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  • HOW and WHEN

    I think we have all got a unique story to tell. Most of us are from all over the globe and did not grow up in Clevland, LA or St. Louis.

    When and how did you all become Ram fans???

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    Bumming up and down the west coast in the summer/fall of 1979, started watching this strange sport on the TV and realised that I enjoyed it. Even better the local team were good and had really smart helmets. Then I had to come home to go back to University and didn't see any more football til 1984 ( and you thought waiting til August was bad):angryram:


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      Growing up in Western NY, the Bills were big and while they are still kinda like the home team, my uncle liked the Rams and bought me a generic jersey (#32 with my name on the back) when i was six (1987). I wore it until it no longer fit and couldn't even be used as a rag. I've liked them ever since. The early 90's i focused a little more on the bills since the rams sucked and the bills were going to the super bowl (plus i couldn't exactly watch the rams on tv). But, the rams have always been my fave.

      I went to a Rams-Bills game in the early nineties (i've been to a lot of bills games - forget the year) and we had endzone tickets. I was so pumped because i was able to see Jim Everett - my favorite player at the time. Of course the Rams lost the game and i think the Bills went to one of the Super Bowls. Oh well i guess, i had a good time.

      Been a big fan ever since....


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        I posted this on the "where were you 25 years ago thread" , but my love of the rams started with the 1976 playoff game against the vikings. I was 8 years old and I thought the rams helmets were cool. My mom brought me a LA Rams t-shirt, yellow with the rams helmet on it "LA RAMS" across the top.

        The intensity slowly built and looking back I think I became fanatical during the 78 playoff run. The wins over the cowboys and buccs, really stand out to me. Especially the low scoring buccs game. I remember phoning my cousin after the game, as he used to be a buccs fan.

        I still have my #20 johnny johnson home jersey from 1985. It is currently hanging in my window. I have never been to a rams game, but hope to some day. I live near the canada/minnesota border, so there are a lot of vikings fans around here. I can't stand the vikings. I dislike them more than the saints and niners.



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          I'm not from Cleveland, Los Angeles or Saint Louis, in fact, 25 years ago I didn't even like football wich I hated at the begining!!!, hahaha (Living in Mexico you're supposed to love soccer).

          About 1980, I remember that my brothers (Cowboys fans) were watching that Super Bowl where the Rams lost to the Steelers. Obviously, all of them wanted the Rams to win because they hated (and still hate) the Steelers. I started to pay attention to that team on blue and yellow with the nicest uniform in the NFL. That same year, by coincidence, my parents bought me a Rams jacket and the rest is history I felt in love with our L.A. Rams!!!! I wanted so badly to get a #15 Vince Ferragamo jersey, but thinking about spending $50 US Dollars on it those days was a crazy idea.

          It was until 1987, when I had the chance to buy my first Rams jersey, a white #29. Too bad Erick Dickerson was traded that same year. My collection also includes two Jim Everett jerseys, a Marshall Faulk dark jersey, a Kurt Warner white jersey, a lot of caps and t-shirts and two mini replica helmets (I never got the chance to get my #12 Tony Bank's jersey, hahaha).

          I have never attended a Rams game, I've been to a couple of Jets or Giants games at Giant Stadium (I lived in NJ in the past) and I have also been able to attend a couple of American Bowls at Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. However, I expect to travel this year to Saint Louis and watch the Rams vs Cowboys game.

          I'm dying to be surrounded of fellow Ram fans, at least for just one day!!!!!

          How did you became a Ram?

          :ram: :helmet: :shield:


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            I was 7 or so, and my brother of 18 at the time had a LA Rams sweatshirt. Merlin Olsen was his favorite player, and became mine. When it became "my team" was when we got McCutcheon


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              I have a weird, old English surname - Ramsbottom (seriously) so when the game hit the UK there was only one team for me.
              In fact, during the 90s my surname just about summed up our position in the NFC West. My I should change it to Ramsecond or something now.
              But as well as the name I remember watching the highlight shows they used to have on Channel 4 and falling in love with the team colours and the horn design on the helmets.
              Around that time there were a lot of Bears, Giants and 49er fans in school so it was nice to be a bit different.
              I've seen the Rams play live only the once - at the 87 London Bowl against the Denver Broncos (we won 28-27) and when I've got a bit more cash and I can pursuade my girlfriend that St Louis is an ideal holiday destination, I hope to see them again.
              Best moment is naturally the SB win two years ago, but the worst isn't the loss to the Pats.
              I remember being far more upset when we lost the NFC Championship game to the whiners.
              I rememeber staying up late to watch it and thinking we were in with a shout when Langford put us 3-0 up.
              Oh, the ignorance of youth.
              Still, once a fan always a fan and I'll still be folloing the blue and gold (or blue and white or red and black or whatever colours RamDez and DodRam change them to when the team relocates to Glasgow), even when the cap bites hard and we're back to where we were six years ago.


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                You brought back some memorys Limey I just loved channel 4's coverage espcially BLIZS on saturday mornings. Gary Imlack was excellent what did you think!!!!!

                I got into the Rams in 1984 with channel 4 and I just loved Jim Everett, Elland and flipper anderson not to metion Kevin green and I was so sad when he went to the Steelers, a great player!

                I never forgot the 1989 season when we went to the NFC championship game against our great foes the whiners and lost 30-3, through the ninetys I just wanted them to beat them so bad and also remeber those years with the TONY BANKS experience "O" there goes the BALL AGAIN but I think that experience made me an even more loyal Fan.

                I've been lucky to see the Rams twice live in 99 and 2000, it was best thing I've ever done, don't tell my girlfriend!!! and in 99 when Warner had that SB trophy in his hand and he said "HOW BOUT THAT RAMS" my god it still sends a shiver down my spin, it was just out of this world!!!!

                It's just great to talk to true Rams on this site RAMS FOREVER GUYS WIN OR LOSE!!!!!!:lid:
                "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                  The young'un of the group...

                  Growing up in Nebraska, there never was anything to do as a little kid. At about ten years old (I'm seventeen now), I decided to get involved into the NFL, and had to choose a favorite team to start off. I wanted a team of my own. At first I went with the Chiefs, but then found out someone else in my class liked them. Then I moved on to the Lions (I started searching for a close team with blue as a main color) but found out the same, as two other kids in my class liked them. A couple days later, I happened to buy a mini Rams helmet for 50 cents (which I still have), and that gave me my next choice. I found out quickly that nobody liked the Rams (I wonder why...), so I was set. I was made fun of as a Rams fan in Chiefs/Lions territory, and that only made me more loyal. I knew it would pay off sometime, but didn't expect it to come so soon. :king:

                  Now nobody makes fun of me about the Rams.

                  My favorite memory as a Rams' fan was when I lended someone my Rams stocking cap (it was cold out) and he returned it quickly after seeing the Rams logo on it. I don't know why I remember that, but it was the key moment in my loyalty as a Rams' fan building up. My favorite memory in a Rams' game was Bruce's winning touchdown catch in the '99 Super Bowl. Bruce had always been my favorite player, and I remember standing up in horror as that ball was lofted recklessly in the air. :rolleyes: Then seeing Bruce catch it and juke that Titan out and go all the way... phew. :eek: I get shivers every single time I think about that moment. Although I broke a remote by slamming it down and made a fool of myself jumping and screaming afterwards, my pride as a Rams' fan was at its peak.

                  My worst memory as a Rams' fan took place earlier that year, when we lost to the Titans in the regular season. I remember watching that game with one of my friends, a Titan fan, and seeing Wilkins miss that field goal at the end... Oh well, I got my revenge.



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                    That 70s Show

                    I grew up in NORTH DAKOTA...needless to say we dont have any pro sports here. We border Minn. so most people up here claim the Twins/Viqueens as their "home" team. I could never quite get next to that thinking. I owe no debt of loyalty to my neighboring state...they sure dont give a damn about NoDak,and who the hell wants to be seen in PURPLE!! Fran Tarkenton made me ill. My dads name is Jack and as a kid I collected sports cards...saw this dude named JACK SNOW and thought ' dad is Jack, so this guy must be alright'. I was like 6 so not exactly a scientific formula. Plus that RAM horn on the side of the helmet was/is a great logo...also seemed like those old LA RAMS had alot of 'cool' guys like ROMAN GABRIEL,ISIAH(the FRO)ROBERTSON,JACK YOUNGBLOOD,DEACON JONES...etc. Even the names seemed to have flair. I could easily feel like I was unique, living up here amongst these purple freaks. Must admit they had the RAMS # during the 70s...knocked us out of the playoffs about 3 times in that decade. I was fortunate enough to attend RAM/QUEEN games in 89 and 91 at the HHH MetroDome(both Ram losses,one in OT)let me tell ya...quite a feeling being the ONLY person cheering your ass off for the visitor in a room full of 60000 purple FREAKS!! Unfortunately the RAMS havent played up here since.:upset: We all know what has happened the last couple times we played those LOSERS in St.Louis!! :angryram: :shield:
                    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                      I envy the lifelong fans of the Rams, but it's a relief to hear about people falling in love with them because of a piece of clothing, or just liking the uniform, or because someone else in their class already liked the Chiefs. Now I don't feel so bad.

                      For as long as I've lived here ('69), Macomb, Illinois has been known as Bears' territory. Sure, there were a few Cardinal fans, but more were baseball fans not football ones. Then the Cardinals left and here come the Rams to take their place. We didn't give them much thought until they started shopping for a training camp site. We needed the revenue and exposure, so Western Illinois University here in Macomb went to great lengths to compete with other schools for the privilege, redoing the practice fields to meet the standards they needed. Can't even tell you who was coaching at that time, but we won them over. I was happy for the city and the university but at that time I was still not a big football fan and the Bears still ruled the land.

                      I first noticed them more when Vermeil took over. He was so gruff and we thought we would lose them to another school. But we won him over as well, no small task mind you. I watched the Rams out of the corner of my eye because they didn't have that many fans here and St. Louis hadn't fully accepted them either. Yes, I felt sorry for them. In '98 I tried to watch them, but it was so painful. In the summer of '99, my daughter's father met a very egotistical Tony Banks at a gas station who was quite peeved that he didn't know or care who he was. Then they cut him from the team. That really caught my attention and then Green got hurt (by a former WIU Leatherneck no less!) and I decided at that point that no matter what I was gonna back the Rams and cheer them on even if they lose as much as they did in '98. Little did I know that I would witness such a transformation. They made watching and cheering for them VERY easy. And then I noticed Grant Wistrom making a fumble recovery for a touchdown and was hooked. From there on out it was and will be, as they say, history. They're stuck with me now.

                      If you want to call me a bandwagoner, I'm okay with that. I wear it proudly, 'cause I'm not going anywhere. (Well, I might branch out if Grant should ever leave. :rolleyes: )


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                        follow up

                        I have had the great opprotunity to read about your stories, so heres mine.

                        I grew up in the great state of Wisconsin...and let me tell you this state KNOWS HOW to back a team!! I owe all my loyalships to the Rams because of what Packer fans taught as a young boy.

                        I remember back in the mid to late seventies really like and watching the Rams and the Chargers...THEY HAD THE BEST UNIFORMS. I fell in love with the horn and the bolt. I couldn't ever make up my mind. The blue and yellow mezmorized me...then the Rams finally seperated from the pack...going to the Super Bowl...I was hooked at a VERY young age. I remember I was in 5th grade when they went to the Super Bowl. I bet just about every kid I knew, it ended up totaling about $15.00 in which was a hell of a lot of money for me at that time. Well, we all know the out come...I ended up needing to borrow the money from my folks and to make a long story short and a lesson learned about not gambling. My dad made sure it was pretty difficult to sit for a of couple days.

                        I think I paid my price as a young kid...from that day on it was the Rams all the way. Come hell or high water I was was bleeding blue and gold...not matter how many Packer fans were in my family.


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                          I am very interested in MsWistRAMs story because I grew up close to macomb. She is exactly right about the Rams not being excepted. When I was a kid I don't even remember watching football, my brother played in high school and he was really good. However I didn't understand the game so i didn't pay attention. I then began dating a football player. I admit I only watched cause he looked good ! I still had no idea about the game. After we got married, I did the usual wife battle over watching football(he liked the Chiefs), and his team lost alot so I kind of won. Then one day a few years ago I saw a Rams game on and I started asking too many ?'s . I made a deal with my husband that I would watch with him if he would let me ask ?'s. He agreed. we began watching every game and as I began to understand it(still have some ?'s though) I loved it. As for my loyalty to the Rams it really began with M Faulk . I saw him play before I knew who he was and I said to myself...That boy is good and he plays the way a player should. He dove, he jumped, he tackled, whatever it took he did it. I was hooked. I have to admit now that I watch all the games I can, you have to know your competition. I have found other players I follow and we do still root for the Chiefs. But where Faulk goes I will definately watch. But always rooting for the Rams too. I am not as up as some of you, but thats why I love this forum. I get all my info here.


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                            No idea when it happened. I grew up likeing the Colts and even went to a Colts-Bills game at the old Buffalo stadium. Sat there pulling for Johnny Unitas (who wasn't a Unitas fan?).
                            But somewhere in the mist of youth the Blue and White horns came into view. And I've been a fan since.

                            High point...The SB win

                            Mid point....any time we beat the whiners

                            Low point...walking around rich stadium at half time thinking that the Rams would go to a 6-0 mark for the season and seeing them totally hand the game to the bills in he second half with a extbook example of why the prevent defense is no defense at all (seems to be a recuring theme i.e. this past SB)

                            Lowest point...a pass reception fromBradshaw to Stalworth just over the finger tips of the defender, which turned the tide ofthe Rams first SB.

                            Only Ram games I get to see in person are when they play the Bills. But someday I will make the pilgramage to Stl.

                            Ironically as a kid we went to Stl. once a year as my mother was from there and her family was still there. Back then baseball was the order of the day for any self respecting Stl. sports fan. It certainly wasn't Jim Hart and the Football Cardinals (not to knock Jim Hart).

                            Are the best days ahead? Who knows. We certainly know what has to take place to win a SB and we know hat has to take place to lose one (or two). We will be back with some new faces but renewed intensity.

                            PS glad London Fletcher is a Bill (what a big money deal for him!) I can get his autograph on my '99 SB football and hat. :v)


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                              I currently live in Columbia Missouri attending college and for those of you who don't know that is about smack-bab in the middle of the state, about 120 miles east of KC and about 117 west of StL. Anyway, is wasn't until I got here that I realized just how much KC people hate STL sports, especially the St. Louis Rams. Its absolutly rediculas how much these people HATE the Rams seeing as how the two teams only play eachother once every 3 years and no one in St. Louis cares about KC in the least. They say that the we don't deserve a football team despite the fact that we had 11 straight years of NFL sellouts and claim that STL is not a football town when more college recruits come out of St. Louis then any other place in the state.

                              This all stem from the fact that the Cheifs have not sniffed the SB since the 60s and we came out of nowhere and won it in 1999, and in dominating fashion. This all came to a head this year when they invaded the Dome and acted like they won the SB when they beat a 8-8 team. Have any of you guys encountered what I like to call the "little brother complex" that is the KC Cheifs fanbase.
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                              I Found this on Jerry's Rams site.

                              THE LA RAMFAN
                              We are the red-headed step-child, that uncle no one talks about or Jackie Gleason's character the "poor soul". What we are is the few, the proud, the LA Ram fan. We grew up loving that blue and white horn helmet, our idols had names like Deacon, Merlin, Roman & Maxie. We listened to Dick Enberg's play by play of the Ram games on the radio. If we were fortunate, we got to see them in person at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on a warm Sunday afternoon. We loved when our Rams went 11-1-2 in 1967 and cried when we lost to the Vikings in the 1969 playoffs. We stayed loyal thru the Prothro regime and salute him for his picks in the draft. Names like Hacksaw, Youngblood, Isiah Robertson and Dave Elmendorf would be the foundation
                              for the future. We get a new owner and a new head coach. Carroll Rosenbloom and Chuck Knox were their names. Starting in
                              1973, the Ram uniform changes color and so does the losing. We become the new NFL monsters going 12-2 in 1973. In the next seven years, our Rams set records that will NEVER be broken. Fred Dryer's 2 safeties in one game. Holding the Seahawks to -7 total yards in a game. Winning 7 straight divisions starting 7 different Quarterbacks. But, for some reason, we never got the breaks in the playoffs. In 1973, we go 12-2 and Dallas goes 10-4. We even beat them in the regular season. But, we
                              play the playoff game in Dallas. In 1974, we go 10-4 and so does the Minnesota Vikings. But, we beat the Vikes in a regular season game. But, instead of getting the Vikings in
                              LA on a warm day, we play the NFC
                              championship game in the snow in
                              Minnesota. We go over 99 yards and get no points and lose 14-10. In 1976, we go to the 6-inch line and on 4th down, Knox decides to kick a FG. Dempsey's kick is blocked and the Vikings run it back for a TD. Then in 1977, it was the mud bowl. It seemed we were jinxed, then in 1979 when Vinnie hit Waddy for that winning TD against Dallas. Finally making it to he Super Bowl and
                              getting emotional when Jack Youngblood, playing with a broken leg, is introduced to the world. And being so proud of our team in the way they played the Steelers in
                              the Super Bowl. Even though we loved our team, the new owner of the Rams, Georgia, did things we never would forget. When Carroll Rosenbloom drowned
                              just 8 months before the Rams played
                              in SB XIV, no tribute for her
                              husband. Not a armband or even a
                              few words. This was Georgia's coming
                              out party. Then on top of that was
                              the ticket scalping that sent her
                              new husband, Dominic Frontiere to
                              prison. Letting Hacksaw help our
                              arch-rival niners win their first
                              Super Bowl, letting Bruzinski go
                              to the Dolphins and Vinnie to the
                              CFL. We stayed loyal to the team
                              that was our Father's team. We
                              watch as our Rams who...
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                              I assume most of you obviously have a love for soccer aka proper football and most of you know how Americans aren't hugely into soccer as most of the world is. Talking with Grounddog recently about Americans having a interest in soccer got me thinking, How did all you become Ram fans and/or American football fans at all? And if you did become a American football fan I'd assume you'd be a East coast team fan ya know? Not a Ram fan. Please explain if you have a couple of minutes since I'm very curious as to how this happens to be...
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                              So on a slightly different note we see how many folks here would stay Rams fans no matter where they play. In my case I never lived in LA or St Louis. I became a Rams fan back in the 70s. I just liked the Rams players, and the way the team played. So for me where they are is irrelevant. So how about the rest of you?
                              Yes, I follow my local teams.
                              No. My team is my team regardless of where it is.
                              -02-18-2010, 06:04 PM
                            • stlramman
                              Former Rams bemoan lack of identity for L.A Rams
                              by stlramman
                              I thought this article was interesting, how some former Ram greats feel no connection to the St.Louis Rams.

                              Poor little Rams have lost their way
                              Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times
                              Says former Rams running back Eric Dickerson of his days in L.A.: "The history that I had here is gone."
                              Dennis Harrah, Eric Dickerson and others bemoan the lack of identity of the Los Angeles Rams.
                              Bill Plaschke
                              November 23, 2008
                              Throughout the NFL today, former players will roam their old stadium homes, shaking hands, hearing cheers, spreading history.

                              In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams guard Dennis Harrah won't even turn on the television.

                              "I don't love Sundays," he said. "It's like I never even played."

                              Throughout the NFL today, former players will provide living links to current ones, on sidelines, in broadcast booths, a weekly melding of past and present.

                              In Southern California, former Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson doesn't really care.

                              "I'm not a big NFL fan," he said. "The history that I had here is gone."

                              They were once the cornerstones of Los Angeles' most popular franchise, the builders of one of the nation's most solid sporting skylines.

                              Today they don't even have a working address.

                              They are legends without legacy, history without memory, stars of a team that no longer exists in a town that no longer cares.

                              Almost 14 years after the late Georgia Rosenbloom packed up the Rams and dragged them to St. Louis, they are the strange collection of boxes that remain.

                              Alive, alert, but alone, former Rams who lost not only a team, but an identity.

                              "There's no place for our memories to go, there's nothing in our past that we can touch," Harrah said. "We're lost."

                              By most estimates, there are about two dozen former Rams still living in Southern California.

                              Many are successful businessmen who have parlayed their football skills into marketable careers. They do not wish for special treatment, nor have any interest in pity.

                              But sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice if they could show their children who they were?

                              "I would love to take my sons to the place I played, to see the team that I played for, but that's not possible," Harrah said. "This has been like a bad divorce, where you just can't go back."

                              Then sometimes they think, wouldn't it be nice to occasionally feel the embrace of a sports community that they worked so hard to create?

                              "I go back to New York and see Lawrence Taylor go to Giants Stadium and hear everyone shouting nice things to him, like he's come home, and I kind of wonder what that would feel like," Dickerson...
                              -11-23-2008, 07:56 AM