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Fletcher at One Bills Drive

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  • Fletcher at One Bills Drive

    I heard on Sporting News Radio that London will be visiting the Bills this week and talks going on with the team.

    The Bills will be losing Sam Cowart to Free Agency unless he is signed soon - but that is unlikely.

    This would be awesome, since the Bills are my #2, i could still root for london.

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    This move wouldn't surprise me, as the situation is perfect for London to be signed, and no other team is showing any real interest in him. I hope the best for him, but after all, it is the Bills. No offense, DJRamFan. (Hey I just noticed that has two meanings :o )



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      London will be missed

      I was very dissapointed to hear the Rams and London could not work things out. Sounds like he or his agent thought he would be better off in buffalo, I guess another ring was not an issue, because buffalo is no where near contention. Now a days in the nfl I guess buffalo has a good of a chance as anyone. Detroit in the playoffs in 2002? I like the parody, at least its not dallas and the niners every year. This Ram club should be a winner for a long time to come. Hats off to Georgia for getting a great front office who knows talent and keeps it. Anyone know the latest on Az? Would C.C. be more of a contributor or a cancer? KEEP RICKY!!!!! I'm out. peace.


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        From what i've heard, his agent sucks. I'm glad he's there, the Bills defense is getting a little better especially as they go after Blaine Bishop.

        Disco, that hurts, that hurts man :upset: - You don't think Van Pelt is the next Montana? Yeah the offense definitely blows <insert farm animal> hopefully they will draft a OT in Round one and then the QB out of Tulane early in Round Two.