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Cleveland to L.A. to St. Louis okay....but georgia...please change the colors back!!

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  • Cleveland to L.A. to St. Louis okay....but georgia...please change the colors back!!

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this messageboard. I am a big Rams fan originally from southern california. Believe it or not, I really did not care when the Rams moved to St. Louis. But one thing did piss me off, the new ram look!! it is sick. now i hate and loathe the chokeland faders more than any team in the nfl, but i give them credit for one thing, they stuck to their uniform. blue and yellow is the rams greatest color!! i hate that new color!! words cannot express how much their new uniforms make me sick. i have tried to give it a chance now for a year and the verdict is, it sucks! take a look back at Merlin Olsen, or Fred Dryer, or even warner in '99. Does that not look more classic??? i guess i am complaining too much. anyways, i won't talk this much normally. one more thing to say. mike martz is an arrogant jerk. rams fans, this punk is on his own personal quest for glory. maybe some of you might agree, maybe some might tell me another thing, but something tells me, if we still had dick vermeil..............3 superbowl rings jack! i hope that martz can get his head out of his butt. it's not everyday a team can have the weapons the Rams have. and believe me....i had to put up with so much "lambs" crap and ram bashing, but it was all worth it for my '99rams. GO BACK TO THE OLD RAMS UNIFORM AND KICK BUTT!!!!!! i'm looking forward to seeing the rams destroy the raiders next season. raider hating is another passion of mine, besides rooting for the rams. see ya!

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    I LOVE the new look!!!

    I have also been a fan for MANY years and I don't mind change.

    The colors are muched improved, it is a hell of a lot better then powder "Wussie" blue and school bus yellow.

    We finally have a logo...much better then then the helmet that we had for years. I finally got to put that tattoo on my arm

    just be glad that they didn't take the horns off the helmet or change the name to the "Stallions". :angryram:


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      Color my world....

      Colors. A matter of taste which in itself is ambiguous and subjective. Still, I know what you mean CalRamsFan75. I really wish we had the white and blue (circa 1966 -- 71[?]) back on.
      In fact, that's how I mostly remember the great No. 74. ;)

      But I must say I'm glad Mike Martz is our head coach! We'll be back my friend. Welcome to the ClanRam...

      Let's have a great season. :ram:


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        First off, wanna say welcome CalRamsfan75 to the ClanRam forum. It's good to have fellow Southern Californians here who grew up as i did with the Rams. Glad to have you here. I disagree with you however, I think the new colors are fantastic. And I'm sick of everyone bashing Mike Martz. He is an offensive genius who has gotten absolutely NO credit for even taking the Rams to SB36. We just don't know how HARD it is to get there in the first place. Two teams that's it, and we had a chance to win it. I think Martz is a pretty cool customer, and works hard at his job, and all the credit goes to the players. The players of course DESERVE the credit, but you CAN'T tell me Martz isn't a good coach or doesn't have anything to do with the Rams success the last few years, and if you do, I don't buy it. GO RAMS, I"M behind you!! :helmet: :lid:


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          Some change is good. I like the new colors. I think that "old gold" look is very classy. Of course, I'd love to see the old navy blue and white unis trotted out for a game or two for retro uniforms this year.

          And hey CalRam. You may not like Mike Martz but be glad he put the squash on those uniforms with white pants they were going to wear this year. Now those looked terrible!

          And while the sight of Rams' horns stirs me whatever the colors, compared now to the new unis, the old blue and school-bus yellow togs look a little corny in comparison.


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            Millenium blue and New Century gold, that's what we have now. I never really understood the reasoning behind the change, but with the new millenium upon us and a nifty little Super Bowl win under their belts, it kinda made sense. Made them look more like the champions they are.

            Some still wear the old colors and I still like them myself. It's just that they've been that way for so long. And the gold numbers on the dark blue is hard to read.

            They needed to warn people a little more that they were planning to make the change though. A lot of fans came to the training camp in 2000 looking very confused. Not to mention feeling like they were dressed inappropriately.

            To me, it's not what they are wearing that matters, it's what's inside them uniforms that counts. :lid:


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              I like the new colors. I think they look ..oh I don't even know how to describe it , but I like the new! I also feel Martz made some mistakes, but we are all humans, lets give him this next season to see what he's got.