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  • A little help PLEASE

    Get your name in lights!!!

    The best forum on the net could use a little help :upset:

    As the numbers have grown so have the bills. Clanram could sure use a little help in maintaining the NON-PROFIT forum. A few dollars could go a long way in helping ONE person offset the cost of this forum and the chat room (which by the way is very cool). If you wish to make a donation use the paypal link towards t he top of the page....or contact me.

    Remember all money goes to this site not in any ones pocket. THANK YOU!! Dez will also put your name in donations area as a thanks....

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    It would be a privilege...

    Will gladly do so J-Ram & RamDez. My privilege. :shield:


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      Hey J-Ram..I'll send you what I can. I enjoy this forum so i'll do my best to support my habit!LOL


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        Hey J-Ram..I'll send you what I can. I enjoy this forum so i'll do my best to support my habit!LOL....Does it help if we buy a t-shirt too? Or do you just make enough to cover cost s on clothing?


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          a little

          I believe that only a dollar goes to Clanram and the Forum.

          I believe Dez said it cost him about $40.00 a month to run the Forum and chatroom.

          This is a SMALL price to pay for us to give a little back

          Thanks to all those that said they would help.


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          • RamDez
            For those with smart phones
            by RamDez
            I have added the forum to Tapatalk.
            You can download this application for your smart phone if you have one guys.
            Just look for TAPATALK in the ap store.
            -02-18-2012, 11:52 AM
          • RamWraith
            Message to some of you
            by RamWraith
            I have spent my morning doing some editing from some of our younger crowd. PLEASE watch your words and how you conduct yourself on this forum. There are a lot of things being stated that do not need some of the language that is being used. My 8 year old daughter reads some of this and she doesn't need to read it and repeat it!

            Thank you for your time!
            -04-22-2006, 08:32 AM
          • RamDez
            Forum Information - for the buffs out there
            by RamDez
            This Forum works in MySQL and as you can see, is blisteringly fast, considering the about of information it shifts.

            I could make it faster by not allowing searches/ signatures and the wee smiley faces but then the fun would go out of it as well.

            I am using a Unix server as well.
            -03-12-2001, 03:50 PM
          • RamDez
            Smack Forum
            by RamDez
            Do we keep it or remove it?

            I dont use it much only because the level of smack is just childlike now. I have been toying with the idea of removing it for some time, what do you think? Yes or No.

            YES - Keep it
            NO - Get rid of it
            I Dont Care
            -08-13-2006, 02:38 PM
          • bruce4life
            Rams Forum on Tapatalk iphone app
            by bruce4life
            I had to update the tapatalk app on my iphone yesterday afternoon and now the appilcation can no longer find clanram forum what so ever. I try to use my internet browser on my phone but that just reroutes me back to tapatalk.

            Can anyone help me out here...
            -01-09-2013, 09:44 AM