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  • wait till next year

    im shocked too but we got outplayed and outcoached that happens sometimes.those who were fans before they came to st louis we had to endure the st louis football cardinals(thank god they are gone!) so these past three years have been great in compared to the "big red years" so hope we can rebound do it all over again and win it all inf:angryram:

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    I hope this acts as a learning experience for everyone involved as did last years playoff defeat. If we can eat humble pie and become stronger because of what`s happened maybe then we can become a better team and make different desicions in game situations. When you score 30 points a game you set yourself up for a gigantic fall and when your at the top everybody wants to beat you just that little bit more. I think we will still be up there next year and we`ve got a Superbowl, think what it must of been like being a Bills fan.


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      I agree, PerthshireRam

      How players, coaches, and fans speak and act after a loss shows their true character. Maybe we needed this loss to humble us.