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  • Free agents????????????

    Hello all,after many years following football(Rams),&other sports.FA changed the way teams cuold build for futures.In recent years the FA sytem are due for a change.I feel that its focus will be on keeping the best (5) and develop younger players .The veterns will stay and not ask for $$$$$$$$$$ but on stability/future.If you look a the coaching staffs its players from years ago w/ the secondarys, mlbs,player developments,which is a good thing.More older players want rings,hofame status, more apt to settle for long term,but thats one of my thoughts on it .I do hope it (FA) wanes a bit I would like to see some stability in the NFL.If someone reads this and tweeks it for the players some fault can reside but only in general. When dealing w/ the money of owners,and what fans would put out,and cities,the dollars will be tight.The talk w/ Chris Carter we'll seehow they spend the money and getting young talent to stay.The Rams can stay on top and/or contention for years to come (hopefuly).Greed can kill teams ,to many years out of the mix.Rams staff be smart,choose wisely.
    See ya,