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Good Point About Great Offenses Showing Up In Superbowls

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  • Good Point About Great Offenses Showing Up In Superbowls

    Okay. Maybe I read it in a column online in the Post-Dispatch or maybe someone on here mentioned it. I don't remember.

    Thing is, as much as I hate these two teams, I gotta admit the Montana/Walsh ***** of the eighties and the Aikman/Johnson Cowboys of the mid-nineties showed up to play ball in the Superbowl.

    Can you imagine those 49er teams facing that outmanned Denver team and being stymied offensively? Or the Jimmy Johnson coached Cowboys not being able to move the ball against and being puzzled by those Buffalo defenses? Nope. Those teams made a place for themselves in history by going to the Superbowl as the favorites and kicking the asses of those underdogs they played against.

    No. Kurt Warner is not quite Joe Montana yet. But I gotta say the biggest reason that we can't be mentioned in the same breath with those Steeler/49er/Cowboy dynasties because of this Superbowl loss is the head man.

    Walsh and Johnson were great technicians. But they ALSO motivated and focused their teams more than we were focused and motivated last week.

    Mike Martz is getting there but no . . he's not there yet and no . . we're not there yet. And as has been mentioned in other threads, with this salary cap/free agency thing . . we may have just one more season to try to get there before a massive rebuilding project.

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    :wiseman: I do feel that Martz has to improve and your right we may only have one year till we rebuild..but I think we can overcome any obstacles as long as the team can keep looking forward. Last season may not be considered a major overhaul project, but it was a big adjustment and look how well we played. I personally have to stay positive so I don't focus on the SB loss.