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  • Hakim's replacement

    The Rams could pursue Chargers receiver/returner Tim Dwight if they think Hakim will leave. Dwight recently said, "You look at St Louis, and having an interest in them is a no-brainer. They run a lot of three wide receiver sets. I know that have (Torry) Holt and I know they have (Isaac) Bruce, but you can catch a lot of balls there as a third wide receiver. They have the MVP of the league throwing the ball to you and they have Marshall Faulk. That guy is going to play until he wants to stop playing. "The system they run is fun. They know what I can do. I played against them for three years (in Atlanta) and made some big plays on them."

    This info came from cbs sportsline on the rams team page. I think Tim Dwight would be a superb fit for the rams as their 3rd WR and he could also be an effective kickoff return man for us.

    Go Rams!!! :ram:

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    I'd rather see the Rams replace Hakim from within the team, possibly with Yo Murphy (my favorite), or a Martz favorite in Sorenson.



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      I think it sounds like Dwight will sign a 5 year contract with the Chargers so if we're looking outside the club , we'll need to look elsewhere.

      I'd be more than happy if Yo is good enough for 3rd receiver but I think he lacks a bit in speed especially if Proehl is the 4 th wide out


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        So much for Dwight...

        Yep... Dwight signed with the Chargers for 5 years and $15 million- so much for that idea.

        You have a point, DODRAM, but keep in mind that he must have some speed if the coaches made him our kick returner. I think he could be a great third receiver if he improves on his cuts and breaks in his pass routes. That's one area Hakim dominated, so if Murphy focuses on that, he could steal the job.;)