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Hakim to the skins on Friday

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  • Hakim to the skins on Friday

    Subject: some CIA from Rams Park

    * Working hard on getting Little signed; Zyggy is deep into the bunker on this one. When he disappears deep into the bunker, it usually indicates real seriousness.

    * Hakim will get a huge offer on Friday from the Redskins. He's gone.

    * They're interviewing a potential DB coach right now, but I've been unable to come up with a name.

    * By the way, Lovie Smith is hiring the DB coach. Martz has turned it over to him.

    * Leading middle linebacker candidates to replace Fletcher: Duncan (Tampa Bay) and Wong (Minnesota).

    * Proehl business is weird; Martz seems to have flip-flopped on him, which means that Proehl is probably gone, unless Martz has another change of mind.


    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    i'm REALLY starting to hate the 'skins.

    Proehl's gone, look for retirement in a couple of years, but he's not done yet. look for him to make a small dent, but kinda fade like andre reed.

    I knew the DB coach was gone.

    duncan and wong wouldn't be bad, but i'd rather have fletcher. :upset:


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      Keep London, for crying out loud! :mad:

      Easier said than done, fine, but... Fletch is so much a part of the Rams rebuilt D!

      Hakim will vindicate himself as a Redskin, ok. Ricky Proehl is due one more good, productive season as a Ram.



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        Maybe Fletch took one too many stupid penalties in the past. He was prone for a 15 yarder when we didn't need one. Not sure, and Duncan is a FA from Tampa.

        I wish nothing but the best for all these guys. Fletch has been a big factor in the success of the defense. I still remember that game against the Bengals for Hakim in 99. Man that was a great game for him. Little had a tough time, but he had a great year last year.
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          Penalized permanently...

          Yeah, maybe that stayed with him.

          I had to laugh when he nonchalantly moved the ball with his foot against the Eagles during the playoff game. They were very close to our goal line and while the refs were still discussing something... he "quietly" shoves the ball aside: delay of game and move Philly closer still to the goal!

          London is a good capital though. :helmet:


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            Fletch and Az will be missed and not easy to replace.We may sign Little,but who knows.I will be crushed if we dont have Proehl in the line-up next year.He is very important on third downs.He will be tough to replace.I wonder if Nick Sorensen is going to be switched to receiver next year.I guess it's time to have faith in our front office.


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              I hope this Proehl thing is not about the fumble in the Super Bowl. What I remember is his touchdown. Don't forget 1999 season when he made the catch against Tampa Bay. However, this is the nasty side of business. I hope Proehl gets more money if he does go.


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                It looks as though reading this post that Az and Fletch are almost sure to go! I think Duncan would be a great replacement but I would rather see Fletch remain in Rams colours. Where do you think he will end up??? Houston!!

                Also this is puzzling me Proehl leaving WHY!! could someone please explain to me because surly he knows that this is the team to be with to get back to the SB and the Rams would pay him the barigin mininmum, I mean he would surly not get a massive rise with another team. Do you think that Martz wants to go a different direction??or fallen out . SAD if thats happened

                "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                  Poor, poor Az...

                  I feel sorry for Az if he accepts the Redskins' offer. :confused:

                  Fletch and Proehl will be missed if they depart. :upset:

                  Aries51 is right. This is the time to have faith in the Rams' front office.



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                    According to CNNSI, you have more than a suitable replacement for turnover boy Akim. Apparently Cris Carter is VERY CLOSE to signing a 3 year deal with your Rams. Good for you, very bad for me. (Eagles fan)

                    If they do sign Carter, it shows that Martz isn't afraid to tinker with his philosophy as long as it means getting better. That is the sign of a smart man and a good head coach. Cris Carter on underneath routes with Holt and Bruce stretching the defense truly does scare me.

                    The next part of this post is pure speculation, but wouldn't Antwan Randle-El be the perfect guy for your team to draft in round 2. He's arguable the best college kick returner I've ever seen (Howard and Rocket were probably better) and would be a decent #4 wideout in your system.


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                      Sorry about that TxRam, I thought I was typing something you didn't already know. Then I looked on the next thread and you'd already mentioned Carter.


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                        Phantom, thats ok. You and Seth can post anytime. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the post you had earlier in this column. Great insight with Randle-El.

                        P.S. You guys could use a speedster at wide out just like us. If Josh Reed is available when you go, it would be a great pickup for the Eagles.


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                          Phantom had a point with Carter but here is an elaboration. The Rams for some reason have loved that dag nab it 15 yd out pass. You know, the one Law took back on Warner? We really haven't had a wide out who could run that route. Carter wrote the book on the sideline out pass.

                          Another point with Carter's crossing the middle routes, that really opens up a hole for Faulk to run the ball.


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                            You're right on, again.

                            About Josh Reed.

                            That would be a good, intelligent pick, so of course we don't like it. Since the Eagles got to the NFC Chapionship Game last year, right or wrong, a season that doesn't end with a Super Bowl apperance will be considered somewhat of a failure. Wide receivers take a year or two to develop. We want a guy that will help NOW. Guorode, the C/G from Colorado would be a guy I like. If the line can open hole for the running game, McNabb would be that much more effective. (Of course, if your best receiver wasn't James Thrash, McNabb would be more effective, too!)