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    If you had only had one play to define your favorite Ram Players, what would it be? Here's a few of mine.Jack Youngblood, the 1975 playoff game against the Cardinals where 'blood' intercepted a Jim Hart pass and ran it back for a TD. Jackie Slater, in the 1983 game against the Jets. Jackie goes after Mark Gasteneau when he tried to do his sack dance. Merlin Olsen, in the 1973 regular season game against Dallas. Merlin met Walt Garrison on the one and stood him up to save a 37-31 win. Fred Dryer, getting his 2nd safety (an NFL record) in a 1973 game against GB. Pat Haden, hitting Harold Jackson for a 57 yard winning TD against Oakland in 1977. Dave Elmendorf and Bill Simpson meeting Billy Joe Dupree and stopping him from making a first down saving a hard fought win in a 1976 playoff game against Dallas. Hacksaw Reynolds crawling 5 yards for the winning td against Denver in a 1979 thurs. night game. Bob Lee comes in and throws the winning TD to Ron Smith in a 1979 game against frisco. Nolan Cromwell on a fake FG runs it in for the win against Minnesota in a 1979 game. What's yours?

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  • renrawtruk
    Onward and Upward?
    by renrawtruk
    For me this game is somewhat of a fork in the road for Jeff Fisher. He has built up the team he wants and is having increasing success playing his style of football since the emergence of Todd Gurley to go along with a top 5 defense.

    But I have to admit the Vikings game from last year was the epitome of the issues I have with Jeff Fisher. Some benefit of the doubt for losing Sam Bradford prior to that game, but with how little we ask of a QB, I don't think the results were going to be any different.

    We were manhandled 34-6.
    The team was not prepared.
    We were seriously outcoached.
    The Vikings used Cordarrelle Patterson exactly how we were supposed to use Tavon Austin. It took us 9 weeks later in the season to even just copy a play they used that killed us, which we now use regularly. (quick hand off to Tavon end around).
    We only scored 6 total points.
    You have the entire off season to prepare for the first game of the season, and they came out flat.

    So, having said that...

    We were much better prepared this year heading into the first game vs. Seahawks and had a solid game plan. We have a new offensive coordinator, although the passing game is almost non-existent.

    For as much hype as this team is getting as of late, making the playoffs will almost certainly require beating the Vikings. So until we do that, the hype is premature. And winning the division will almost certainly require beating the Cards again. Additionally, making the playoffs will likely require us to go 6-3 in the last 9 games - possibly 5-4 if we hold the tiebreakers, again a must win this week.

    So here is the deal... Any reverting back to the team that only scores 6 points, that is not prepared, that shoots itself in the foot, is outcoached, or simply out-dated (see game vs. Washington) will find us in a position where Fisher will again be facing a losing season and his style of play will be brought into question.

    If I had to guess, at some point, we will revert back and will not have the success this year we are hoping for because Fisher will double down on "Gurleyball", instead of opening up the offense. With continued success from Gurley, we could potentially move up to 18th-20th or so on offense, but that will not be enough. Teams will start to realize "stop Gurley and Tavon and you beat the Rams" and will start to better game plan us.

    I hope I'm wrong and we continue to win doing it Fisher's way, but I think the only way expectations are met is if the passing game is opened up enough to resemble an NFL offense, but I don't believe he has any intention of doing that.

    He likes to talk a lot about #30. He is very happy right now.

    -11-07-2015, 11:37 AM
  • macrammer
    My Top 5 Reasons Why We WON!!!!
    by macrammer
    Whew.......As Moon said......pins and needles! Been over 10 years since Rams were 4-2 Big Road win! Congrats to all Rams fans!

    1) Special teams We have not returned a KO in 100 years or so. We have not blocked punt for a TD in 50 years. But today, the Rams did both in ONE game!
    2) Defense. it started off shaky but after the first two series for the Jags, the Rams payed great D They stuffed the run and put pressure on the QB.....(Fournette 20-55 after 75 yd run)
    3) Greg the leg. He hit a 56 yarder. His second FG iced the game (calling him out on his own see #1)
    5) Cooper K........on 3rd and 6, with Rams up by a TD he got open and went for 22 yards and put us squarely in FG range.......
    -10-15-2017, 04:22 PM
  • richtree
    Trade for Asante Samuel
    by richtree
    The Rams need CB depth and the Eagles have one of the worst Middle Linebacking Cores in the NFL.

    The Rams trade:
    # 56 Josh Hull MLB
    Round 3 draft pick


    #22 Asante Samuel
    Round 5 draft pick
    -09-06-2011, 09:25 AM
  • GolfnRAMFAN
    Most iconic moment in Rams History
    by GolfnRAMFAN
    I was watching ESPN and they were asking all their guys what they thought the most iconic moment was in their respective sport. That gave me the idea of what everybody thought the most iconic moment was in Rams history. There have definitely been some good, and some bad ones. What does everybody think?

    -05-12-2010, 04:24 PM
  • QUINNtessentialTruth
    Replacement refs cost us the game on the td??
    by QUINNtessentialTruth

    I read an artIcle today that said in the Kevin Smith td go-ahead td, there was an illegal lineman 2 yards down the line of scrimmage. What would that have meant for the rams, if that was actually called? Would there have been a 10 second runoff which would have forced the lions to kick a fg?

    Looking at the replay it seems the refs did miss it, if its an actual rule. Can someone clear the truth behind this for me? Was the article coming out of left field or completely true. If so what would have been the consequences of the penalty?
    -09-10-2012, 09:45 PM