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  • Good memories

    Looking at the covers of the media guides has got nostalgia burning inside me.

    Anyone got any good memories of being a ram fan that they want to share?
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    Good Memories

    How about Roman Gabriel "Bomb" to Jack Snow? Anyone for NFC Championship memories???


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      Absolutely! You got it Rampower and Bigbigads!

      I have m-a-n-y a RAMEMORY in my mind but as soon as I get our scanner up and running here I'll place some of those great images on ClanRam -- thanks to RamDez and fellow cyber friends - this is the coolest, Ramiest site of them all!

      How about THE BLOCK that won a key game against the Packers in December of 1967? Or the CATCH IN THE TUNNEL, Everett-to-Flipper Anderson against the Giants in another key game (playoff), Dec., 1989. A Warner-to-Issac Bruce in SB XXXIV's last score; or THE TACKLE, a great moment to relive that thrilling, game-saving stop by Mike Jones...

      Oh, yeah! Lamar Lundy, Eddie Meador, Ken Iman, Irv Cross, Billy Truax, Les Josephson, Jack Pardee, Tom Mack, Maxie Baughan, Charlie Cowan, Larry Smith, Bernie Casey, Merlin Olsen, Roman Gabriel; George Allen.

      Jackie Slater; Jack Youngblood; Greg Bell, Tom Newberry, Mike Wilcher, Eric Dickerson.

      Team 99-01: HERE WE GO! Rams are r-r-r-e-a-d-y toooooo RUMBLE!!!


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        Jack Snow

        Speaking of Jack Snow, who's commentary on Rams radio is a major help to me when I can't get the game on tv (no cable or satellite). Is there any site where I can find info about him from his playing days? I've looked without luck. If anybody has any info on him, sure would appreciate it. Enjoy him at camp, he's a very accessible source of information on the team, past and present.


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          Getting the best of the Cowboys

          Hi everyone,One of my favorite memories was beating the dreaded cowboys in the playoffs of 1979.Good ol' Vince came through and Jack Youngblood was tremendous.His playing in the Superbowl with a broken leg was one of the greatest acts of courage I have ever seen.Though we ended up losing the game,that season was still special.I remember Hollywood Henderson running his mouth in previous years(saying that the Rams had no class etc.....)well, beating the Cowboys showed that our team had character.I was only sorry that Henderson wasnt there to enjoy the thrashing.