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  • Carter To Visit Rams

    Sounds pretty serious at this point. Im sure most have heard that Chris Mortenson(pretty reliable source) reports that Carter is to visit the Ram facilities on Wednesday if talks stay positive thru the weekend. Also read on the AP wire that Rick(MONEY)Proehl has been offered a $750000 one year deal. From what I know of R.Money...he isnt the money grubbing,selfish type of guy who would want to jump ship for a few bucks more. Lets face it....3/4 of a Mil to play with the GREATEST SHOW ON a system he knows intimately...already odds on favorites to return to the big show next the twilight of his career....WHERE DO I SIGN?!?! If these things fall into place the RAMS would have THE MOST FORMIDABLE WR CORPS EVER ASSEMBLED...BAR NONE!!!! Just when you think this offense couldnt get any BETTER!!! Simply add the second most prolific WR in NFL HISTORY and stir!!! Now if we could just get some moron to understand that THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME needs more than 17 CARRIES in the SUPER BOWL.;)
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    I agree with you Fargo what a feared WR core, I just hope that Carters ego doesn't get in the way!!!!
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      All He Does is Catch Touchdowns...

      It's been said that Carter is close to coming to a contract agreement with the Rams. His leadership is going to be a big boost for the Rams, and he has already shown he can be humble by accepting the third WR position. He would be a great addition, as he has a couple of the best hands in the game, which can't be said for Az Hakim.



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        Or maybe Green?

        Carter would be a great addition, but what about Jaquez Green? He is a very fast receiver from Tampa who never was thrown too. He also isn't afraid to go over the middle. We could send him on crossing routes and let Torry and Ike run fades all day. I think Green is better than Hakim, he's also a Punt returner WITHOUT the fumbeling(spelling?) problems. Carter would be good, but I am scared about his ego. Also, maybe we need to get the guy out of Cincy, I think Leonards gone.


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          Don't worry...

          Originally posted by rams=nfl1:
          It's "fumbling." :nerd:

          Originally posted by rams=nfl1:
          Carter would be good, but I am scared about his ego.
          Don't worry about that. He claimed the Rams were the only team he would play third receiver for, and that's showing good enough character for me.



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            carter is a bad idea, period. Sure he says he'd be happy at #3, but anybody who actually believes that is smokin' a bit too much.

            Carter is good but come midseason, he'll start whining.


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              I know that Carter would come with some baggage,but the rewards could potentially be great.Bruce,Holt,Carter has a nice ring to it and who would defenses cover?Even as I third receiver I think Carter would get plenty of touches and He is a good red-zone receiverI wasnt hot on the Carter idea at first,but Carter as a Ram is starting to sound really good.Plus the positive attitude in the clubhouse has a good effect on new players and Carter may catch on fire as a Ram.
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                And don't forget the injury factor... Bruce and Holt aren't invincible, contrary to popular belief.;)



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                  Don't worry, be happy...

                  The Rams are playing it safe and taking their time in signing Carter. He must get the approval of his possible future teammates, as well as coaches, etc., before he signs.

                  Read this to find out more about the situation. Scroll down the page and you'll find other stuff about the Little-Cardinals and Armey-Falcons situations.



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                    My feelings are mixed on Cris Carter as a Ram.

                    Sure, the idea is intriguing but the guy is a sh*t stirrer. The baggage may be more than the benefits here.

                    I didn't realize Jacquez Green was available. Now THAT would be cool. That guy can turn on the jets!


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                      You're scaring me DJ. We don't need another Carter ego bringing the team down.


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                        DJ, Carter is coming. We might as well give him the benefit of the doubt.


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                          Thanks for pointing out the irony there, Ms. W . . . I had momentarily forgotten about the OTHER Carter with the ego . . . ha!


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                            Remember, Faulk was considered an attitude risk when he came over...

                            I think Carter would be an added threat. I don't think his attitude will carry over. I think that was just soooo much frustration of the way the last couple of years had gone for that team. With the way our RAMS are now, we shouldn't have to worry about that...
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                              :confused: Not sure how to feel about Carter. I do like to watch him play, but what kind of attitude he'll bring concerns me.
                              #3 no one remembers.......I have a feeling he could get whiny. We don't need this it could cause problems. Just my opinion.


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                                Rams resign WR Tim Carter
                                by shower beers
                                Per rotoworld...

                                Rams re-signed WR Tim Carter.
                                Carter has speed, but has always been prone to drops and injuries and offers no upside at age 30. The ex-Giant definitely won't save St. Louis' wideout corps.

                                Meh...I guess we pretty much need anyone at this point. I'm having trouble imagining him on the roster at this time next year though. Definitely a stop-gap solution....
                                -10-12-2009, 03:15 PM
                              • DJRamFan
                                Cris Carter
                                by DJRamFan
                                What would you like to see come from the cris carter negotiations?
                                It's good, improves an already awesome corps.
                                Not good, he will be a distraction despite his good play on the field.
                                Not sure, let's wait and see.
                                -03-02-2002, 09:11 PM
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                                Receiver has speed but little experienc
                                by RamWraith
                                By Bill Coats
                                Of the Post-Dispatch
                                Rams Carter

                                Oddly, the oldest participant at last week's rookie minicamp, Jeremy Carter, also arrived at Rams Park with the least football experience.
                                Oddly, the oldest participant at last week's rookie minicamp also arrived at Rams Park with the least football experience.

                                Wide receiver Jeremy Carter, 25, played only one season in college. And that was six years ago, at Western Carolina. Save for five games last summer with the semipro Triangle Rattlers of Durham, N.C., Carter had been out of the game since 1999.

                                But he hadn't given up on it quite yet. "I have a passion for football; I love football," said Carter, who is not to be confused with Jerome Carter, a safety from Florida State who was a fourth-round draft pick by the Rams.

                                Jeremy Carter's affection was overtaken for a time by his potential in track. A standout sprinter and hurdler at Leesville Road High in Raleigh, Carter transferred after his freshman year to East Carolina, which had a better track program. He'd planned to play football there, too.

                                "I transferred ... with the arrangement, supposedly, that my coach would let me play football. It was understood," Carter said. "After a year, I was pretty successful on the track, and he decided he didn't want to take the risk of me getting hurt. So, he didn't let me play.

                                "I can understand the decision; it was a business decision. But it kind of hurt me."

                                Carter became an All-American at East Carolina, but once college was finished, so, too, was his career in athletics. Or so it seemed. But now, Carter is getting a chance to follow other sprinters such as "Bullet" Bob Hayes and Willie Gault and make a successful transition from track to NFL turf.

                                That's partly because Rams scout Tom Marino has a deep memory. "Tom remembered him from when he played football at Western Carolina and kept track of him," Rams general manager Charley Armey explained. "(Marino) found out he was working in California and contacted him."

                                Carter, who said he's "always stayed in shape," had been honing his pass-catching skills. Back home in Raleigh, he'd hook up "anyone I could get to throw to me. When I was in California, I had Aaron Rodgers throwing to me."

                                The same Aaron Rodgers who was Green Bay's first-round pick in the draft - the second quarterback selected. "Not bad," Carter said, laughing.

                                After working out for Marino, Carter signed April 21 to a one-year contract. To prepare for minicamp, Carter said he would "run, run, run, and catch. I caught at least a hundred balls a day."

                                Five wideouts went through the three days of drills, including sixth-round draft choice Dante Ridgeway and Brandon Middleton, who...
                                -05-07-2005, 06:39 AM
                              • RamJackson39
                                Jerome Carter
                                by RamJackson39
                                When the Rams selected him last year, I wasnt too excited. I never expected to see him as a starting SS on the Rams D and I thought that he would be best served at another position. One of those positions would be OLB. He seems to be perfect for that position in that he has good speed, good size, and a nose for the ball.

                                So what is the general thought here on the board? Would a move to OLB be a good one for Carter?
                                -02-17-2006, 08:41 AM
                              • RamWraith
                                Viking news for Ram fans
                                by RamWraith
                                This was in the St. Paul paper last week, about Carter not

                                playing for the Vikes next year. Several teams have put in information on Carter including late entry St. Louis Rams. Carter's only comment on any of the teams was "St. Louis is the only team I would play third receiver on".
                                -01-14-2002, 09:58 AM