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  • A message from Patriots Nation

    Hey Rams fans.

    I live in Boston and have been a Pats fan all my life. I can say that this win is bittersweet and has been a long time coming to the fans of New England. God knows the Red Sox aren't going to be winning a title any time soon. I think the Rams had a hell of a season and you guys have nothing to hang your heads about. I think this season for the Pats fans like the 99 season was for you Rams fans. We were in last place last year and now we just won the super Bowl. Nobody was expecting that one at all, nobody. So good luck next year guys and I hope that we meet in the Superbowl next year.

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    Congratulations SyxxPac. This one hurts real bad, but you outplayed and outcoached us. The Pats made those few critical plays that are needed to win and the Rams didn't. That first SB victory feels good, doesn't it?


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      Congratulations....we all know that special feeling that you only get to feel when something like this happens. I for one am very happy for you your team and its fans...its fun to win.



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        ;) Hey Syxx..its good to hear from a fan with true class even when he is for the opponet. It is good to be on the winning side of things isn't it? Enjoy it, your team earned it. We''ll see you next year!

        :evilram: GO RAMS


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          Honestly so...

          :cool: Syxx, that was a good game, a valiant effort and a worthy result for the N.E. Patriots on SB XXXVI day. Congratulations friend.

          Your post is honestly appreciated. Keep up the good work. We might meet again.



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          • Aussie Dave
            SB 36 ten years on, a tale of two teams
            by Aussie Dave
            i was just thinking about superbowl 36 being 10 years ago and how differently things have gone for the Rams and Patriots since.. :|

            i thought i'd look up some stats but they were so depressing i just had to share.
            note: this is not intended to annoy anyone, i despise the pats and im just stunned at the differences.

            since superbowl 36:

            rams have 56 regular season wins, avg of 5.6:o
            pats have 123, avg of 12.3!

            Pats have 4 superbowl appearances to the Rams 0

            Rams won 1 division title, Pats have won 8

            talk about stability.. Pats have had Belicheat and Brady the whole time while we've had 5 head coaches (incl. interim and not counting fisher) and a few qb's.

            when you look at the stats in black and white, i think it shows how much love and dedication we have to our Rams considering what we've been through.
            also the fans going to games in STL, 5.6 wins a year avg for the last decade? i think they deserve to keep the team there!
            i've always said if you stay true through the hard times, it will be all the more rewarding when the good times come... and they will :ram:
            -01-23-2012, 01:43 AM
          • Guest's Avatar
            by Guest
            Yes, I shudder at the thought. But before ya'll panic, there are a couple differences between the two. First off, the bravos LOST there first meeting at the Big Show(1991), whereas the Rams WON(99). As a matter of fact, the Bravos lost their second meeting as well. Also, the braves have been there 5, count em' FIVE times and have only one ONCE. Rams of course twice and won once. But this is where the differences end.
            Braves did, do, great in regular season, have tons of front runner fans, and fizzle out at the end. I see the same thing in the Rams. I'm not saying the Rams "fizzled" last year, but it's pretty close, in sports terms. And even in 2000, when they didn;'t even make it, the Rams started out very strong, then fizzled. The Braves, because they've only got one ring to show for it, look like bums IN MY EYES! The Rams will be picked to win it all this year, just like the braves used to be years ago. "Too much talent" the media says. I hate that connotation!! I DON"T WANT THIS HAPPENING TO THE RAMS!! I BELIEVE THE ONLY WAY TO AVOID THIS COMPARISON IS A SB WIN THIS YEAR. HEY THAT'S A LOT OF PRESSURE, I KNOW, BUT I'D RATHER HAVE 1 MORE WIN IN THE SB, THAN SHOW UP 5 MORE TIMES AND LOSE!!!!!!!!
            Look, I'll be a Rams fan for life, that's for sure, I just feel it's imperative they don't look like those Bills (sorry DJ) or Braves, who seem to have NOTHING to show for all the talent they supposedly had. Can the Rams be like my great Yankees?!! Do it for me GOD!! But seriously, The Rams are going ALL THE WAY next year BABY!!! AM I ALONE?? NO WAY, JUST ASK YODA!! !;)
            -04-08-2002, 11:46 AM
          • mxbrian
            Give it up for the Patriots.
            by mxbrian
            Alright, I know I'll get beat up for this post, but go ahead. I'm a sick Rams fan, the type that would rather watch a game alone than with friends and the type that won't eat before or during the game because my stomach gets upset.

            The Rams played a bad game with the exception of the fourth quarter and with the exception of their defense (for the most part).

            The Patriots simply wanted it more and it showed. They played harder, worked harder, and flat out wanted it more.

            Yes, we turned the ball over 3 times for 17 points. Yes, that did cost us the game. However, we all stood on our defense when we did the same to Green Bay in the div. playoff game.

            Let's not be like all the other fans, let's give it up for the Patriots. They did it, we didn't. They deserved to win and I'm glad it was such an exciting game.

            Much of how a person's character is measured is in their reaction to diversity. How will we, as die hard fans of this team be measured? I for one, still love the fact that I get to watch the likes of Faulk, Warner, and Bruce play together for a couple more years. I for one, am glad that Aneas Williams got to play in a superbowl. I for one, am glad that the Rams have class and respect from the rest of the world as a GREAT team.

            Having suffered through the last decade of bad football, I for one appreciate what we, as fans, have.

            2002 will be another good year as reallignment comes upon us and Terrel Owens looks to another team. We'll be in the hunt again in 2002.

            Great job Patriots, congatulations.

            GO RAMS !!!:helmet:
            -02-04-2002, 08:05 AM
          • laram0
            I have to say this even though we all know it already
            by laram0
            RAMS 36 Patriots 35 !!!!!

            I know it was "just" a preseason game. At least that's what the Patriots fans are saying now. They weren't saying that during the game though. The Patriots fans around here wanted to see our RAMS get blasted. My wife went to the game with 3 of her friends that are Pats die-hard fans. They were crushed by the outcome. HA HA!!!! How do you like us now?!

            I was away in western massachusetts but watched the game on t.v. surrounded by Pats fans. I just can't get this smile off of my face!!!!!!

            WAY TO GO RAMS!!!!!

            THANK YOU!
            -08-29-2010, 06:28 PM
          • jmk321
            Optimism Moving Forward
            by jmk321
            I know that loss yesterday was terrible and we are understandably not feeling great about this team right now but lets look at what happened to the last Jeff Fischer team that was embarrassed by the Patriots on the road (I'm still mad that this was an away home game).

            After getting blown out 59-0 by the Pats in 2009, the Titans went on to win 5 straight games and went 8-2 to finish the season. Now I'm not saying that the Rams will win most of their remaining games and I'm aware that these are 2 very different teams but the bottom line is that this loss doesn't mean that the Rams season is over. Fischer will make sure that this doesn't happen again and the team will learn and grow from this.
            -10-29-2012, 12:40 PM