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Rams may not keep any of their unrestricted FA's

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  • Rams may not keep any of their unrestricted FA's

    It would not be out of the question that the Rams not sign any of their unrestricted free agents this year. They are nervous of the post Super Bowl malaise like they experienced last time. Getting burned by resigning Lyght has left a bad taste in the front office's mouth.

    Jim Thomas of the Post had a great article about this. I didn't realize these stats, but he makes valid points with these.

    1. Hakim probably wants a starter position with starter money.

    As he should. He has earned it, and if that is the case I wish him nothing but the best.

    2. Little has only had one good year.

    14 1/2 sacks isn't nothing but a great year, but its just one year. And he really only played half the downs. I have a feeling he is doing it on speed alone, and teams may figure him out soon. They have Lewis slated to move to the outside anyway, so I don't think 5 million will be an offer the Rams entertain for Little.

    3. Fletcher's play tailed off late in the season, and the playoffs.

    Teams averaged 5 1/2 yards a carry or so against the Rams in the playoffs. And Fletch's role mainly was a run stopper. Lots of good MLB's on the FA market this year, especially Jamie Duncan of Tampa Bay, who probably would enjoy the thought of playing for Lovie.

    Thomas also mentions Cris Carter of Minnesota as a possible 3rd wide out for the Rams next year. If Carter will come in lower than Hakim, then bring him in. I don't think he will be disruptive here as he was in Minnesota. This team fits Carter's mindset and attitude. The Vikings didn't.

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    Hakim is gone , unless he makes stupid demands. somebody will pay him starters money, which he probably deserves

    Little, may only have one good season but it's also the first season where he's had significant playing time. The only way we will know if it's the first of many is to re sign him. Pass rushers with 14 1/2 sacks don't grow on trees. even if it is JUST speed, that kind of speed is still a threat even if the Tackle knows it's coming , in fact especially if the lineman knows it's coming and has to adjust to it

    Given the vibes that I've heard , maybe Fletcher won't be back but I'd rather sign one of our own players who has been our leading tackler the last two seasons than go out onto the FA market . Top Fa are unlikely to be any cheaper that Fletcher unless we wait to see who hasn't been picked up and then we might be left with a lemon

    If carter is cheap then he probably brings more postives than negatives to the team, but he does have some baggage and I'd be kinda worried whether CC is ready to play 3rd fiddle rather tahn be a star, even with the carrot of a SB ring dangling.


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      I was hoping we would sign Little and Fletch,but it sounds like the Rams are not all that concerned about losing them.Maybe the front office has something cooking that we havent heard about yet.For some reason I dont have a lot of worries concerning the team going into next year.I have a feeling we will somehow be in great shape roster wise.


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        Don't let Fletcher go...

        If Little asks for too much money, let him test the FA waters. We have many other talented linemen.

        Fletcher should stay with the team, in my mind. I doubt he'll ask for a lot of money, and he is a great player and a great role model for (short) kids. ;) He also seems to be the electricity of the Swarm defense- constantly pumping up the crowd and being a leader in the huddle. I would greatly miss him if the Rams let him go.



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          Maybe change would be a good thing, I don't want Little or Fletch to leave but looked what happen in 99 with Carter and Lyght, talk about taking the year OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and this might be last year to go back to the SB what with the salary Gap so we just don't need any disgunted players.

          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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            Bye LL

            No way are the Rams going to have another KC on their hands. Little rejected the Rams offer, so later Dude.

            Fact of the matter is, Little is not an every down player. Rams honestly believe that D. Lewis is going to fill that same role Little/Ahanotu had last year.

            Looking more and more like these guys, along with Proehl, are no longer Rams.


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              Fact of the matter is, Little is not an every down player. Rams honestly believe that D. Lewis is going to fill that same role Little/Ahanotu had last year.
              Exactly. Damione Lewis had a lot of sacks in the preseason, and I believe he would make a great defensive end. Let Little leave if he's going to be selfish.



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                With the signing of Duncan, this thread may come true. I thought if anyone was resigned, it would be Fletch. Too much to pay for someone who is losing some speed. Duncan fits into this defense just as well if not better. He may be able to cover the tight end or RB more effectively.

                Little won't be back I don't think, not at that price. Too much to pay for just a pass rush specialist. If Ahanotu was asked back, maybe. However, the Rams need more than a pass rusher at that position, and Little is not a run stopper. Pickett played well last year, but the position is Lewis's to lose going into camp. So the Little signing is not a slam dunk.

                Martz has said he wants to keep Az, but I don't see it. Az had a good Super Bowl, but if Carter wants to come let him go. For those of you who are scared about Carter's personality, I don't really believe Warner, Faulk, and Bruce will take it. On the Vikings, Carter had no one he respected really. Those 3 he does, so I really don't think he is going to react the same way here. If he does, then I will blame those 3 not Carter.


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                  Damn right...

                  Originally posted by txramsfan:
                  For those of you who are scared about Carter's personality, I don't really believe Warner, Faulk, and Bruce will take it. On the Vikings, Carter had no one he respected really. Those 3 he does, so I really don't think he is going to react the same way here. If he does, then I will blame those 3 not Carter.
                  'Bout time someone agrees with me. :p



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                  • Goldenfleece
                    FA - Under the Radar
                    by Goldenfleece
                    Okay, we've all heard by now that LeCharles Bentley and Steve Hutchinson are pretty darn good linemen, and Nate Clements just might help out a team's pass defense. Of course, everytime we drop one of these names somebody has to pop the bubble with one of those nasty little $ signs. So I was thinking it'd be interesting to see what names we could produce that maybe not everyone in the world is pursuing. The point isn't so much to put together a wishlist but to identify guys who could be good value to improve the team once the perrenial pro bowlers and glamour signings are gone. Here are just a few guys I've come across on various listings that might be interesting:

                    Orpheus Roye - DT/DE 6'4" 305 Age:32 - Hey, raiding Cleveland's line worked for Denver. This guy put up 88 tackles, 3 sacks, and defended 4 passes last year. The problem is he's old. Still, that's a lot of tackles for a someone on the d-line and if he's still effective in zone coverage at that weight, I'd expect he's in decent shape.

                    Maake Kemoeatu - DT 6'5" 350 Age: 27 (as of last month) - A mountain of a man. Spelling Kelly Gregg for much of his career in Baltimore, he hasn't put up big stats. Not a great pass rusher, but he stops the run and consumes blockers. I don't know much else about him. He would seem to fit best as a NT in the 3-4.

                    Marlon McCree - SS 5'11" 202 Age: 28 - 88 tackles including 74 solo, 3 ints., 10 pd with Carolina last season. Otherwise a fairly ho-hum career. He played on a 1-year deal last year for $640,000 but I'm sure he'll want more now.

                    Hunter Hillenmeyer - OLB 6'4" 238 Age: 25 - Another of the guys who doesn't have the huge stats (yet) but an important part of a dominant Bears defense. I got tipped off to him in another thread, and I'm kind of liking what I've found on him so far. Pretty good special teamer and young. For what it's worth, he led the team in tackles in his first start in the NFL. He's a restricted free agent, though, so he might be hard to pry away from da Bears.

                    Also it might be worth noting that Indy has all three starting linebackers eligible for free agency:Cato June RFA, Gary Brackett RFA, David Thornton UFA, as well as backups Rob Morris UFA and Rocky Calmus UFA. I haven't quite decided how highly to rate any one besides June in that group.

                    Alright, let's see some names.
                    -02-21-2006, 08:00 PM
                  • tomahawk247
                    Our DL options now much more restricted
                    by tomahawk247
                    what with the majority of the free agents identified as being Rams targets being taken off the market (either by resigning or franchise tagging) there are few options left to us (in comparison to before, of course). However there are still good players available. The problem is that there are lots of teams with a decent amount of cap room that may be able to afford these free agents, meaning the Rams could easily be outbid. It may be the case that the Rams FO look in less obvious places to fill our needs.

                    There were few DTs on the market in the first place, but it looks even worse now that Terdell Sands has been resigned by Oakland. Cory Redding, Ian Scott, Vonnie Holliday and Robaire Smith seem the current top FAs at the position.
                    Redding was a DE that plays DT sometime, and probably doesnt have the size (6'4, 290) that we are looking for as a DT. He will probably be looked at as a DE by most teams.
                    Scott comes from a Chicago system where he was the a big tackle, but at 6'3, 302 he isnt large by Ram standards. He also doesnt have much game experience, having been a situation player most of his career.
                    Vonnie Holliday is an interesting player. At 6-5, 288 he is more of a DE, however in playing as a pass rush DT for the Dolphins he has played well, putting up over 50 tackles in the past two years as well as putting up 13 sacks over that period.
                    Smith is 6-4, 310, but hasnt really excelled since his 'break-out' year in 2004, but two years playing DE in a 3-4 at Houston hasnt helped him.
                    All in all its quite underwhelming, especially considering that the Rams are looking for big bodies to go on the DL.Another FA to look at is Hollis Thomas. At 6-0, 306, Thomas is a fairly big body that could do a job as a situational run stopper. But i think the draft is where the Rams will get their run stopping DT.

                    Of the DEs scheduled to become FAs, Justin Smith, Dwight Freeney and Charles Grant have all been tagged. Jared Allen is a RFA, and the Chiefs would likely give him the top tender. He also has just been sentenced to 48 hours in prison for a DUI charge. This means that Patrick Kerney is probably the top FA at the defensive end spot, becoming a free agent after voiding the last two years of his contract. Cory Redding is also a possibility, as are Dewayne White and Bryan Thomas.
                    Kerney is a decent sized DE at 6'5, 273, and has always been able to put up a decent pass rush. The Falcons pass rush looked great when Kerney and Abraham teamed up, and Kerney and Little would probably be even more of a force. There is a question because of his injury history, but if he is cleared then he would be an addition likely to have the impact similar to Julian Peterson signing with Seattle. His injury history may scare of some teams, making him cheaper.
                    While Redding was probably undersized as a DT, he is a decent size and what the Rams are probably looking at at DE. He had a...
                    -02-20-2007, 06:08 AM
                  • majorram
                    Gone are the old days with FA
                    by majorram
                    I love this time of year with FA and it is just brill that we are the elite team in the NFL, Gone are those day's in the 90's where we had to run around after FA, we were all waiting to see what FA we would sign as all the high profile FA's seem to bypass us by!

                    How times have changed I'm just so excited about our FA we have already signed!!! Little has seen the light and signed a 5year pack, I'm sorry I questioned his loyalty, Duncan will replace Fletch( this guy will be missed, a fan legend) where do you think he will sign HOUSTON maybe???

                    I think Duncan might be better in coverage and he knows the cover2 system very well!!! but he has big shoes to fill and now we have we have a MR CARTER beating down the door to play for us!!! WHOS NEXT!!!! what DT GLOVER!!

                    It seems that ever time I log on somebody wants to play for us, these are truely great times for our team!!!!!! roll on new season

                    Any thoughts!

                    -03-04-2002, 01:44 AM
                  • Will51
                    We Made a *BIG* mistake this year..
                    by Will51
                    Ok first off lets get to the point, our defense last year was horendous, disgusting and pathetic, while we did have a good secondary it was way overrated because of how much teams ran on us, so us fans go in to the offseason praying we sign a big name player to help our defense and all we sign is jason hall?? are you serious?? we have the cap to sign almost any one person we wanted and we let the likes of patrick kerney slip away to the seahawks, banta-cain to the *****, we never even took a look at joey porter, adailius thomas, napolian harris, brian simmons, or nai'l diggs, all of which would be huge up grades over chillar, we never negotiated with a DT and now we basically go into the draft with only signing Jason Hall??? Im sorry to sink someones ship but no rookie out of the draft is going to be a big upgrade to any defense, especially ours.... now why in the heck did our coaching staff let most of these big name players slip away with out even talking to them?? im sorry to say it but next year looks the same on defense granted the draft might only help us out a little
                    -03-06-2007, 08:10 PM
                  • rams=nfl1
                    Jamie Duncan
                    by rams=nfl1
                    If we cannot re-sign London, I think we must go after Jamie DUncan. He is the Middle Linebacker from Tampa, who Lovie mentored. This would be a perfect fit. He knows the system better than I know my address. He's a leader, he's what we need.


                    1.La'roi Glover-Has a price tag, but when Pickett matures, we will have the best 3 DT rotation in years

                    2.Jamie Duncan-Perfect MLB, Lovie made him who he is

                    3.Jaquez Green-Fits the Air Martz perfectly, makes Hakim loss look smalll

                    4.Cris Carter-Helps us tremendously, except his ego hurts

                    5.Walt Harris-Nickel Back

                    6.Reinard Wilson-Just like Leonard, except less money
                    -03-02-2002, 01:40 PM