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    What would you like to see come from the cris carter negotiations?
    It's good, improves an already awesome corps.
    Not good, he will be a distraction despite his good play on the field.
    Not sure, let's wait and see.

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    It's a good thing...

    I think it's a great move, and I'm not worried about Carter's ego getting in the way of success. The coaches will set him straight as far as his ego goes, and he will be a great leader and teacher for the players around him. I can't believe how studly our receiving corps. will be next year. I didn't think I'd see the day a team had players like Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, and Cris Carter on the field at the same time (except in the Pro Bowl).



    • #3
      He'll be a great addition, just still worried about the 'tude. But I'm hoping the team can "adjust it"! Wow, I get to see Cris Carter at Rams camp! WOOHOO!


      • #4
        Bring Him!

        ANYTIME a team can add a FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER its a WIN!! Sure the guy has made me ILL over the years in Minn...but winning cures ALOT of ills. At this stage of his career the ONLY thing this guy has to play for is a title,and hes been around long enough to know that if he ROCKS this already STABLE boat...hes GONE...and so are his hopes of a NFL title to finish his career. This is a guy with a PHENOMINAL work ethic...he runs his own training facility in the off season at his home in FLA. People doubted if one JERRY RICE still had much of a contribution to make after leaving the 9ers too....he lit it up last year. Carter will make it next to IMPOSSIBLE for defenses to pick their poison. YA GOTTA LOVE THIS!!! ALL HE DOES IS CATCH TOUCHDOWNS!!!
        "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


        • #5
          Wait a second, to those who want him to be a Ram, last i looked he's not YET. Or have i jumped the gun like the Leonard Little fiasco? It's just talk right now, right?:o :eek:


          • #6
            From everything I've read it sounds pretty close to being a reality.Whats cool is that the players themselves need to give their approval for it to happen.I read that Carter and Warner will meet for dinner sometime next week.Lets see what happens.I dont want to jump the gun either.


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              He is meeting with Warner and team officials this Wednesday. He already met with Marshall Faulk, and Marshall approved of the move. Expect a signing any time after this Wednesday.



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                I don't agree at all!! Carter is not a good fit for us. What are we trying to become, another team with over priced over the hill players like the Redskins for one shot at the title? Look at their results!
                I know it's hard to have a dynasty in the NFL today with salary caps and free agency but if you really want to attempt it you need to develop from within with younger talent and have the savvy to find talent in the draft!If we start "patching" in people for the sake of a title then that may be all, if that, and then the rebuilding years begin.
                I really think that Carter is a cancer for the Rams!


                • #9
                  Ramtoo, I hear what your're saying, and you could be right. However, I believe the cap situation isn't in jeopardy, or else the Rams wouldn't even be contemplating signing him. I've been thinking about Cris Carter, and I don't know either if it's going to be a good fit. The guy's used to losing, however he is talented. I'd like to change my vote to "not sure wait and see":mask:


                  • #10
                    Not yet...

                    Keep in mind that Cris Carter moving to the Rams isn't a done deal, even if the meetings go well. He's meeting with Browns' officials today, and could also meet with the Dolphins this week.

                    Go here to read more about it.



                    • #11
                      True. It's not a done deal but you gotta believe that in Carter's camp it's all about playing for the Rams! He wants a ring and who is on the inside track to bring him one... Let's see Rams....Dolphins......Browns.........THE RAMS !!!!


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                      • RamWraith
                        Receiver has speed but little experienc
                        by RamWraith
                        By Bill Coats
                        Of the Post-Dispatch
                        Rams Carter

                        Oddly, the oldest participant at last week's rookie minicamp, Jeremy Carter, also arrived at Rams Park with the least football experience.
                        Oddly, the oldest participant at last week's rookie minicamp also arrived at Rams Park with the least football experience.

                        Wide receiver Jeremy Carter, 25, played only one season in college. And that was six years ago, at Western Carolina. Save for five games last summer with the semipro Triangle Rattlers of Durham, N.C., Carter had been out of the game since 1999.

                        But he hadn't given up on it quite yet. "I have a passion for football; I love football," said Carter, who is not to be confused with Jerome Carter, a safety from Florida State who was a fourth-round draft pick by the Rams.

                        Jeremy Carter's affection was overtaken for a time by his potential in track. A standout sprinter and hurdler at Leesville Road High in Raleigh, Carter transferred after his freshman year to East Carolina, which had a better track program. He'd planned to play football there, too.

                        "I transferred ... with the arrangement, supposedly, that my coach would let me play football. It was understood," Carter said. "After a year, I was pretty successful on the track, and he decided he didn't want to take the risk of me getting hurt. So, he didn't let me play.

                        "I can understand the decision; it was a business decision. But it kind of hurt me."

                        Carter became an All-American at East Carolina, but once college was finished, so, too, was his career in athletics. Or so it seemed. But now, Carter is getting a chance to follow other sprinters such as "Bullet" Bob Hayes and Willie Gault and make a successful transition from track to NFL turf.

                        That's partly because Rams scout Tom Marino has a deep memory. "Tom remembered him from when he played football at Western Carolina and kept track of him," Rams general manager Charley Armey explained. "(Marino) found out he was working in California and contacted him."

                        Carter, who said he's "always stayed in shape," had been honing his pass-catching skills. Back home in Raleigh, he'd hook up "anyone I could get to throw to me. When I was in California, I had Aaron Rodgers throwing to me."

                        The same Aaron Rodgers who was Green Bay's first-round pick in the draft - the second quarterback selected. "Not bad," Carter said, laughing.

                        After working out for Marino, Carter signed April 21 to a one-year contract. To prepare for minicamp, Carter said he would "run, run, run, and catch. I caught at least a hundred balls a day."

                        Five wideouts went through the three days of drills, including sixth-round draft choice Dante Ridgeway and Brandon Middleton, who...
                        -05-07-2005, 05:39 AM
                      • RamJackson39
                        Jerome Carter
                        by RamJackson39
                        When the Rams selected him last year, I wasnt too excited. I never expected to see him as a starting SS on the Rams D and I thought that he would be best served at another position. One of those positions would be OLB. He seems to be perfect for that position in that he has good speed, good size, and a nose for the ball.

                        So what is the general thought here on the board? Would a move to OLB be a good one for Carter?
                        -02-17-2006, 07:41 AM
                      • MauiRam
                        WR Tim Carter works to catch on with St. Louis Rams
                        by MauiRam
                        BY BILL COATS
                        ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                        It's doubtful whether wide receiver Tim Carter, who is trying to land a spot on the Rams' roster after coming to town on a tryout basis, has many fans in St. Louis. But a group of young men in Houston are rooting hard for him.

                        They're "Carter's Kids," residents of a treatment center for at-risk youths that Tim and his wife, LaShell, opened last year. They hope eventually to expand throughout Texas.

                        "I have 24 teenagers that are amazing that I work with now," Carter explained. Getting the center up and running was a big-time commitment, and it partly explains why Carter was out of football last year. In addition to "Carter's Kids," he opened two Popeye's chicken franchises last year in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Fla.

                        "I didn't intend on how much work went into those two projects. So, I didn't work out for about 4 months straight. I mean, I didn't sleep because I had so much work," said Carter, 29. "So, I got off to a very late start last year. It was a difficult position to be in but something I felt that I had to do."

                        Carter has spent six seasons in the NFL, the first five with the New York Giants, who took him in the second round of the 2002 draft out of Auburn, and the last with Cleveland in 2007. Admittedly out of shape, Carter struggled at training camp last summer and was among the Houston Texans' final cuts.

                        Instead of bouncing around the league looking for work, Carter decided to dive into his businesses.

                        "I was getting a lot of calls, but I was very honest with the teams, because I wasn't ready," he said. "It was difficult watching last season. But at the same time, I was extremely busy. So, it wasn't like I was sitting and I didn't have anything to do."

                        Still, he acknowledged wondering whether his days in the NFL might be over. "That did cross my mind," he said.

                        The chicken franchises are a financial consideration for the future, and Carter is about to open two more. The center in Houston is different: It's a from-the-heart project for both Carters, who have two children of their own.

                        During his career, Tim has participated in a number of youth-oriented community programs. LaShell has long been a volunteer at day-care centers, and has been involved with boys and girls clubs, the March of Dimes and natal intensive-care units at various hospitals.

                        Their mission, according to their website (Welcome To Carter's Kids), is "helping our boys get back on track while at the homes we provide for them and staying on track long after they leave our care."

                        The center was completed, the beds were filled, and Carter finally could return his attention to football. He began working out with his younger brother, Pat,...
                        -05-25-2009, 01:04 PM
                      • Country
                        SS Jerome Carter
                        by Country
                        I have been watching the tape I have of the game and I was very impressed with how S Jerome Carter played. 5 Tackles and 1 sack is a great stat line for a SS.

                        It would be huge if Carter could step up and move Chavous, who physically has lost a step, to the bench and bring nice size 5'11" 220lbs. and playmaking ability to the line up. I like Carter and in that game so far he has out played O.J.
                        -08-13-2007, 06:23 PM
                      • chiguy
                        Jerome Carter
                        by chiguy
                        Was he in with Atogwe at the end of the game or in for him? It was difficult to tell.
                        -10-02-2006, 04:40 AM