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Just One More Time To Vent, Then Move On To Next Year

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  • Just One More Time To Vent, Then Move On To Next Year

    Okay, time has eased the initial shock and now I'm gonna vent a little.

    I watched the NFL Films documentary on the Super Bowl and got PO'ed as all get out as they showed slow mo closeups up Willie McGinest leading with his damned helmet and putting it under Kurt Warner's chin. Nothing called.

    Also, the forearm shiv that Warner got on the interception returned for a TD and nothing called.

    They presented in very dramatic fashion the last Patriots' drive. They conveniently did not show Brady Bunch's obvious intentional grounding that was not called.

    You St. Louis Blues fans and other hockey fans know the term "goon hockey." Those refs let the Patriots get away with a lot of "goon football" in New Orleans.

    I give and have given New England all the credit in the world. But I think I have legitimate gripes here and I'm mad as hell when I look at that film and see what the refs let them get away with.

    Okay. That's off my chest. Let's get ready to go all the way in 2002-2003! :ram: