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J-Ram's Rams basment

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  • J-Ram's Rams basment

    Thought you guys might like to see my basement I just finished in May
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      last one

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        that is awesome, i hope to have something like that must feel very warm inside to just sit in there awesome job


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          Two thumbs up!

          J-Ram: two tumbs up!!

          That basement looks superb! Very "RAM nice"! (the letter 'D' is more aptly used for Dangerous, Dauntless, D-e-f-e-n-s-e, Defying, Destroyers, Dominating, Dramatic ).

          An emphatic, possitive and strong expression, therefore, comes naturally for a St. Louis Ram without damnation, i.e., "Ram!, that's an impressive basement!"

          Just kidding. Seriously though, it's good to know there is such Ram loyalty in Minnesota. Way to go J-Ram!

          Thanks for sharing the pics.


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            what Jorge says ..... I say ;) :cool:

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Good job Jason
              Your basement looks really impressive. That jersey on the frame is an original JB one?
              :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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                yes it is. Signed by Jerome himself.


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                  APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE with a big dose of ENVY!


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                    What category do you fall into?
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    Just curious.
                    I love my career and will continue it as long as I am physically and mentally able.
                    I like my career, but there will come a day that I'll happily move on to other things.
                    My career is merely a means to an end, and I look forward to the day it will be over.
                    -01-21-2008, 09:28 AM
                  • AvengerRam
                    The Rams have my loyalty, but they'll have to earn...
                    by AvengerRam

                    Time for a little post-debacle rambling, if may be so indulgent...

                    I, like most of you, have a lot going on in my life. Family, kids, work, hobbies, etc.

                    My time is valuable.

                    So where do the Rams fit in all of that?

                    The Rams are a distraction. Entertainment. A whimsical interlude between the moments that really matter.

                    I am a fan. I have been for decades. That's not going to change.

                    But I'm not a true fanatic. Not at this point in my life, when I'm several years older than the oldest player on the team.

                    When the distraction.... the entertainment... the whimsical interlude becomes instead a source of embarrassment, hopelessness, and stress...

                    Well, at that point, is ceases to be something worth the allocation of my precious time.

                    So... where does that leave me?

                    Next Sunday, when the Rams play the Seahawks... maybe I won't glue myself to Red Zone. Maybe I'll ride my bike, or go to the gym, or see a movie.

                    We'll see. We'll see what Sunday brings.

                    The week after that, I've got tickets to see the Rams play the Bucs. I'll be there. Heck, I may even bring my optimism with me.

                    But... at some point...

                    I'm not sure this version of the Rams, with these coaches, and these players, is worth too much of my time.

                    Maybe I'm just getting a little old for all of this.

                    Maybe the years of futility are finally catching up with me (I can just hear a few of you saying... "yes... come to the dark side!... let the hate flow through you..." )

                    I'll always be around... watching... lurking... waiting... hoping...

                    But active fandom for this team?

                    It doesn't seem to be worth my time right now.

                    Maybe tomorrow....
                    -09-13-2016, 07:00 AM
                  • AvengerRam_old
                    5 Innovations I Just Don't Get
                    by AvengerRam_old
                    As I approach the end of my fourth decade on this planet, I marvel at the many innovations that make daily life easier, more productive, more informative and more entertaining. That said, there are a few things that the youngsters spend their time and money on that I simply do not get:

                    1. Ringtones
                    I know, I know. Its uber-cool to have your phone play the theme from Aqua Teen Hunger Force when it rings, but is that really worth the $10 you spent to download it? Come on, its just a noise to let you know someone is calling you.

                    2. Text Messaging
                    What is the fascination of typing little messages on a 2 x 2 cm keyboard? Wouldn't it be easier just to call? Or, dare I say, just to wait until you see your friend the next day?

                    3. The MP3 Player as an exclusive music listening device
                    The whole music downloading trend, planned or not, has played out like a drug dealer's strategy. First, everything was free. Then, people got hooked. Finally, the price was jacked up (as an aside, I still don't get how that Napster guy's not in jail). MP3 players are great. I have one myself. But I don't see how it replaces actually buying albums. Sure, you can download an entire album, but most don't. Most download song by song. In doing so, you miss out on the great non-single tracks. I just hope that the MP3 age doesn't kill the great B-sides.

                    4. The In-Car/Van/SUV DVD Player
                    Though my kids would love one, my wife and I have resisted the temptation to buy a car with a DVD player. Kids should look out the window every once in a while. They might actually see something interesting. What's worse is the number of times I've seen someone driving alone with the DVD player on. What are they doing? Listening to a movie? Watching at red lights? Not watching the road at all?

                    5. In-Dash GPS Devices/On-Star
                    Whatever happened to looking at a map? Or, dare I say, just knowing where you are going? The worst of these are the ones that talk. And what about On-Star? Isn't the notion of a faceless company having the ability to monitor every move you make, unlock your door remotely and dispatch the police, fire department or EMTs to your vehicle sound just a little too Big Brother-ish?

                    And so, before I drive off on a route that I, and only I know, while listening to a CD player, with my phone that rings with the tone it came with, let me leave you with this thought...

                    When invention becomes the mother of your necessity, you need a hobby.
                    -02-18-2007, 12:43 PM
                  • evil disco man
                    Torry Holt Q & A
                    by evil disco man
                    Rams wide receiver Torry Holt discusses his charitable foundation, playing against his brother and his "Big Game" clothing line in an exclusive NFLPLAYERS.COM Q&A.

                    Luke Sacks

                    Talk a little bit about your Holt Family Foundation:
                    The Foundation is doing well. We had a bowling event down in Raleigh, North Carolina a few months ago to raise some money. Were starting on a new program that benefits children with cancer and their families. Everything is going well and we are just trying to remain consistent with it and help out as many people as we can.

                    Do you feel as a veteran player its part of your responsibility to encourage younger players to give something back to the community?
                    I just try to lead by example. If guys want to reach out to me for information, thats great and I will provide them with as many details as I can to let them know there are ways to give back. But all I can do really is worry about the foundation my brother and I have and making sure we are doing all we can to help people. We are very fortunate to be where we are so we feel its important to give back all we can. If the younger guys want to reach out or want some information then Im more than willing to do that.

                    How special is it having your brother playing in the NFL at the same time as you?
                    Its a cool experience. We both grew up in the same house doing a lot of the same things so its very special for us both to be playing in the National Football League at the same time. Terrences main sport when we were growing up was basketball. Football was something he played just to pass the time really. And now hes going to be the starting free safety for the Detroit Lions this year and Im going into my seventh season with the Rams. Its been a lot of fun. Im very proud of him and our family is very proud of us.

                    You and Terrence played against each other once before and will meet again this preseason. Is it strange looking across the field and seeing your brother on the opposite sideline?
                    It makes me tear up a little bit to see him over there. I remember when we were roommates in college and we would lie awake and talk about making it to the NFL. We were just hoping for the chance to get there. So to see him standing there in his uniform and me in my uniform, it gives me a lot of excitement running through my body.

                    If you came across the middle to make a catch do you think Terrence would lay a big hit on you?
                    I think he would. He has a job to do and I have a job to do regardless of the brotherly love we have for each other. Its his responsibility to stop wide receivers so if it does come down to that, I need to make sure I am very precise on my routes so I can avoid that big hit whether its from Terrence or anyone else.

                    You were part of ESPNs 2005 NFL Draft coverage...
                    -07-10-2005, 02:28 PM
                  • AlphaRam
                    Confession Time...
                    by AlphaRam
                    How many of you owned one of these hats? I must admit that I did....

                    -12-01-2006, 08:52 PM