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  • A little help PLEASE

    Get your name in lights!!!

    The best forum on the net could use a little help :upset:

    As the numbers have grown so have the bills. Clanram could sure use a little help in maintaining the NON-PROFIT forum. A few dollars could go a long way in helping ONE person offset the cost of this forum and the chat room (which by the way is very cool). If you wish to make a donation use the paypal link towards t he top of the page....or contact me.

    Remember all money goes to this site not in any ones pocket. THANK YOU!! Dez will also put your name in donations area as a thanks....

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    It would be a privilege...

    Will gladly do so J-Ram & RamDez. My privilege. :shield:


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      Hey J-Ram..I'll send you what I can. I enjoy this forum so i'll do my best to support my habit!LOL


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        Hey J-Ram..I'll send you what I can. I enjoy this forum so i'll do my best to support my habit!LOL....Does it help if we buy a t-shirt too? Or do you just make enough to cover cost s on clothing?


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          a little

          I believe that only a dollar goes to Clanram and the Forum.

          I believe Dez said it cost him about $40.00 a month to run the Forum and chatroom.

          This is a SMALL price to pay for us to give a little back

          Thanks to all those that said they would help.


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          • RamDez
            For those with smart phones
            by RamDez
            I have added the forum to Tapatalk.
            You can download this application for your smart phone if you have one guys.
            Just look for TAPATALK in the ap store.
            -02-18-2012, 11:52 AM
          • RamWraith
            Message to some of you
            by RamWraith
            I have spent my morning doing some editing from some of our younger crowd. PLEASE watch your words and how you conduct yourself on this forum. There are a lot of things being stated that do not need some of the language that is being used. My 8 year old daughter reads some of this and she doesn't need to read it and repeat it!

            Thank you for your time!
            -04-22-2006, 08:32 AM
          • RamDez
            Forum Information - for the buffs out there
            by RamDez
            This Forum works in MySQL and as you can see, is blisteringly fast, considering the about of information it shifts.

            I could make it faster by not allowing searches/ signatures and the wee smiley faces but then the fun would go out of it as well.

            I am using a Unix server as well.
            -03-12-2001, 03:50 PM
          • txramsfan
            For the young crowd
            by txramsfan
            We've noticed that we've had an influx of younger posters recently and thought that if we gave you guys your own area to post in and "cut your teeth" so to speak, that it may help when you venture out to the other areas.

            Please feel free to talk about the Rams or anything else you wish (except politics and religion) and use this forum for your own growth ok?

            Have fun....tx
            -06-02-2006, 04:26 PM
          • bruce4life
            Rams Forum on Tapatalk iphone app
            by bruce4life
            I had to update the tapatalk app on my iphone yesterday afternoon and now the appilcation can no longer find clanram forum what so ever. I try to use my internet browser on my phone but that just reroutes me back to tapatalk.

            Can anyone help me out here...
            -01-09-2013, 09:44 AM