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Rams re sign Murphy

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  • Rams re sign Murphy

    In other developments, the Rams have signed two exclusive rights free agents to one-year deals: Safety Willie Gary ($300,000) and wide receiver/kickoff returner Yo Murphy ($375,000). Exclusive rights free agents have fewer than three years experience.

    Good to see the ex Claymore and the Claymore to be, getting new contracts. Yo certainly did enough at the end of last season to justify his place on the team

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    Very good, at least concerning 'Yo.' That is... :cool:
    :ram: I like him, you could tell he was really putting in an effort when he got the ball on kick returns. He will prove his mettle even more this season with greater contributions.

    Not sure why Gary is still around. :confused:


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      What has Yo Murphy done for the Rams or any other team??? WOW...

      I am not impressed with this guy, he hasn't made an NFL team since the Vikings 5 years ago...I wasnt sold on him last year and am not sold on him next year. How does he fit with in our offense???


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        He was a better kick returner than Canidate, he played well on special teams, he is a better receiver than any of the other guys that were in camp, not just in ability but because of his experience and work ethic. As is Martz's want , he doesn't play his back ups much , but given the chance Yo will show he is a good receiver , ok not a Bruce or a Holt but plenty capable of holding down an 4th or maybe even 3rd WR job and not make rookie mistakes


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          Go Yo!

          I'm a big Murphy fan, so I'm glad he was re-signed. I think he gives off good vibes, seeming to work hard and make plays given the opportunity. Hopefully he will show up for the Rams as a third receiver next season. He did great in preseason, but after that he didn't see much action catching passes. Now if Mad Mike could only give him that chance at third receiver...



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            Seems to be Martz's philospohy , that back ups don't get playing time unless they really have too. Canidate only got time when Faulk was injured, Martin didn't play in any significant way. I'm sure Yo has something to offer this team both on and off the pitch


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            • DODRAM
              Go Yo
              by DODRAM
              Just to say I'm really pleased to see Yo getting a chance to return kicks, Trung may be the No1 pick but Yo is the guy who wants to return kicks.

              It's just a pity he's not had more chances at WR but it's a reflection of how lucky the WR's have been at avoiding injuries so far this year. It must be all that diving before they are tackled that the aints fans moan about.:p :p

              Gooooooo Yo:shield:
              -01-04-2002, 12:41 PM
            • RamWraith
              Inside Slant
              by RamWraith
              Posted 2/17/2007 1:49 AM ET
              With the scouting combine approaching, and free agency to begin about a week after the combine ends, it's time for a new name at Rams Park to make his mark.
              Former Carolina Panthers personnel man Tony Softli came to the Rams during the summer to be vice president of player personnel. Softli is ready to dive into the time of year that can be hectic but rewarding.

              Said Softli, "What we're trying to do here is build a championship base, a foundation. And it's going to start with this draft. This draft and this free agency period are going to push us forward. ... I think coach (Scott Linehan) did an outstanding job to push, to keep these players together when we had the losing streak (last season). To keep these guys focused and finishing strong with a chance to get in the playoffs.

              "(Now) it's like a tag team. 'Tag, you're it. Let's go get some players to make us better.' "

              Softli loves to get out in the field and see the college players during games. His goal is to see in person the top 150 draft eligible players each year, noting that should be the first five rounds of the draft.

              Talking about watching college games, he said, "You go down on the field before games and you get to see that fevered pitch. You get that attitude, that mind-set, before a game. To me that's really important because that's what's going to come to our team."

              Softli planned his year to also be able to see the Rams.

              "Like when we're playing at Green Bay," he said. "I went and watched a Wisconsin game, then drove up to Green Bay, watched our game and flew back with the team."

              There were about 35-40 colleges he visited during the week, just watching film and practice.

              As for free agency, Softli is putting together a lost of the top five players at each position. He does that with an eye for what Linehan is looking for in a player.

              Softli concluded, "This is our first year. (Linehan's) feeling me out, and I'm feeling him out. What he needs and what he wants. It's all out on the table now. It's a matter of just putting it all together, working together and moving forward."

              —To say the least, it was frenzied finish to the season for Rams running back Steven Jackson.

              Running with a passion difficult to harness, Jackson had 89 rushing attempts for 419 yards in the final three games of the season, all Rams wins.

              A 59-yard run for a touchdown in the season finale against Minnesota accomplished a few things. It prevented the Vikings from setting an NFL record for fewest rushing yards allowed in a season.

              On a personal level, it enabled Jackson to finish the season with 2,334 combined yards from scrimmage, the most in the NFL. He one-upped San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson in that category by...
              -02-18-2007, 07:22 AM
            • RamWraith
              Pyatt Hoping to Make Plays
              by RamWraith
              Tuesday, August 8, 2006

              By Nick Wagoner
              Senior Writer

              As Brad Pyatt shopped for a new team during the offseason, he took an unconventional approach to his free-agent status.

              Most free agents search the league for the best financial offer. But, because of injury issues, Pyatt knew the dollar amount had a certain ceiling. Moving past money issues, most players look for the place that will provide them the best opportunity as far as playing time.

              In other words, the place where the competition for a starting spot isn’t as great. Pyatt found that in Pittsburgh, where the defending Super Bowl champions had just waved goodbye to receiver and returner Antwaan Randle-El. Lucky for Pyatt, he is also a receiver/returner and the Steelers offered him a two-year contract.

              It was a done deal as Pyatt decided to sign with…St. Louis?

              “I always like being in a position that’s hard,” Pyatt said. “It’s how I have always been, I like going through the hard times to get where you want to be. I like learning from the best. I don’t mind being in the position where I am behind some of the best. So I took the opportunity to come here.”

              Pyatt signed a one-year contract with the Rams on April 6 with the hopes of giving the return game a boost and chipping in every once in a while at wide receiver. The decision to choose St. Louis over Pittsburgh was a curious one considering the team’s depth at wide receiver.

              For the past four or five years, the receiver position has been the toughest nut to crack for a young player hoping to make the Rams. The likes of Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Kevin Curtis, Shaun McDonald and Dane Looker have entrenched themselves on the team’s depth chart.

              The Rams also added Marques Hagans in the fifth-round of the draft in hopes that he could take over the return job and make it as a receiver. That leaves Pyatt fighting an uphill battle to land a roster spot.

              While most receivers would look at the loaded depth chart and run away, Pyatt looks at the presence of the likes of Holt and Bruce as a way to help him become a better player.

              “The game just seems slow to them,” Pyatt said. “They are just comfortable out there, they work hard. If you ever watch Isaac and Torry, they have a routine every day they stay in.

              “I have learned from them. Usually when it gets tough about this time, you want to go home and take a nap, but they get in the weight room and get some extra whatever it is. You learn from those guys, they set the bar and the example and it’s easy to learn from them.”

              Pyatt is entering his fourth season in the league after three years in Indianapolis. He became accustomed to learning from star receivers while with the Colts where Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne have become one of the standards for top receiving combinations.

              -08-08-2006, 07:22 PM
            • RamWraith
              any free agent needs??
              by RamWraith
              June 1st is around th corner and there looks to be like a few vets will be cut. Do we have any more glaring needs?? Will the team go after any new and cheaper blood this go around of free agents?
              -05-29-2004, 05:13 AM
            • Nick
              NFP's Dan Pompei talks wide receivers, Jarvis Jones, & free agency
              by Nick
              NFP Sunday Blitz
              It's a wide receiver world; the latest on Jarvis Jones' neck; and lots of free agency talk.
              Dan Pompei
              March 10, 2013, 05:30 AM EST

              For the next week or so, the NFL will be a wide receiver world.

              You, me, the defensive ends, cornerbacks, running backs, tight ends and the rest, we’re just living in it.

              So many have wide receiver envy. Among the teams who could make wide receiver moves include the Dolphins, Vikings, Patriots, Browns, Steelers, Rams, *****, Bears and Jets.

              Wide receivers are expected to be the stars of free agency, 2013. They already have been the stars, and free agency hasn’t even begun yet. The Chiefs coughed up a reported $56 million over five years to prevent up and down Dwayne Bowe from becoming a free agent. And the Dolphins paid Brian Hartline, who has had one 1,000 yard receiving season, an average of more than $6 million per year to keep him off the market.

              “I think Brian could have gotten more money if he went to free agency,” his agent Drew Rosenhaus told me. “But he wanted to stay in Miami, so he was comfortable with it. There will be a couple of free agents paid a No. 1 receiver’s salary. A few will get No. 2 money. And a lot will get No. 3 and No. 4 receiver deals. We wanted to get to the top of No. 2 wide receiver salary tier with Brian.”

              The Hartline and Bowe contracts were just warmup pitches. Other wide receivers with expiring contracts who are in line for paydays include Mike Wallace of the Steelers, Greg Jennings of the Packers, Wes Welker of the Patriots, Danny Amendola of the Rams and Brandon Gibson of the Rams. There even has been talk that restricted free agent Victor Cruz of the Giants will get some play. If he does, he could be the highest paid of all.

              Otherwise, Wallace is likely to sign the biggest contract of any non-quarterback of the offseason. He is this year’s Mario Williams.

              But that’s what gives some teams pause. Mario Williams didn’t exactly light up Buffalo last year. And there is a string of wide receivers who signed big money free agent deals who disappointed. The lastest is Robert Meacham. In previous years, there were T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Javon Walker and Alvin Harper.

              And Wallace is likely to be highly overpaid. Those who should know speculate his new deal will average more than $13 million per season. “There is no Vincent Jackson this year,” a personnel director for an NFC team said. “Mike Wallace is more of an outside vertical guy, but he doesn’t go inside much. He isn’t real strong run after catch. He’s pretty good at comebacks and hitches because defenders play off him since they have to respect his speed.”

              With wide, receivers, it’s always buyer beware. Free agency isn’t a sure-fire way to acquire a wideout, though it often is a more reliable way to land one than the high rounds of the draft.

              There are a number...
              -03-10-2013, 07:43 AM