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How bad were SoCal Rams fans?

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  • How bad were SoCal Rams fans?

    Ok. I am new to this bbs so this may have been covered before but I have read posts referring to "lackluster support" in the LA area for the Rams. I did not live in LA but remember seeing the LA Coliseum on TV jam packed with 70, 80, and 90 thousand Rams fans at times. After they moved to Anaheim I thought the angels stadium looked pretty full on the idiot box as well. In the 1979 Super bowl nfl films video there is a moronic reference to LA fans "putting on a show" or just there to be seen etc. while the Steelers fans presumably eat, breath and sleep Steelers football in between trips to the steel meal! Anyways, I never bought into this bidness about LA Rams fans not caring about the Rams....maybe some Los Angelinos on this bbs can expand on this . Thank you.

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    HP, I don't think it was so much attendance as passion. The Coliseum or Anaheim Stadium was never loud and just did not have that "aura" that put the fear of God in visiting teams. Some of that may have been the laid back California attitude though I acknowledge the Coliseum was so damned big that the crowd noise was minimized.

    But again, I've been a thirty four year Ram fan living here in Louisiana. It would be interesting to hear what the Angelenos have to say on this subject. :helmet:


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      Well, hpbadger, I have been an LA Rams fan for most of my life (I'm 39 now) and I would probably characterize the LA fans as "laid-back". Certainly there were many passionate fans, but DEFINITELY NOT like the fans you see in Cleveland or Chicago. Also, it was hard to tell, because the Rams had so many Terrible years that it was hard to maintain excitement. I think also that the fan base is diluted because LA is composed of people that have relocated from all over the country. This is evidenced by the number of sports bars that "belong" to a different city's team.

      I, for one, don't want to see an NFL team in LA if that means we must subsidize the rich NFL owners (funding for a stadium). Our taxes are already too high!


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        I was one of the few who were very sad when the RAMS left L.A. I enjoyed myself when I was able to attend the games both at the Coliseum and in Anaheim. Watch the video of the RAMS against the Steelers at the Coliseum for Super Bowl XIV. The place is packed and the fans were excited. It really came down to who were real RAMS fans and who jumped on board when they had a winning season. It would be next to impossible for a team like the Falcons to move to L.A. The fans need a new team one that they could call there own. The LA Express and recently the LA Extreme were nice innovations but without the NFL backing nowhere but down. I wen to the preseason game with the RAMS against the Chargers 90% of the people there had RAMS stuff on. There will always be a fan base in So Cal for our team.

        Remember they started out the franchise in Cleveland before moving. Its all part of the history and the mystique. Five years from now will we still be looking at a championship caliber team ??


        Always a Rams Fan............

        Rex Allen Markel


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          The LARAMFAN

          We had season tickets from 1966 until they moved back east. Every year at least 2 games saw over 90,000 fans there. The ramfan laidback. Well, your not right there on the field at the coliseum and the way the Rams played football in the 70's (ground chuck no mistake wearing the defense down and counting on one of the greatest defenses to stop their offense cold) any city would be laid back. I have witnessed that coliseum rockin. I will finish this later got to take the family to the in-laws.


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            At one time, Los Angeles was one of America's greatest football cities. Support dwindled towards the end, but that may have been as much to do with the team's poor performance than the city not being a good football city. Had they gotten together and put up decent facitilities they'd have an NFL team now.


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              I don't think that The Coliseum or Anaheim Stadium were good venues for The Rams. I watched Ram games at both of them. The Coliseum was too "flat", spread out and airy and cheers seemed to just go straight up and out. Anaheim Stadium, i thought was better for seeing the games and acousticly better, as well, but there's somethin' about the shape that's not really right for the football experience. It was made for baseball-PERIOD! + poor Rams seasons.........But hell, Rams players and coaches complained about lack of crowd noise in the dome this year in St. Louis! Maybe Rams fans, in general, are more of a "finesse" group!!:angryram: Nah, that's not it.


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