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    Has anyone read Isaac's book? Faith, Family and the Final Touchdown.

    How is it? I can't believe giving Isaac low key personality that he wrote a book. Is this worth the buy??

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    I haven't heard of this book, but I'll have to look into it. Ike is my favorite Ram, so I would definitely read it. I'm sure it would be an interesting book for any Ram fan. I've never really heard much about Ike's life outside of football, and I'm glad he wrote it. Don't let his humility fool you into thinking he doesn't have a personality.



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      I know

      I hear you Disco...

      I have meet Ike on several occasions. He has been GREAT! You should have seen him wife my 3 year old daughter. He just isnt one to toot his own horn much.

      Ike is my favorite as well


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        If he did write something, it was probably for charitable reasons. That would be Ike's style.


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          There was an article not long ago about the Religios Rams and in it Issac was said to be a preacher. His mother is as well if memory serves me correctly. Williams is also a preacher. It was a great article, if I can find it in the history on my computer I will post it.

          when I say preacher I mean licenced minister, they are actually licenced.


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            'Oh when the Rams go marching in...'

            Thanks 28rulz. I'd be interested in finding out more about that article on Reverend Ike and "brethren."



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              I am reading Ike's book right now... there is nothing in there about being a preacher. I says he might pursue it after fooball. He has a degree from the university of Memphis in education. Mother also was not a preacher per say, it says she ran around the house reading the bible to the 15 kids and often refered to for disipline reasons. She was never a minister.

              Interesting note : Isaac and his family is a VERY religous, but was not baptized til he was 12.


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                Hey J- Ram, This makes me want to find the article even more, I hate it when they don't write the truth. He would surely mention it in the book if it was fact. Thanks for the info.


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                  welcome... :-)


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                    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that he's not a preacher now, but has the nickname "Reverend Ike" because he will most likely pursue it after his football career. He's a very humble and religious man.



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