for your opinion in hindsight, but rather how you actually felt about the team going into each season.
    Realistic Expectations
    Unrealistic Expectations
    -12-10-2007, 10:54 PM
  • sbramfan
    Martz's head?
    by sbramfan
    (long, sorry, I tend to RAMble):

    I think when you discuss whether MM should be replaced you can't just look at one game, but I do believe his job is on the line, and although he will remain the coach this entire year (IMHO), he will need to turn this ship around to be coaching this team next year.

    A number of things come directly to mind as to why I a have unfortunately begun to think he is no longer the best person to run this team, if he ever was. The further we get away from the GSOT, it seems more obvious that the descipline and talent he took to the superbowl in '01 was left over from the Vermeil era. Lovie Smith was a god-send, but doesn't really apply as a reason to justify Mike Martz' ability to coach this team.

    1. We'll fix that.
    OK, I know that this is a common theme around here, but I think we need to hold Mike accountable to the number of times he has said this and look to see if ANYTHING ever did get fixed. Because as I see it, the things he said he would fix, are exactly the things still wrong with this team:
    a: overpursuit on defense. wow, this is bad.
    b: overall special teams... can someone explain to me why the punter (stempke?) was released in the offseason? Then another guy was brought on, and then let go in lieu of this rookie that is terrible? Berger was a pro-bowler, and although expensive, we know where the dollars went...anywhere but special teams. (OK, Wilkins got a contract, but that's because he scores points and Martz sees him as his 3 point QB, instead of his 7 point QB)
    c: starting field position. I know that Johnson is an improvement, and Fair looks good, but this is just rediculous. How can you start every series in the past 4 years from the 10 yard line? Every single one. (I'd like to say I'm exaggerating, but it's actually true.)
    d: kickoffs: wouldn't you get a punter on this team who can kick the ball into the end zone every time? I know they are out there. Many teams have the punter kick off because he has a stronger leg than the FG kicker. Shouldn't this be a priority? Is this rocket science?

    This team was sitting at 6-8 last year and I felt this same way... I'm not certain that winning the final 2 games and making the playoffs without a winning record should overshadow the mediocrity of this team last year, and so far this year. Mike Martz' play calling seems to have gotten stale, and as we all know, he doesn't make adjustments in strategy mid-game. I was watching the "game of the week" between Pittsburg and NE, and they were showing the chess match of the Stealers overloading the pats left side of the O'line because there were 2 rookies in, due to injuries. Which worked for awhile, until the Pats started throwing to the overloaded side, where the coverage was soft due to the LB's blitzing... all I could think is...we don't even get into any chess matches. We're just...
    -10-05-2005, 06:26 PM
  • RamWraith
    Martz shifts from mad to furious
    by RamWraith
    Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
    Mike Martz was ticked off Sunday evening after his team lost to the New England Patriots.

    He was still upset Monday afternoon when he broke down the game for reporters.

    And he was absolutely furious this afternoon before taking his team back onto the practice field.

    We’ve never seen Mike carry on like this at a news conference before. He became more and more agitated during his brief exchange with reporters.

    “I’m not happy with how we’re playing, period, regardless of a division race or anything else,” he said. “I think the way we played the last two games was embarrassing. Not so much whether we win or lose the game, just the way we played the game, period. We’re going to do everything we can to rectify that.”

    Can he go back to tape of the earlier Seattle victory and become energized by that?

    “I don’t need to look at tape to get energized. Not me. I don’t have to look at a tape to go to a happy place, to get energized. That’s just not who I am, sorry.”

    How did he assess the offensive line play after breaking down the tape?

    “We made our corrections,” he said. “That was unusual. That is the exception to the rule with that group. I’ve been very pleased with that group overall most of the year. That was not one of our better performances, but I wouldn’t single them out.

    “As a football team, we haven’t played well, period. We haven’t coached well, obviously, otherwise we’d play better. We can do something about all those things.”

    Geez, Mike, you haven’t been like this since becoming head coach. How did it come to this?

    “What difference does it make?

    “I know what the problem is. I do know how to resolve it. I’m going to see if we can get it done.”

    Will change come by doing things differently in practice; by saying different things to the team?

    “I would expect us to come out and compete better. That’s what I would expect, as a football team. We have a core of guys that you can hang your hat on. You can get up in the middle of the night and go out and practice them and they will give you all they got.

    “Now what we’re trying to do is get the rest of the guys up to that level. We were there for a while and we’ve fallen off a bit in a couple of key areas. This is about attitude, pure and simple.

    “It’s not about ability. It never has been, never will be. Everybody in this league has the ability to play. Everybody is talented, everybody is fast, everybody is big, everybody is strong. If you think that’s the difference, you’re sorely mistaken. This is purely a game of attitude.”

    Have any of the veteran players spoken up to the younger players?

    “We don’t hold hands, get in a stance and sing Kumbaya My...
    -11-11-2004, 05:47 AM
  • Guest's Avatar
    The Fire Within
    by Guest

    Congruence: The relationship between your words and your actions.
    Walk your talk.

    Talent is necessary however motivation is the fire that begins from a smoldering ember. Without fanning the ember into a flame, that ember will continue to smolder. The Rams have shown a smoldering ember that is capable of roaring into a bonfire. This was apparent in the final minutes of the Seattle game, in San Diego two years ago and against San Francisco in the final Monday Night football game of that same season.

    So what fanned those flames into bonfires within each of the players on those days? My guess is embarrassment. Embarrassed due to being apart of a grossly underachieving team.

    What fanned the flames of the New England Patriots when they upset the heavily favored Rams in the Superbowl? My guess is urgency.

    I also theorize that someone on that team (Probably Belichick) saw the urgency and implored that urgency throughout the entire squad.

    It seems that Mike Martz has recently discovered that talent alone is not enough. It took the Rams to drop to the parity level as far as talent before he emphasized the importance of getting his team up for games.

    Only after the loss in Miami did he come out and talk about intensity with intensity. I don’t know if anyone else has realized this but the recent articles from the Post Dispatch along with “Martz on the Mike“have shown a noticeable escalation in Martz talking about being up and ready for games.

    It looks as if he has discovered a new tool in coaching and is now going through the adolescent stages of applying it.

    What I am refering to when I say "adolescent stages" is hitting on Wednesday before the Seahawk game which to Mike Martz is what fanned the ember into a flame.

    I think Martz believed that it was the hitting that motivated the team. I believe it was more then that. I think the team was responding to Martz’s intensity more then the hitting itself and that intensity is what carried over into the game against Seattle.

    My feeling is that Martz may have put to much emphasis on the hitting and never realized that it was his own intensity and urgency that fanned the ember into a roaring fire.

    In sum Mike Martz may have had the illusion that all he had to do to get his team up was hit on Wednesday; not realizing the intensity he himself brought on the prior Week.

    I know there are a lot of fans here on the board that measure everything by wins and losses. This was oh so very apparent during the Warner Bulger debates. At that time, I was not compelled to look at the W/L column to base my feelings on. I saw a very good QB that looked to be getting a bum rap and I saw another QB that had great potential who probably felt as bad for Warner as anyone did.

    -11-23-2004, 05:24 AM