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    First of all we need to decide who we re-sign. I think you need to keep Fletcher and Little, if thats possible.

    Second- In order to cut our loafs in half, trade Dexter "BEAT" McCleaon. Try for picks, it may be hard but its worth a try.

    Third- Trade or cut Fields, theres no place for him, we could get more use out of a rookie

    Time to play out some scenerios lol

    We sign Little and Fletcher- Draft to stack the team, maybe a center or a Receiver(JOSH REED) if you can.

    We sign Little and Hakim- We trade up and get the Middle Linebacker out of UCLA or if he drops we get a solid Receiver/Center.

    We sign Fletcher and Hakim- We trade up for Alex Brown the DE out of Florida very Kearse-like, ITS A MUST.

    We get all 3- not really possible, but we need to beef up that o-line to keep Warner healthy, and in the later rounds, if he lasts DRAFT KURT KITTNER(i doubt it)