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Remember the 80's? And our Rams

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  • Remember the 80's? And our Rams

    Do you all remember the 80's? Mullets, hairband's? The Rams going to the Superbowl and then being a mediocre team? Remember the Bear's beating up on us? Do you remember a player with size and speed(Dickerson) and our team going no where? Like stuck in the mud.My oh my does history repeat itself. I love my Ram's but I think the Best show on turf is gone and I knew it would happen when we lost two great coaches, Vermile and Smith. The only difference is, we won a Superbowl in 2000 went again and lost, that's where the similaritys start and stop. :clanram:

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Superbowl bound.
    by Guest
    If We Had The bears d with our O would we be in the superbowl year in and year out.:clanram:
    -12-27-2005, 06:28 PM
  • RamDez
    The Battle O the Superbowl (a preview into the future)
    by RamDez
    The ClanRam Warriors

    As I cam in by Baton Rouge
    Just a wee bit fac New Orleans
    Tae the Superdome I was bound
    Tae view the Field O Superbowl
    I met a man in tartan trews
    Spiered at him What was the news?
    Quo he The ClanRam army rues
    That eer we come tae Superbowl

    We were in bar sir every man
    When the Titan host upon us come
    A bloody battle then began
    Upon the Field O Superbowl
    The Titan horse they were so rude
    They bathed their hooves in ClanRam blood
    But oor brave clans so boldly stood
    Upon the Field O Superbowl

    But alas we could no longer stay
    And oer the hills we come away
    Sair we did lament the day
    That eer we come tae Superdome
    Thus the great RamDez did say
    ClanRam man show me the way
    I will oer the hills this day
    To view the Field O Superbowl

    They were at dinner every man
    When great RamDez upon them come
    A second battle then begun
    Upon the Field O Superbowl
    The Bruce , Warner and Faulk
    As RamDez they did espy
    Then they fought most valiantly
    Upon the Field O Superbowl

    The Defense they returned again
    That Offense did their standards join
    Martz played a bloody game
    Upon the Field O Superbowl
    The O Line boldly did advance
    The ClanRam fought wi sword and lance
    The Defense they made heids tae dance
    Upon the Field O Superbowl

    Then the loyal ClanRam wi RamDez
    So boldly set upon their foes
    Laid them low wi ClanRam blows
    Laid them low on Superdome
    Of twenty thousand Titans men
    A thousand fled tae Tennessee
    The rest O them lie on the plain
    There on the Field O Superbowl.

    and that, Warriors, was the story of our second SuperBowl Win ;)
    -08-26-2001, 10:42 AM
  • HUbison
    Which Rams team is the greatest of all time?
    by HUbison
    I've only been a Rams fan since they moved to St. Louis, so I have not followed the team as long as some of you guys & girls. I suffered from 95-98, but have been privileged to bask in the glory of 99-03 (with the speed bump of '02). I think I have seen some of the greatest Ram teams of all time just in the past 5 years, but I am curious what everyone else thinks. What is the greatest Rams team of all time? Now it will be easy to say '99, because of the SB win, but really looking at the team as a whole not just one game, which team was the greatest?

    I eagerly await all views.
    -06-21-2004, 07:45 AM
  • Rams13
    Most Overrated team going into 2001?
    by Rams13
    I would like to know everyone's opinion on who you think is the most overrated team going into the 01-02 season. Every season there is always a team that is so hyped up and they never seem to live up to that hype. I think last year allot of us will agree it was the Washington Redskins, they were truly hyped from even before the training camp stages because of their off-season signings. We all knew that the players they signed were a little over the hill though and the success would in no way be to what the media was portraying it to be. So how about this season ahead of us? The Redskins are no longer being overrated for this year so we have to hand that overrated title to someone else. Let me throw out a few suggestions: How about the Minnesota Vikings, once again Dennis Green has found a way to keep the team on the competitive edge despite the fact they have a disinegreating defense and your typical 21st century money hungry athlete in Randy Moss. Don't you think though they are also once again somewhat overrated? The talks that the unfortunate Stringer situation will motivate the team all the way to the Super Bowl this year, or the talks that the Cullpepper/Moss combination will be the best thing since Montana/Rice is a little overboard I think and so they definitely have to be 1 choice. The next team could be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There is no doubt that the Buc's defense has been great the last couple of years and if they had any type of offense the last 2 years they could have really made some noise. However is Johnson really the answer at QB? Or is he just a band-aid for a while. I think he is certainly better then what they have had at QB the last 5 years but enough to lead them all the way to the NFC Championship? You be the judge of that one. And the last team I'll mention is the Baltimore Ravens. Yes they are the defending Super Bowl champions and do deserve some kind of respect, however they are not the most award winning super bowl champ's I've ever seen. First of all had the Raiders even shown up to the AFC Title game last year the Ravens would have been back to their nest in Baltimore, secondly it was a defensive effort that led them their. Hey there is nothing wrong with that because what it comes down to is if you win the big one and they did, but you put that anemic offense up against any kind of a defense that can play accurately and thats a game lost for the Ravens. The Raiders and the Giants defense put no challenge to the Ravens and so we saw Trent Dilfer of all people shine and win the SB. Elvis Grbac is overrated in himself and so I think that the Ravens could be just a tad overrated going into this season with their hopes of going back to back. I think all 3 of these teams I've mentioned are very talented in different areas of the field but none of them are complete teams and I think if the Rams defense is improved this year we can be a complete team. So let me hear what you all think. Who is your...
    -08-30-2001, 06:18 PM
  • Tampa_Ram
    Kraft apologizes
    by Tampa_Ram
    FanNation | Truth&Rumors | Patriots owner apologizes for Spygate
    -04-02-2008, 07:15 PM