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    If we cannot re-sign London, I think we must go after Jamie DUncan. He is the Middle Linebacker from Tampa, who Lovie mentored. This would be a perfect fit. He knows the system better than I know my address. He's a leader, he's what we need.


    1.La'roi Glover-Has a price tag, but when Pickett matures, we will have the best 3 DT rotation in years

    2.Jamie Duncan-Perfect MLB, Lovie made him who he is

    3.Jaquez Green-Fits the Air Martz perfectly, makes Hakim loss look smalll

    4.Cris Carter-Helps us tremendously, except his ego hurts

    5.Walt Harris-Nickel Back

    6.Reinard Wilson-Just like Leonard, except less money

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    •As it's been mentioned before in these forums, Jamie Duncan is a possible and would be a great replacement for Fletch.

    •The Rams are close to signing Cris Carter, and are expected to go after Walt Harris.

    •Leonard Little turned down the Rams' contract offer, so Reinard Wilson looks like the first replacement candidate the Rams will chase. He had nine sacks last year, which isn't close to Little's 14.5, but is good enough. His numbers will increase with more playing time.

    •As for La'Roi Glover, you are right in saying his price tag is too high, and that's why the Rams won't sign him, otherwise they would've kept Little and the rumors of moving Damione Lewis to defensive end (which would be a great move) wouldn't exist.



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      Dun Deal...

      Jamie Duncan has reached a contract agreement with the Rams. To read more about it, go to:



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        bloody great, for the first time every, I buy a genuine Rams shirt and guess who's it is .................................................................

        57 ..... London Fletcher :upset:

        anyone wanting to buy a genuine Rams shirt, just let me know :rolleyes:

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          Dez I was there when you got that #59 shirt , hey maybe the next #59 will be better.

          Do you a trade for a game worn Miller #53 - not


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            I hate to see London depart, but face it. That's life in these days of salary caps and free agency.

            Jamie Duncan I think will be a good fit. I still feel good about the Ram D. Duncan may not be quite as fast as London but I think he was a little better in pass coverage.

            Dez, that reminds me . . . I spent a hundred fifty bucks in 1994 on a LogoAthletic Los Angeles Rams jacket . . right before it was announced they were moving to St. Louis!


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              Originally posted by TIMLAN2057
              Dez, that reminds me . . . I spent a hundred fifty bucks in 1994 on a LogoAthletic Los Angeles Rams jacket . . right before it was announced they were moving to St. Louis!
              man, that had to hurt at the time, but think, now it will comand big bucks on ebay

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                I was gonna say, don't be upset about the Fletcher jersey, he's still gonna be popular with Rams fans even though he won't be with us. Wear it with pride, he was one of us!

                I can't believe all the developments since I was last on this forum. Keep this going. Great source of info. Just not sure how I feel about all the changes though.


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                  Welcome back, MsWistRAM, I missed ya!



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                    Fletcher a remembered Ram...

                    Good point MsWistRAM, London Fletch became an excellent Ram and will be remembered with affection by the fans. I wouldn't mind having that 59 jersey...
                    Sounds like things are r-e-a-l-l-y shaping up for the 2002 Rams.
                    And vindication is beating deeply in the heart. :evil:



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                      Originally posted by DODRAM:
                      Dez I was there when you got that #59 shirt , hey maybe the next #59 will be better.
                      If Jamie Duncan keeps his #59 that he had in Tampa, that could very well come true.



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                        He will be just as good...I can't wait, now for that number 3 receiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF this keeps up we won't have any weaknesses to draft for!!!:o


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                          In Good Shape...

                          Originally posted by rams=nfl1:
                          IF this keeps up we won't have any weaknesses to draft for!!! :o
                          No kidding! Well, we might have a problem at right tackle, as Ryan Tucker has been released, but it shouldn't be that hard to find a replacement. The Rams will have to either have John St.Clair replace him, draft, or sign a right tackle. I didn't expect things to go so fast!



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                            I say we draft someone like Andre Davis or Ashley Lelie That would kill all DC's who play us. I mean how can you stop us. Davis or Lelie becomes our speed receiver to replace Hakim and then Carter replaces Proehl as the possesion receiver. I bet we could put up at least 38 a game. We could run a 4-receiver set with Marshall in the backfield. If you roll him in motion who do you put a linebacker on?????? Marshall? Or if we refuse to show mercy, throw Trung in the mix instead of Conwell:o This is amazing!!!!!!!!


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                              London calling

                              Not sure what to make of this acquisition. On the face of it...sure seems to be a drop off in intensity and numbers. Duncan had 86 tackles last yr(73 solo) London had 119(93 solo). Pass coverage numbers pretty close to even with 2 ints for London and 1 for Duncan. London had 10 games with 7 or more tackles while Duncan had only 7 similar games. Durability may be a concern as well...Duncan is entering his 5th yr and has NEVER played in all 16 games in a season. Not sure if he started much in 2000. London had not missed a regular season game in 3 years!! Sounds like his agent dropped the ball in negotiations... with the team saying they couldnt even reach this guy to find out what they were looking for in terms of a contract. DAMN SHAME! Guess we cant have it all. If they can pull off a deal with Carter this may not sting as much.:king:
                              "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                              • txramsfan
                                Rams may not keep any of their unrestricted FA's
                                by txramsfan
                                It would not be out of the question that the Rams not sign any of their unrestricted free agents this year. They are nervous of the post Super Bowl malaise like they experienced last time. Getting burned by resigning Lyght has left a bad taste in the front office's mouth.

                                Jim Thomas of the Post had a great article about this. I didn't realize these stats, but he makes valid points with these.

                                1. Hakim probably wants a starter position with starter money.

                                As he should. He has earned it, and if that is the case I wish him nothing but the best.

                                2. Little has only had one good year.

                                14 1/2 sacks isn't nothing but a great year, but its just one year. And he really only played half the downs. I have a feeling he is doing it on speed alone, and teams may figure him out soon. They have Lewis slated to move to the outside anyway, so I don't think 5 million will be an offer the Rams entertain for Little.

                                3. Fletcher's play tailed off late in the season, and the playoffs.

                                Teams averaged 5 1/2 yards a carry or so against the Rams in the playoffs. And Fletch's role mainly was a run stopper. Lots of good MLB's on the FA market this year, especially Jamie Duncan of Tampa Bay, who probably would enjoy the thought of playing for Lovie.

                                Thomas also mentions Cris Carter of Minnesota as a possible 3rd wide out for the Rams next year. If Carter will come in lower than Hakim, then bring him in. I don't think he will be disruptive here as he was in Minnesota. This team fits Carter's mindset and attitude. The Vikings didn't.
                                -02-24-2002, 06:44 AM
                              • Will51
                                We Made a *BIG* mistake this year..
                                by Will51
                                Ok first off lets get to the point, our defense last year was horendous, disgusting and pathetic, while we did have a good secondary it was way overrated because of how much teams ran on us, so us fans go in to the offseason praying we sign a big name player to help our defense and all we sign is jason hall?? are you serious?? we have the cap to sign almost any one person we wanted and we let the likes of patrick kerney slip away to the seahawks, banta-cain to the *****, we never even took a look at joey porter, adailius thomas, napolian harris, brian simmons, or nai'l diggs, all of which would be huge up grades over chillar, we never negotiated with a DT and now we basically go into the draft with only signing Jason Hall??? Im sorry to sink someones ship but no rookie out of the draft is going to be a big upgrade to any defense, especially ours.... now why in the heck did our coaching staff let most of these big name players slip away with out even talking to them?? im sorry to say it but next year looks the same on defense granted the draft might only help us out a little
                                -03-06-2007, 07:10 PM
                              • txramsfan
                                Defensively, the Rams will still be suspect. Front Four first
                                by txramsfan
                                Just not enough money on the ole Salary Cap tree to solve that. We made our bed offensively and have to sleep in it. However, let's take a look at our defensive side and see what last year showed and what the future may hold.

                                Anthony Hargrove-Motor all the time. Came on late last year. You could see that he hadn't played much in the last few years but came on late. Agressively rushed the passer. Has a future.

                                Bryce Fisher-Wow, what a late surge. Led the team in sacks. The surge probably priced him out of our range.

                                Damione Lewis-Is this guy ever going to live up to the hype? Was benched late in the year and I was wondering why it didn't happen sooner. Just never produced.

                                Erik Flowers-Was a first round pick once. Pretty much what DLew will be soon. A journeyman player who better have special team skills.

                                Brian Howard-Decent rookie year. Nothing outstanding. We'll see. Book is still out.

                                Tyoka Jackson-"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play." Will play whenever, where ever, and however. Age slowing him down a little. May have one more good year left.

                                Jimmy Kennedy-Foot problems have set this guy back, but seems to be a player. Really like the tandem of Kennedy/Pickett on the front line. Should be a starter in 2005.

                                Leonard Little-How NO holding calls from an offensive lineman against Little all year could have happened is beyond me. If he can stay out of the pokey, I like the Hargrove/Little tandem on the ends.

                                Ryan Pickett-Strangely, the Rams team site has him listed as a NT. 3-4 innuendo? Anyway, of the three first round picks that year, this is the one that's going to pay off. Watch this guy against the run next year. He caught onto Marmie's system.
                                -02-24-2005, 05:57 AM
                              • general counsel
                                Sign Leonard immediately
                                by general counsel
                                Now that pisa is signed, Leonard should be next. I was so encouraged to read that linehan has personally spoken to leonard in addition to the approach to the agent. There is no question that todays nfl is a business, and that is fine, but sometimes its more than dollars and cents.

                                I think its great that linehan is putting his arm around leonard. Regardless of what you think of leonards off the field history, there can be no real question as to his importance to the rams defense. This is not a guy that we are going to replace in the draft or in free agency. He is a dominant pass rusher and plays the run exceptionally well. He plays all out and plays hurt. He makes big plays at key points in the game.

                                He is about 30, and when we pay him, there is a legitimate shot it will bite us in the butt a bit cap wise down the road. My view on that? SO WHAT!!!! This is not a guy that we can afford to have hit the open market because if he does he is going to get what will seem like an outrageous amount of money because he is about as good a pass rusher as there is in the nfl and certainly one of the best all around guys at his position. He is a core player on defense and i dont see any way around that conclusion.

                                I hope that he considers how patient the team has been with him during his troubled times and can settle on an amount to stay with us for the rest of his career. Its not likely that leonard will ever create warm and fuzzy feelings in people's hearts and i understand that, but on the field the guy is truly a force of nature.

                                My favorite leonard story is from the sb 36 debacle. My memory may be bad on this because i have refused to ever watch a replay. I was at the game, sitting ten rows or so off the field on the side where we scored the td to tie the game in the fourth quarter. After the kickoff, the pats were deep in there own zone and the play was directly in front of me. I remember vividly thinking that they would run out the clock and play for ot and when brady dropped back to pass (i believe on the first play) i almost stroked out. I will never forget leonard bearing down on brady like a man possessed. He was about an inch away from hitting bradys arm just as brady let go. Less than half a step and he creams brady and its a fumble. I will never forget the look of determination and effort on leonards face as he attacked that qb.

                                Meanwhile, whatever we pay him in the contract, i hope that the deal includes a driver, and i dont mean a golf club.

                                Ramming speed to all

                                general counsel
                                -10-11-2006, 05:44 PM
                              • majorram
                                Loyalty LITTLE
                                by majorram
                                sorry guys but I've just got to let off steam about LITTLE!!!!

                                He's just been offered a deal worth $3.5 million a year over 5 years and with a $5 million signing bonus!!! AND he TURNS IT DOWN????? WHY!!

                                All that talk from LITTLE, about the RAMS have been great sticking by me through my troubled past so I owe it to them!!.

                                I mean $3.5 million for a situational passrusher is prety good and I think the RAMS have been fair, the RAMS stuck by him in his hour off need plus he's playing for a championship team!!!!!

                                I sometimes think maybe we should let him go, I was reading on ESPN that the RAMS would take a look at REINARD WILSON if Little departs

                                It just puzzles me what these players are thinking is it there Agents??

                                Any thoughts

                                -03-02-2002, 09:57 AM