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Some free agents to look at?

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  • Some free agents to look at?

    Heres a list of some free agents that the Rams may be able to afford and who might help the team.I'd like to hear others opinions on these guys.Remember this is from a fans point of view.

    Brian Williams LB- Lions
    Chris Slade LB- Panthers
    Sam Cowart LB- Bills
    Jamie Duncan LB-Bucs
    Lee Woodall LB- Broncos
    Duane Starks CB- Ravens
    Allen Rossum CB/PR/KR- Packers
    Darrien Gordon CB/PR- Falcons
    James Trapp CB- Ravens
    John Parrella DT- Chargers
    Steve White DE- Bucs
    Ben Coleman OL- Redskins
    Joe Jurevicius WR- Giants
    Willie Jackson WR- Saints
    Jerome Pathon WR- Colts
    Gus Frerotte QB- Broncos
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    Jamie Duncan would be a great replacement for London Fletcher, if we don't resign him (which I hope we do). Allen Rossum would give us a good backup at corner and a dangerous punt returner, which we are in need of. Joe Jurevicius or Willie Jackson could fit in the Rams' system nicely, and more than replace Hakim. Gus Frerotte would be a good insurance policy on Warner, as Gus is very underrated. That said, I doubt the Rams will sign any of these.



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      I too like Jamie Duncan, he would be a great pickup if Fletch decides to go, he knows the system well and I espect he would be the first choice of LOVIE's being that he was his positional coach at TB. The price would have to be right though!!

      I hope we sign Little, passrushers are hard to find so his market value is going be high but I was looking down the FA list and maybe his replacement could be steve white (like this guy) he didn't get much playing time at TB and he could be ready to breakout. What about Mike sinclair of the Seahawks, he can play the run and if he can get his passrushing skills back, Kollar will see to that, a good pickup maybe ??????

      Rossum, love this guy, exciting player he could be another coming of AZ on punt returns, without the Fumbles, Don't know about his price though!!!

      I'm sure the RAMS are going to be in the hunt for quality FA once the fenzy of FA has gone but I think alot of teams are going to take the same approach as the Pats did last year including the RAMS about FA'S.....what do you think guys!!!!

      It's going to be interesting, love this part of the off season!!!

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        I may be crazy,but one guy I really like is Darrien Gordon.He is still effective on punt returns and is a decent nickel back.Plus,he has quite a bit of Playoff/Super Bowl experience.I dont think he is looking for an awful lot of money and he has a good attitude.I agree with Evil Disco Man though.I think the Rams are going to go with a youth movement,so I also doubt that anyone on this list will become a Ram.It's fun to speculate though.


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          I can see the Rams not signing any of their current FA's; so they will be looking long and hard at Sam Cowart and Jamie Duncan. Jurevicius is going to be a great pickup for someone.


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            Way I see it

            My predictions are this

            Rams sign Little with a back loaded contract allowing 2 more years to develope and to prove his worth.

            Let Fletcher go as he is offered HUGE money...Hakim wants out any way for that sarting position and starter money.
            We resign Jones to a cheap 2 year deal, hoping St. Claire will start, Tucker is gone and so is Fields.

            We now go shopping ;) Duncan is our middle man next year as he comes with open arms to Lovie. Jackson takes Hakim spot, we don't loose a step with fact we get him for four years for a song. Ricky is staying, he is having to much fun right now to hang it up.

            The real question now is, who do we draft



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              The real question now is, who do we draft
              Look for a CB or WR in the first round, i picked reche caldwell in the mock draft yesterday, but depending who's available the Rams could and should take a CB in Round 1. But, look for help in the secondary, maybe a LB, and a couple OLs.