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how come the media called the rams ****y?

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  • how come the media called the rams ****y?

    For the most part, and also for how good they are, I thought the Rams were not THAT ****y. It seemed like the media made them out to be the big bad boys of the nfl. Isn't funny how fast the media will turn on a team or player. here today gone tomorrow. the whole team the media were pumping up the rams and having a field day making fun of the patriots. now, other way around. sometimes i think you will find people with more engaging opinions on these messageboards. it was funny watching that dweebus maximus cris collinsworth's expression after the patriots won. what a dork. he looked like he just swallowed a load of crow. and he did! i was bummed the rams lost! but i was happy to see all the media goons show themselves for what they are. most of them anyways. some are good. i hope our rams can do it next year, i think our clock is winding down possibly. we gotta make a full throttle blast next season and take no prisoners. speaking of 'take' ....take the good players out, when they are no longer needed, lest you get bruised ribs. thank you

    peace out from california

    rams!:helmet: ! go cleveland rams!:helmet: go la rams:helmet: