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Ryan Tucker in Expansion Draft

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  • Ryan Tucker in Expansion Draft

    I know he didn't have a superlative year this year, but I don't like the idea of him going to Houston. Ryan was not perfectly healthy this year. When he is Healthy I think he's a great offensive lineman.

    At any rate I would like to see the Rams invest in some beef for the O-line and the D-line for next year. Some monsters who can't be pushed around. The only guy we have who comes in that category would be Orlando Pace. We need some heavyweights on both sides of the ball down in the interior of the line.

    What do you guys think?

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    i definitely agree about more beef, but the key for both sides of the ball is speed, and speed first. The D-Line is young, i don't expect any new picks there. Look for an O-Lineman, maybe in the later rounds, but its a week draft for lineman, so don't be surprised if martz and co. look elsewhere.

    tucker, needs to be healthy, if he was healthy then he wouldn't be on the list. It sucks, he can be good when healthy, but i think the rams are prepared to go elsewhere.


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      I agree that the speed is important, that's why I like what Lovie is doing with Grant and Leonard on the ends. Frankly I was worried for Leonard's career for a while there, but now he's been reborn. We still need to clog up that middle though. Jeff Zgonina has been pretty effective, but I don't think he's an every down type of player.


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        i am concerned about Little come Free Agent time, he might be the odd man out, but we still have yet to see how that pans out.

        As far as the middle goes Zgonina (or as my steeler and eagle fan friends say Peter Goesinya) did play decently, but Young was definitely impressive. The middle needs some experience and we'll be stacked there with Young and Lewis.


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          Little is the teams number 1 priority to be resigned, followed by Fletcher (if the price is right) then Hakim (again, if the price is right)

          I think Little is here

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            thanks dez

            i hadn't heard anything so i was going on assumption.


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              I agree - we need to get some size on the DTs; people who can't be pushed around and can plug the centre gap. Wistrom and Little are great on the ends; if they were to fail at re-signing Little I would be pretty p.o.'d, but if they ever let Grant go they'd need their heads examined - the guy gives 120% on every play and is probably my favourite player on this team for that very reason.:helmet:


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                We went heavy on the D line the last few years, especially in last years draft with Lewis and Pickett. They have Pickett slated to maybe take Zgonina's starting spot next year. If Lewis can stay healthy, he is going to be a monster.

                The O line is where I think the Rams need to concentrate.


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                  Agree wholeheartedly on the O line; gotta protect Kurt - he took way too much punishment this year.
                  Then again, there were a lot of banged-up bodies on the line too. Not having Orlando (and practically everyone else on the O-line) at 100% for the SB was a HUGE setback, as we all too well know. :helmet:


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                    Given the kind of offense we run I reckon the O line did ok, We pass more than anyone which means on a percentage basis, Warner will get hit more times in absolute terms. We also run a lot of empty back fields and spread the field generally which leaves fewer bodies to help the O line pick up the blitz.

                    So more chances to blitz, more likely to guess that we are going to pass, fewer blockers to help means more pressure and more sacks.

                    Just IMHO



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                      Doh. I really shouldn't try to "multitask" when writing a note here; just realised how stupid my last post sounded. I didn't mean to say that Kurt was sacked an abnormal amount of times. On the contrary, I do think the line did a very good job in protecting him this year (witness the first (and much better) meeting with the Pats). I just meant to say that when he did get hit, he ended up taking a fair amount of punishment.

                      Granted, this is the NFL - this stuff is going to happen. Things like the shot to the throat and the jammed thumb are more in the category of freak occurrences than malice aforethought. Just goes to show how important it is to keep this man out of harm's way...:confused: