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God No....say It Isnt So

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  • God No....say It Isnt So

    Looks like Monday nights might take a digger. This is scarey in my opinion

    10:30 PT: Rudy Martzke reports for the USA TODAY News Corp., the parent company of Fox Television will take a one time charge in the second fiscal quarter of 2002 to cover some losses. The move could prompt Fox to allow star NFL analyst John Madden to leave the network and become part of what would be a new Monday Night Football announcing team for ABC. A scenario does exist in which Madden could be allowed out for the 2002 season to join the ABC team, which will televise next season's Super Bowl. If ABC can land Madden, he would be paired with Al Michaels. The fate of Dennis Miller and Dan Fouts would not be so good if Madden came over to ABC. Madden was not available for comment and his agent basically only said Madden is under contract to Fox.

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    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      I'd like to echo those sentiments...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      Ok, here's a thought. Isn't it time to put Madden out to pasture rather than further torturing us? It was bad enough having to put up with him for this Super Bowl. But 2 years in a row? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!.:upset: Heads will roll!:mad:

      My savior, local radio station K100 will more than likely be carrying the Rams games again next season. So, MUTE MADDEN, turn up SNOW and SAVARD!:p


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        Madden is past is sell by date. He gets so carried away with his witty comments he forgets to watch to s*dding game.he has become a caricature of himself. Quit while you're not too far behind john, either that or start watching the game:confused:


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          You got that right MsWistRam, SNOW AND SAVARD RULE!!!!!!! Madden and Summerall give me the heebiejeebies :angryram:


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            :rolleyes: It took me a while to get used to Miller, now I like him...but I have not nor will I ever like Madden. I hope this does not come to pass. Thanks for the update...I'll be listening for the outcome. Miss Winstrom may have a good idea.


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              First off... for the billionth time it's spelled "Wistrom" not "Winstrom". Don't know why people get those mixed up... ;)

              Let's just hope if Madden does join MNF that the Rams don't have many games on Monday night. Madden was annoying at first, but now his idiotic comments :o and off-the-subject conversations are just amusing. Let's hope he keeps his mouth shut and watches a game for once. :mask:



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                ;) Did you ever hear the age old saying Don't correct your elders.....But you are right..I constantly do this and am corrected often by my husband. But you'll never catch me spelling M. Faulks name wrong!!!LOL I am still sulking at the possibility of hearing Maddes voice during Mon. night football. See ya!:upset:


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                  OK, let me correct you both. Grant's name is WISTROM. My name is MsWistRAM. See the difference? I'm a team fan, not just Grant's. No biggy though, all's good.