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J-Ram's Rams basment

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  • J-Ram's Rams basment

    Thought you guys might like to see my basement I just finished in May
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      last one

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        that is awesome, i hope to have something like that must feel very warm inside to just sit in there awesome job


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          Two thumbs up!

          J-Ram: two tumbs up!!

          That basement looks superb! Very "RAM nice"! (the letter 'D' is more aptly used for Dangerous, Dauntless, D-e-f-e-n-s-e, Defying, Destroyers, Dominating, Dramatic ).

          An emphatic, possitive and strong expression, therefore, comes naturally for a St. Louis Ram without damnation, i.e., "Ram!, that's an impressive basement!"

          Just kidding. Seriously though, it's good to know there is such Ram loyalty in Minnesota. Way to go J-Ram!

          Thanks for sharing the pics.


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            what Jorge says ..... I say ;) :cool:

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Good job Jason
              Your basement looks really impressive. That jersey on the frame is an original JB one?
              :clanram: Visit RAMSITALIA The first Rams fanzine in Italy :clanram:


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                yes it is. Signed by Jerome himself.


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                  APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE with a big dose of ENVY!


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                  • AvengerRam
                    The Rams have my loyalty, but they'll have to earn...
                    by AvengerRam

                    Time for a little post-debacle rambling, if may be so indulgent...

                    I, like most of you, have a lot going on in my life. Family, kids, work, hobbies, etc.

                    My time is valuable.

                    So where do the Rams fit in all of that?

                    The Rams are a distraction. Entertainment. A whimsical interlude between the moments that really matter.

                    I am a fan. I have been for decades. That's not going to change.

                    But I'm not a true fanatic. Not at this point in my life, when I'm several years older than the oldest player on the team.

                    When the distraction.... the entertainment... the whimsical interlude becomes instead a source of embarrassment, hopelessness, and stress...

                    Well, at that point, is ceases to be something worth the allocation of my precious time.

                    So... where does that leave me?

                    Next Sunday, when the Rams play the Seahawks... maybe I won't glue myself to Red Zone. Maybe I'll ride my bike, or go to the gym, or see a movie.

                    We'll see. We'll see what Sunday brings.

                    The week after that, I've got tickets to see the Rams play the Bucs. I'll be there. Heck, I may even bring my optimism with me.

                    But... at some point...

                    I'm not sure this version of the Rams, with these coaches, and these players, is worth too much of my time.

                    Maybe I'm just getting a little old for all of this.

                    Maybe the years of futility are finally catching up with me (I can just hear a few of you saying... "yes... come to the dark side!... let the hate flow through you..." )

                    I'll always be around... watching... lurking... waiting... hoping...

                    But active fandom for this team?

                    It doesn't seem to be worth my time right now.

                    Maybe tomorrow....
                    -09-13-2016, 07:00 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    A dentist visit
                    by RamWraith
                    OK...I got a good story for you all

                    I have had a very stressful week in anticipation for my first trip to the dentist is 22 years. Yes, that's right, 22 years. Some of you know that I have a little complex about people being in my personal space. Needless to say a dentist trip is not a pleasant thing for me. Also, during this 22 year span I used to use chewing tobacco for 20 of it. Now, don't get me wrong, I still have nice looking teeth that are still fairly white and up until this point I have not had a cavity. As well as also having all my wisdom teeth with no troubles (knock on wood).

                    Well, to make a long story short. A couple of months ago I started getting a very painful tooth on my top and bottom left side, and it was beginning to interfere with my steak chewing, and that's not a good thing for this guy. Well, after several weeks on hemming and hawing my wife finally talked me into making an appointment. Today, that appointment came. The sweet doctor was so kind to give me valium (good ****). And after several (16) x-rays and a complete dental exam, I still don't have any cavities. Come to find out I switched to the Crest flavored (lemon) toothpaste that apparently has a lot of enzymes in it that can create pockets of sensitivity.

                    Needless to say after working myself all up for nothing. It turned out to be a great trip. I am going back in 2 weeks for a full cleaning. Pretty cool huh!
                    -03-09-2006, 04:34 PM
                  • Fat Pang
                    Nice surprise
                    by Fat Pang
                    I've troubled these pages before with tales of the wildlife present on my little Island that squats just south of Hong Kong Island in the South China sea.

                    From dead snakes on the end of sticks that put you off your beer to Mr Goat and his daily quest to find lush green sustenance, my local environment had proved worthy of comment.

                    And it damn well has again in the shape of a 7 foot python (It gets bigger with repeated telling like some other things that are worth bragging about.........) that saw fit to occupy the stairs to my apartment yesterday afternoon.

                    Anyone else suffered unexpected house guests?
                    -05-24-2006, 01:13 AM
                  • Drew
                    letting ya know a lil "personal" stuff about me...
                    by Drew
                    i know there are some pretty warm and decent human beings on here and also perhaps say 90% that are all about bravado( maybe too high a percentage but im just guessing)..

                    anyway what im saying is perhaps this isnt the place to share stuff that is important to us outside of football but i would like to become friends with as many folks as possible and at this point i would like to share something....

                    as some may know ive had mental health issues well aslong as i can remember(pre-teens) my mother was in a mental health hospital in L.A. when i was born...and i have bi-polar effective disorder as well as other mental health issues, anyway....for the last 5 years ive been written off in the employment stakes because of it(and maybe to a degree my brawls with cancer),its been eating me up that i havent been able to do the things i love like my Teaching...i have tried to put my self in the ground on way too many occassions because have felt that if i cant help people then,my life is meaningless....

                    anyway....on monday i started back as a teacher (the other areas authority wrote me off...i moved but wherever i went it was like oooooh...and altho they couldn`t visually discriminate against me,they found a way!)

                    to be a teacher again means the world to me and have been moved to tears in private,thinking about how ive been written off at nearly every place ive been and sometimes by myself,yet someone took a chance on me and all feedback from them so far is that they are more than pleased that they did!

                    sorry if this is not something youve wanted to read but i just wanted to share!
                    -02-20-2008, 04:31 AM
                  • bigredman
                    Catch BigRedMan back with the Rams
                    by bigredman
                    My very good friend AlphaRam was commissioned by my wife to produce a hand made replica of me with the Rams in 1979. Here it is. I swear it's completely authentic and depicts me exactly back then, all the way down to my hip 70's mustache. AlphaRam, I will NEVER make fun of you playing with dolls (figurines) ever again. You are one hell of an artist.
                    -06-06-2007, 08:44 PM